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By: Cirin C Baby

Benefits of Odoo over other ERP Software's

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Management software and applications have rushed into the business operations of companies in the late 20th century and are still paving ways for the development of the company with new updates and upgrades of applications available daily nowadays. Enterprise and resource planning software (ERPs) is one of the management solutions available and is often considered the best due to the advanced options it brings upon to the company operations. From its development stages in the late 1980s, it has been delivering promising results and has coped up with the modernization of the ever-changing world.

The ERPs are classified into two based on their operation as open-source ERPs and non-open source ERPs. Where the former is proven to be more advantageous than the latter as it provides you with an open support community as well as regular updates to your stream of operating tools. Odoo is one of the leading open-source ERP providers around the globe Odoo is the complete management solution that can perform ultimate management operations for a company.

This blog will provide insight into why the advantages of the Odoo platform overweights the operations of other ERPs on various aspects of company operation.

One-stop Solution for your Company. 

Odoo operating from the aspects of a single platform can control all the aspects of company operation from a single system. The methodology is made available to Odoo with its unique application-specific module which can be installed into the platform upon need.

Centralized Database. 

One of the major operational functionality in Odoo is the use of a single centralized database to deal with information sharing and data storage. This in turn results in effective communication and exchange of valuable information. Moreover, as all the data is stored in a database the need for ren and paper is almost nullified by Odoo.

User-friendly Approach

Odoo with the centralized database and adaptable information sharing has reduced the gap in communication between the various departments of the company. In addition, the use of various optional settings and customizable features available the Odoo could be derived into a user-defined operational methodology.


The integration ability of the Odoo platform allows the user to be economical in the aspects of migration to the Odoo platform. The Odoo software allows its users to integrate third-party applications to the system and work on them. In addition, the IoT module of Odoo along with the IoT box available on-demand will allow the users to integrate various IoT devices which would be beneficial in the company operates with the Odoo platform. Moreover, the Odoo platform provides the provision to the users in the integration of biometric devices which would simplify the verification and help in taking the security protocols of the employee in and out of operations of the facility.

Regular Updates and Support Community.

Odoo is an open-source ERP is provided with regular updates on various aspects of the company that operates from the community. The updates are made by developers on various aspects and spread all over the globe. In addition, the Odoo community provided all-day support on various aspects of the operation. Moreover, with informative readouts as blogs that are functional as well as descriptive ones along with support documentation books will be informative to the Odoo user.

Adaptability and Flexibility

The Odoo platform with its custom made feature can be adapted and put into the operational management of a company with ease. The use of various customizable features can be described in any form of the company operation and sector of the industry.


The Odoo platform's affordability feature is very high such that it's the most cost-efficient and reliable management tool available in the market and has more redundancy than its competitors.

Operational Interconnection

As mentioned earlier the Odoo platform operates with various application modules which are tasks specific such as accounting, sales, purchase, inventory management, HR management, and many more. These applications operate in a company under the Odoo platform and are interconnected in the operation of each aspect. The modules are operating from a single platform and all the operations are coordinated to run simultaneously which would be an added advantage in the operational management of a company.

From the above-mentioned aspects of benefits of the Odoo platform, it's for sure that the ERP software has an added advantage over its competitors that could be functional in the management of any sector company operations.

If you are interested in Odoo Implementation for your firm, kindly drop your message to info@cybrosys.com. 

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