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By: Hasna VP

Best Open-Source Event Management Software in 2021

Functional Odoo 14

The Odoo Events module is one of the best platforms for all-in-one event management software available in the market now. In order to conduct a successful event, a series of factors need to become in favor. It includes various procedures and planning to execute an event, and implementing this sequence of actions should be very well organized. Relying on the Odoo Events module will benefit a company in many ways to coordinate all the actions concerning event management in an organization. The major reason behind the wide acceptance of the Odoo Events module for the management of all events is that it ensures an easy and efficient user-friendly platform for customers.
No matter the type and scale of the event a company conducts, Odoo will give assistance throughout the execution of the event perfectly. The advanced event organizing system in the Odoo ERP solution will cover all the characters of an event management team from planning and creating new events to publishing events and automating tickets for sale. How cool is it to have a dynamic system which reduces all stress in implementing an event which promotes and advertises business? This is a versatile platform that takes forward different types of events whether it is a conference, seminars, workshops, musical concerts, charity events, or any other advertising campaign. Odoo ensures the availability of fascinating tools suitable for facilitating better operational efficiency in the management of events. 
Odoo 14 has made the process of creating new events and publishing them on the Odoo website easier with the help of the Events Module. This module allows organizations to automate the ticketing process and sale on the Odoo website without causing any inconveniences to the customers on booking their events. Using sorting options such as filters and group-by features, visitors can search for the events at their own convenience and schedule smoothly without any delay. Integrating the functionalities of the Events module with the Odoo website assures the reachability of events to a large audience. Publishing all new events on the website will help to gain the huge attention of the customers and people can easily book their seats from the website itself.
What makes the Events module best among the other event management software?
One of the main aspects is that the user can practically supervise any kind of event on this floor. Creating a new event in this module is just a piece of cake and anyone can effortlessly create events for their company because this doesn’t demand extensive technical knowledge to operate the module. Moreover, this module will keep a track of all events created with the help of Odoo that will be useful for the event organizing team of a company to know about the status of each event separately.  The home dashboard of the Events module will maintain the list of events created, Published, Ongoing, and completed by categorizing them on various stages according to change in their status while undergoing different steps in the execution of events. 
Odoo automates most of the activities in the Events module which is a great relief for the event management team by organizing the tickets for sale and recording data of the attendees who registered for the event. The website view will display a detailed description of the event with a note about the event, the number of available seats, location and date of the event, and booking details. The clean and refined display of events on the website will be helpful for customers to filter the available events according to their interest in the type of the event, availability of date, convenience in the price of the ticket, and reachability to the location.
Online ticketing of Events
Organizers can decide whether they are conducting a free event or charging a fixed price for the ticket that can be purchased through the event page on the website. Online ticketing in Odoo not only helps to reduce manual efforts and errors but also synchronizes the data with the Event module where the company can use the attendee’s details for further actions like the lead generation in CRM. By allowing customers to choose an appropriate payment method to book tickets and if they have any special discount on the event Odoo gives the opportunity to add discount offers to the ticket, the Events module ensures customer’s appreciation towards its dynamic functioning. The ticket type can be configured while creating new events and the user is allowed to define special conditions to the type and price of the ticket in this module. 
Advanced integrations
Integrating with the eCommerce module, a company can locate sponsors for their events created in the Events module and promote them according to the rate of sponsorship they have provided for a designated event. This integration facilitates the selling of sponsorship packages for an event that benefits both the event organizing and partnering companies. Integration with Google analytics will automatically configure the entire view and track of the events planned and conducted in Odoo. Another fascinating feature available in the Events module is that Odoo will let the organizers add proposals for speakers and topics for an event. Using this capability, a proposal form for presenters and speakers can be generated and the visitors can recommend talks and speakers in the nomination form for the event. 
Excellent and effective communication.
Every attendee who is registered for the event through the events page on the Odoo website will be notified about the event and the time and location of the event in the form of a reminder. The communication tab in the Events will help the user to create an Email or SMS template and automate contact with the participants of the event. To get the reports of the events conducted in a company on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, the Events module has an excellent reporting facility that enables the user to examine the statistics of events and progression in the company strategy behind conducting an event efficiently. 
In conclusion, the Odoo Events module is the best module for organizing and executing all tedious tasks correlated with conducting a successful event without any obstacles. Cybrosys Technologies will be able to help you with the configuration of the Odoo and its Events management module for your business, drop a mail at info@cybrosys.com for more information.

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