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By: Asaf Muhsin

Certification in Odoo 13 e-Learning

Functional Odoo 13

e-Learning is an extremely booming sector in the field of educational programs especially in this dreadful situation of the COVID 19 pandemic. Schools, colleges, and training centers have turned to the help of websites, social media, android and ios applications to move forward with their courses. Since these courses can be completed from the comfort of the home it's much helpful for the tutors as well as the students at this period of time. Literacy and education being the primary concern of various countries and states they have asked the institutions and universities to transform their classes into digital platforms. In the initial stages of operation, these methodologies were found far out reachable then the conventional classroom but gradually all the people have been adaptable to these digitized classrooms. It was found astonishing that institutions have taken a further step ahead by injecting virtual reality to the digital classrooms for young learners.

The Odoo platform allows its users to provide e-learning material to their students and attendees. The platform also allows the users to conduct tests and certification programs online, allowing the user to grade their students while both being in the comfort of their homes.

In this blog you will learn about:

1. e-Learning in Odoo

2. Certification Programs in Odoo

3. How to set up a certification program for a course in Odoo?

e-Learning in Odoo

Elearning has found its way around the world with its main advantage being the reachability of the course to the people. The Odoo platform allows its users to create various courses, which can be availed by the customers/ students via the website of the company or institution. The e-learning application in Odoo allows the users to post course materials such as documents, notes, videos, etc. The user can also view the attendees and the progress of each one for each course available. The Odoo allows its users to generate multiple courses at an instance for multiple companies allocated with the platform. With the help of the website module, the e-learning of the Odoo platform has been much helpful for institutions.

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Certification Programs in Odoo

Certification programs are dedicated to grading the attendees based on the responses provided for questions in a program. The Odoo platform allows the users to generate certification programs for their courses in the eLearning application. The certification programs include questioners set by the user to evaluate the grade of the attendee. The questionnaire can be set as a multiple-choice, single line, optional, etc allowing the user with the anonymity to set the program. With the integration of the survey application in Odoo which allows the user to generate tests in the form of surveys and the score parameters can be set by the user.

How to set up a certification program for a course in Odoo?

The certification programs can be set up in the learning module of the Odoo platform under each course available. The certification can be created under various courses available in Odoo or can be created unanimously for the students on the website. To create the certification program in Odoo initially the user should enable the option available in the settings menu of the e-learning module. In the settings menu enables the certificate option available and save the settings menu.


On enabling the certification option the user will be able to allocate certificates to a course available in Odoo. Select the respective course from the list of courses available or create a new one by selecting the create option. While in the course menu the user can view the option to add a certificate.


On selecting the add certificate option the user will be directed to the page as depicted below, where the user can create a new certification test. Provide the content name and the tag names which should be allocated with the certification. The user can set the duration and avail the option to depict the preview of the certificate. The user can also provide a description and a quiz with the certification. In the certification option, the user can select the available ones or create a new one at this instance latest create a new certification type specific to the course.


On selecting to create a new certification the user will be redirected to the window as depicted below. The user can provide a title for the certification and allocate questions.


The user should initially add a section under which the questions should be described on. Select the add question option under each section to add questions to the certification. On selecting to add questions the user will be depicted with the pop-up window as shown in the below image. Describe the question and the user as the provision to set up the question type from the default options available such as multiple line text box, single-line text box, multiple choice only one answer, multiple-choice multiple answers, etc. The user can also avail of the various options while setting up the questions from the options menu of the questions.  


In describing the questions and answers the user should save the questions menu and the certification of the courses to be used by the students on the website. Back in the course menu of the eLearning module the user can view the certifications allocated with the course.


As the courses and the certifications are described the user can save the course and publish it to be viewed by the students on the website of the institution. As the students log in to the website portal they are depicted with the certification information and on selecting the respective certification test they are depicted with the window as shown in the below image. The students can select the begin certification option available to begin the test.


The students are depicted with the questions as described by the user as shown in the below image. On completion of the test, they should submit the test by selecting submit the survey option


The students are depicted with the scorecard if the user has defined it while describing the certification. As the certification program in Odoo learning is integrated with the survey module of the platform the responses are recorded against the certification as surveys in the survey module. The user can view all the responses to the certification by selecting the respective certification in the survey module.

The below image depicts the survey response for the respective certification.


The Odoo platform allows the user to create various certification programs under each course and general ones on the platform. To create general certification programs the user can select the certification menu from the course dashboard of the eLearning module and create a new one.

The certification programs are a great help for the user to evaluate the students on the progress and grade them on their abilities of the course being taken by them.

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