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By: Cybrosys Technologies

Why Choose Odoo for Online Signature and Payment


Sales and related activities are taking an online route with the emergence of e-platforms for transactions. However, sale activities require payment, and signature validation sometimes troubles business ventures. It is possible to manage all communication-related activities with the help of the internet. But when we use enterprise resource planning software every aspect including online signature management and payment integration gets organized. The software can play a vital role in helping the business scale heights. 

What is the importance of online signatures?

Online signature helps a business to proceed with sale activities, quotations, orders, and agreements in an authenticated way. The signature of the seller and the buyer can be used for this purpose even though the transaction is carried out online. 

Odoo Sales module offers complete solutions for all such worries. Odoo has introduced online signature creation and validation support.

An online signature or digital signature is nothing so uncommon in this digital era. It is just a representation of why we should think of completing the transactions and validate the transactions using a digital signature. This can be termed as a digital system to assure authenticity to an online transaction. The digital signature also supports signature verification and this helps to easily ensure the credibility of the signature. 

Let us first check the benefits of online signature

1. Ensures Security

2. Offers a high standard

3. Has global acceptance

4. E verification is possible

5. Can retain for a longer period

Security Features

It is safe and can be verified easily. Modern technologies support online signatures and prevent malpractices in the use of online signatures.

Improved Standards

The signature helps to improve the authenticity of the business. Quotation, purchase order, or any other document can get credibility once the online signature is used. 

Global acceptance

With the large scale use of online business platforms and expansion of business to the global market, digital signature has got worldwide acceptance. Companies and governments are using e-signature systems.

E verification

Digital signatures can be verified within a few steps to ensure the authenticity of the signature. This helps the beneficiaries to rely on the documents with e signature. As an offline signature is not possible for every online transaction e-signature can be used with assured safety standards.

Long term retention

As all online documents and transactions can use e-signature, the document need not be stored in paper format. The online storage system, be it cloud-based system or on-premise can store all digital documents for a longer period in a safer manner. It can also be accessed from everywhere.

Significance of E-payment

E-payment helps the customers to purchase goods from anywhere and anytime. The seller also will be able to customers across the globe if e-payment gateways are used. This improves business and makes transactions simpler. 

In this blog, we can discuss how the Odoo Sales module supports online signature and e-payment.

First, we can take a look at the key benefits of Odoo Sales

This Odoo module is widely used by many business groups. Small and big businesses make use of Odoo E Platform to support their business and to coordinate different sale related activities. The scope to integrate Sales with other activities and the user-friendly interface makes Odoo Sales a favorite choice of many.

Online signature

Online signature is an integral part of online business, especially when it comes to sale quotations and agreements. The signature of the persons responsible for the deal will be required to carry out the operations. This is why Odoo offers online signature support in the Sales module. The customer and the seller can make use of this feature. 

For making use of online signature, we have to enable the online signature option in the sales module. It is easy to enable the option now. For this enter the Configuration of Sales module. Find out settings and enter the settings page. This is where we can set online signature and payment options.


Importance of Signature for E-deals

When a quotation is sent to a customer, it has to be accepted by the customer. The customer can do this instantly by signing the document. To transact efficiently prefer online signatures. The signature of the customer is an indication that he has approved the deal and the seller can go ahead with the delivery of the product or service.


Confirm Order Via Getting Paid

Odoo is a tool that can offer a solution for all your concerns. Making payment through an online platform is also easy here. The request can be confirmed automatically saving the time for the merchants and the customer.

How to Activate online payment?

This also can be done in Odoo Sales by going to Sales -> Configuration -> Settings . Here the user can enable the Online Payment feature


There you can find a Payment Acquirers option. Want to select the acquirers? Use this link. It is also possible to configure the acquirer


Registering the payment

Payment registration is an important part.


As we have already discussed online signature and payment using Odoo. Find out the benefits of e payment here.

E-payment as the name indicates the payment of money through online means. Different countries may have different means of e-payment. E-payment is convenient for the business as well as the customer. E-Payment eases operation in the supply chain. It supports all industries and helps all types of people to process the payment.

1. It helps you to save time

2. Can be more efficient with faster transaction

3. Need only less physical handling of cash

4. Ensures safer transaction 

5. Avoids human error

6. Reduces the chance for mismanagement of money

6. Makes business easier

E payment can use different payment gateways and your ERP system can easily integrate payment gateways. This ensures speedy transactions in business. From retail business to a multinational business operation can benefit from e-payment and online signature systems. It is taking into account the situation that Odoo has clubbed both the features and made Odoo 14 a comprehensive online transaction support platform.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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