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Common Misconceptions about Odoo ERP Software


Odoo, a business management software developed in the last decade of the century has been widely used all across the world. All the uses of the platform are happy with the performance and have been suggesting it to their peers. The main aspect of the widespread popularity of the Odoo ERP is due to the capability and advanced mind the platform brings into the operation of the companies. Recently there has been a sudden surge in the number of users of the platform, mainly due to the effect of the pandemic situation that has been prevailing in the year. The year 2020 was devastating and dreadful for almost all people around the world.
Many business establishments have been closed down, new normal of social distancing and quarantine has been practiced, the world has turned over entirely. Today we are dependent on our indoors, limiting outings, wearing face protection masks hoping that this time too will pass. As the business operations were stranded and were not functioning in a regularized manner, the installations have been looking up for different methodologies to be productive to keep them rolling throughout this era. Moreover, many organizations have adapted to the online methodology of operations, remote working, and many more strategies.
The use of enterprise and resource planning software has been beneficial for various installations making them operate reasonably even in this time of the pandemic situations being prevailing. There has been a sudden increase in the number of ERP implementations across the globe as the firms need to cope up and function with flexible business operations at this time. Odoo is one of those ERP solutions which has been commonly used today all around the world. With more than 5 million users available Odoo is capable of running entire business operations from a single platform. Moreover, a module design of Odoo has helped its users to have designated modules of operation to manage the application-specific operation on all sectors of the company.
This blog will address certain misconceptions regarding Odoo and provide a brief insight into the features of the platform.
Odoo is one of the most advanced ERP solutions available in the market today. Moreover, is coined as the one-stop business solution for all needs as it is capable of running entire company operations from a single platform. In addition, the software is capable of undergoing full customization to support the operation of the company on all levels of operation. Developed in a modular design the Odoo platform has designated application-specific modules for the company operations. Here is a certain misconception that arises to the installations considering Odoo implementation:
Odoo ERP is for Large Scale Industries.
Odoo is designed business management software design for the management of operations in small and medium scale industries but is capable of running larger installations. Moreover, the use of Odoo can be more likely seen in small and medium scale installations. In addition, Odoo is a business management software with the capability of running entire company operations thus it will be more beneficial for the small and medium-sized industries to operate with it.
As Odoo is an Open-source ERP is not Secure.
This is an entirely wrong misconception because Odoo is one of the most secure open-source ERP systems available today. Moreover, the platform uses hierarchical security for the user operation making it reduced to breach out the company information. In addition, the platform has a centralized database system making it capable to store and transfer information with high security and ease for the various operations in the company.
Odoo is a costly ERP
ERP implementations are a huge investment considering the small and medium scale industries. However, among all the ERPs available the implementation cost of the Odoo platform is much lower. Additionally, the Odoo expenses a community edition which is limited in features but free of charge usable for minimal user operations.

Features of Odoo ERP:
- Odoo is a beneficial business management tool for the users and here are some of the features of the platform:
- Fully customizable operations
- A centralized approach to inventory management and database operations
- Designated module for application-specific operations
- Support of the Odoo community which is considered as the backbone of the platform
- Add ons available in Odoo apps store for suitable application requirement
- Configurable front end operations without the use of code
- These are some of the features of the Odoo platform but are not limited to.

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