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By: Joisey TJ

Comparing Odoo ERP & SAP in the Mid 2022 During a Recession

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A general decline in the economic activities of a business is a recession. For various reasons, most economists fear heading into recession after covid-19. The variation in the stock market, the Ukraine war, and the upcoming rise of covid cases are recession causes in the mid of 2022. So, making smart money moves when investing in your business using an ERP is necessary. Using Odoo ERP, we can quickly implement cost-cutting measures and improve proficiency compared to SAP. You can boost your business by choosing an accurate ERP at the right time.
This blog leads you to identify the comparison between Odoo ERP and SAP in the mid of 2022 Recession.
Investing in Odoo ERP balances your business's cost reduction during tough times. It is easy to accelerate productivity and find new opportunities for better growth. Odoo software is used by 7 million users worldwide, contrasting with 650 k users of SAP. Now, let's see some of the benefits of Odoo ERP implementation compared to SAP during a recession.
Choose the Right ERP Software in Recession for Business Profitability
You need to pick up the right software for business growth during a recession. Implementation of ERP is eventually high, and most individuals look for great time or input. Most users check more time for consultation fees and software licensing before imparting an ERP. Odoo ERP is the right solution for your business needs at a low cost. Several business applications such as CRM, Sales, Human Resource Management, Purchase, and more in an Odoo ERP are profitable to businesses or clients.
An Overview of Odoo ERP and SAP
Odoo ERP ensures you maintain different business needs using various modules, and you can install apps based on your requirements. Some of the highlighting features of Odoo 15 are maintenance, inventory, quality, accounting, and more. Seven million users above 120 countries show the expansive growth of Odoo ERP quickly. In addition, Odoo offers two versions of business management: Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community. A set of functional modules available in both versions provides more entrepreneurship flexibility. Integration, updated technology, customization, and more are other features of implementing Odoo ERP during the recession of 2022. Users can grow the business with the help of an Odoo ERP.
On the other hand, SAP entered to SME market in 2002 with the formulation of SAP Business One (SBO). SBO is suitable for light manufacturing and lacks advanced planning features. SAP has only 650 K users overall world is lower than Odoo ERP. It contains business function modules that a corporation needs. The user interface for SAP is a little bit difficult compared to the user-friendly interface of Odoo ERP. Next, let's compare the features of both SAP and Odoo implementation during a recession.
Cost Factor: Odoo vs SAP
In the upcoming recession of 2022, most companies will struggle to boost business at a lower price. With the Odoo ERP, you can efficiently manage various organizational functions with cost reduction. A perfect solution imparts by analyzing the business needs of clients and customers. It is easy to get an Odoo ERP with less cost than SAP. We know about two versions of Odoo such as Enterprise and Community. Users can download the community version of Odoo directly from the website without license fees. You can quickly get additional support from the Odoo partners to know about ERP. On another side, Odoo Enterprise is a paid version. Users can install different applications from the Enterprise pack based on specific business needs. It is adaptable to buy services as per user is cheaper than SAP.
The annual price for using Odoo ERP for five users is USD 75000, and SAP consists of roughly USD 282,625. Odoo ERP implementation package started from $999 for a single company, including the training. Other packages include $1999 in two days for a single company containing both consultation and training. Furthermore, you can also get a one-week package of $2999 and a two-week package of $3999, including training and consultation of more than four hours with a firm. Hence, imparting an Odoo ERP is beneficial for your business during a recession with less cost.
Odoo Customization vs SAP
Customization focus on the requirements of clients and customers through a personalized experience. A functional package produced by Odoo to meet the needs of an enterprise. SAP is customized according to business processes, and SBO is supported for small enterprises that use it with minimal customizations. On the other hand, Odoo enclosed various modules in a modular structure and assisted users' requirements. To estimate reliability, Odoo undertakes testing, and the estimated cost is shared with users. Gap Analysis, feasibility study, requirement gatherings, and development are necessary parts of the Odoo customization process for a business.
Users can generate custom apps using the enterprise version Odoo Studio App. Some of the features of the Odoo 15 Studio module consist of screen customization, menu editor, report designer, and app creator enables you to customize the app fastly. Customizing your business in a recession time is beneficial with the assistance of Odoo ERP. The highly customizable concept of Odoo is really advantageous for a new business.
User Interface: Odoo vs SAP
One key factor an employee looks at before purchasing an ERP is user-friendliness for customers. With the introduction of a straightforward interface, you can boost a company's workflow using an Odoo ERP. Odoo is easy to grasp and learn for every customer compared to SAP. SAP ERP is complicated and not much user-friendly as Odoo. A complete web interface available in Odoo is absent in SAP ERP. The stunning user interface of Odoo gives an overview of your overall business. It is easy to develop your templates and look at customers within the Odoo 15 version. Investing in Odoo ERP at recession time leads to meeting sustainable growth quickly. An automated business process in a digital era is made possible with specified actions in Odoo.
Users can add a budget-free ERP to business with the support of Odoo. Low cost, customization, and user-friendly interface are the best to use Odoo ERP in your organization during a recession. Refer to the following link to know about Odoo vs SAP.

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