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By: Joisey TJ

Odoo Live Chat Implementation for Business in the 2022 Recession

Functional Odoo 15 Marketing

An efficient ERP software reduces business costs and enriches efficiency for customers in a recession. Customer relationship management is necessary for business growth during the recession period. Increasing customer demand in entrepreneurship plays a vital role before imparting an ERP. Odoo 15 Live Chat module ensures you improve business promotions and customer or sales performance. Fostering customer relationships based on trust is necessary for entrepreneurship. With the help of Odoo ERP, customers' experience for your business improves vastly during the 2022 recession.

This blog enables users to implement Odoo Live Chat for a business during a recession.

Odoo Live Chat is an essential way to communicate with customers in an advanced way. You can privately chat with customers of your business by installing Odoo ERP. It is real-time support to clear queries of customers or clients in your industry. You can get better customer satisfaction and improve sales quickly with Odoo Live Chat support. Now, let's view some benefits of imparting the Odoo Live Chat module in your trade.

Odoo Live Chat in your Business during Recession

The company's overall customer service and online presence improve through Odoo Live Chat during a recession. Users can quickly solve the issues of customers related to Products/Services with the usage of Odoo. Live Chat is a flexible, real-time, and integrated platform for any business. Customers can see the notifications in a pop-up window using an Odoo Live chat. High-quality level and better service evaluation is a feature of live Chat during a recession. Business owners can make changes in their services by accepting customer feedback about their work. Odoo Live Chat facility is applicable for any website in your company and is an excellent benefit for buyers.

Improve the Conversations and Accessibility

In a recession, most owners face difficulties in dealing with customers face to face. Various opportunities are available to entrepreneurs with the growth of digital technology. An Odoo ERP Live Chat is vital to improve customer conversation when visiting your website. Live Chat is more convenient for customers during the recession, and it is easy to solve customer queries about products or services. The conversation level between an owner and customer enriches with the help of Live Chat.

We can quickly access support from a team within the Live chat platform. A support team efficiently resolves all the queries of customers. A Live Chat box is viewable to visitors visiting your website, as shown in the screenshot below.


Here, customers can view the message from the support team on the website and ask their queries quickly using Odoo Live chat support. This way, any client or customer will get answers to their business-related worries in a recession.

Easy to Develop a New Live Chat Channel using Odoo ERP

The business did not grow widely without engaging with customers. Buyers have various doubts regarding company products during a recession. They will not trust the products or services of a firm without knowing accurate details. Using Odoo Live Chat, you can quickly interact with shoppers anytime. A company can quickly create a new Live Chat Channel on the website by installing the Odoo Live Chat module.

Odoo Live Chat dashboard assists you in generating a new channel by clicking on CREATE icon as mentioned in the screenshot below.


Users can add operators for your live chat channel of the business website with Odoo ERP. It is easy to automate live chat messages, channel head color, and channel rules when developing a new website live chat channel for your business. 

Customer support and Low Service Costs

The cost for Odoo Live Chat is less compared to other channels. So, it is beneficial to impart live chat channels during the recession. Research reports show that it is cheaper than regular phone calls. A company can manage various users at a time using the Odoo live chat channel. 24/7 customer support is available through Live Chat, and you can make it possible in your business by installing Odoo Live chat support. Live Chat is accessible from any time zone, and services are helpful to customers anytime. 

Analyze Customer Ratings of your Business Website

By downloading the Odoo Live Chat module, a firm can efficiently evaluate customer ratings for its services. The Odoo 15 Live Chat module's reporting feature assists customers in analyzing customer ratings and operator analysis. Customer ratings, along with the date, time, and name, are viewable before you from the Odoo 15 Live chat, as denoted in the screenshot below.


This method makes it easy to analyze buyers' experience with your services using Odoo ERP. It is helpful to check customer ratings by sitting from any place during a recession period. Furthermore, an organization can also evaluate operators' performance from the reporting feature. By selecting Operator Analysis from the Report tab, you get a graphical representation that shows the Operator's data on the X-axis, and the Y-axis depicts a number of sessions, as portrayed in the screenshot below.


A firm can evaluate live chat operators' performance with the Odoo database's support.

Easy to create Helpdesk Tickets for Customers

A company can track customer interactions with the help of help desk ticketing. Support tickets are an interaction between service representatives and customers. You can fulfill customer needs at any time in a recession using Odoo Live Chat. A live chat operator can quickly generate customer tickets and solve queries. In a recession, it is useful to formulate tickets and solve the doubts of customers with the live chat platform. Using various commands, it is easy to develop live chat tickets in Odoo.

Live Chat plays an essential role in business promotions and improves a company's credibility. Odoo Live chat assists in creating helpdesk tickets, low service costs, and evaluating customers' feedback. It is beneficial during a recession to understand your buyers' perspectives. Refer to the given below link to identify Odoo Live Chat module features.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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