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By: Joisey TJ

How to Plan Your Business for a Recession With the Odoo ERP

Functional Odoo 15 CRM

Covid-19 began in 2019, affected most human beings widely, and led to a great shutdown. Most industries closed at that time due to the economic disaster in the market. We are again expecting a recession in 2022, and companies should take precautions before affecting another global crisis. The recession deals with remote work, social distancing, and investing digitally. One of the effective ways to survive in a business is to invest in technology. Odoo ERP is a beneficial package for entrepreneurs with low cost and other features. Users can easily bind the operations of a firm using the Odoo ERP.

This blog ensures you plan business with the help of Odoo ERP in a recession.

Most companies make decisions to avoid unnecessary expenses when running a business during a recession. Odoo ERP enriches your business revenue, lessens costs, and improves company profitability. It is a complete result for sales, accounting, purchase, human resources, and more tasks. Let's see how to prepare for a business in the upcoming recession of 2022 with the support of Odoo ERP.

To Prepare your Business using Odoo ERP in the 2022 Recession

Odoo is available in both Enterprise and Community versions and helps manage different operations in a company. The community version of Odoo 15 is free and adaptable for all users who decide to plan a business in a recession. In the Odoo Enterprise version, users can get various modules such as Sales, Accounting, Rental, Fleet, Purchase, CRM, and more with adaptable price packages. The minimum package of Odoo ERP implementation for a single company begins from $999. With less cost, you can quickly impart Odoo ERP into your organization during an economic recession.

Manage Cost and Recognize Market Needs

Owners need to manage money in a proper way to plan business in a recession period. The worst struggle for an entrepreneur is a shortage of cash in a trade. We should use the available money effectively by investing in a low-cost Odoo ERP. The Odoo Enterprise version provides an Expense module to maintain the expenses of employees and record payments. Odoo 15 Expenses module enables users to manage expense reports to approve, pay, post, and analyze expenses quickly. It is easy to create an expense report of employees in a firm to approve using Odoo 15 Expenses module.


Individuals can utilize money by understanding marketing trends in a recession. The economy will be in decline during a global recession. Hence, we need to recognize marketing priorities at that period and make them adaptable by using Odoo ERP in your business.

Rely on Social Media Marketing to Engage with Customers

During a recession, most people adopt remote jobs, and social media usage is vital at that time. Social media marketing is internet marketing that adopts various social media apps. Most businesses rely on social media to deal with customers during the pandemic. One of the best marketing spaces in the digital period is social media. Users can install different social marketing apps such as Social Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and more from the Odoo Enterprise version. All these apps assist you in reaching out to customers for various marketing promotions or strategies for a business.

Odoo 15 Social Marketing app assists you in generating Campaigns, Posts and managing your visitors on social media. You can arrange various marketing campaigns in different stages for business purposes.


With the support of Odoo ERP, a firm can enhance its social media presence among customers and in the market during a recession.

Maintain Customer Relationship Management using Odoo ERP

Most companies focus on enriching customer satisfaction for products or services. The adoption of a CRM is necessary for a business during the recession expected in 2022. Apart from cutting a company's costs, the recession also affects the buyers equally. Customer switches over to various brands to attain extra benefits and brand loyalty weak during the recession. Odoo Enterprise version provides a CRM module to improve customer relationships in entrepreneurship. With the help of Odoo CRM, businesses can win over new customers without much investment.

Odoo 15 CRM module assists in nurturing leads, pipeline management, activities, and more features for users. The CRM module of the Odoo database is integrated with various marketing apps, sales, inventory, and others. Users can quickly formulate different pipelines and generate leads within the Odoo CRM module.


Increase Productivity of Business

Business productivity affects widely in a recession due to various reasons. By investing in an Odoo ERP, you can quickly improve business revenue and enable productivity. It is easy to track your cash utilization using Odoo ERP and makes sure not to waste any penny. Odoo ensures users manage an organization's sales and purchases of products or services appropriately. Each money transaction in your firm is secure inside various journals of Odoo ERP software. Hence, a company can realize money spent on each product in a recession.

Odoo can manage your raw material stocks in various work centers using the Manufacturing and Inventory modules. By replenishing materials automatically in Odoo, you can get better revenue for the firm. In addition, preventive or corrective maintenance features of Odoo Maintenance support are profitable for a company. Effective business management makes possible through the usage of Odoo ERP.

Integration of Operations in your Company using Odoo ERP

The coordination of operations becomes difficult throughout a recession. Timely fulfillment of tasks become critical in business ventures during that period. With the support of Odoo ERP, you can maintain various business wings such as sales, accounts, CRM, purchases, maintenance, and more. All operations in a firm are completed speedily by the integration feature of Odoo ERP. Other highlights of implementing Odoo are easy materials availability, quick support, cost-effectiveness, and training.

Start your business preparation with Odoo ERP for an upcoming 2022 recession. A company can manage cost, market needs, customer relationships, and productivity using Odoo. The integration feature of the Odoo platform enables users to manage company operations quickly. Refer to our blog Kickstart Your Business With Odoo ERP.

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