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Kickstart your Startup with Odoo ERP


A start-up is a dream. It is a young firm developed by an entrepreneur or a group of entrepreneurs with an aim to start a new business model. The dream is to start a business, find customers, and prove a successful model.

To achieve the dream of any start-up entrepreneur, the support of a core team is essential. Coordination of different sections of a new business venture proves a tough task without proper management support. Working hour scheduling, accounts, and finance management, sales, and marketing and recruitment of employees to the start-up can sometimes be a tough task.


We offer different domains assisted by Odoo to help you solve all your worries. Time or money will no longer be a constraint for a start-up business. With the best Odoo tool, customized for each and every start-up business, we offer the best assistance. The software service, that brings all segments of a start-up business under a single unit, will ease your work. Wastage of money, resources, and time could be avoided with the help of customized Odoo ERP. 

How can Odoo ERP help a start-up business?


Binding the functioning of a firm is made easy with Odoo ERP. Odoo offers different types of ERPs that meet the demand for different types of start-up businesses. But all Odoo ERPs offer features suitable to manage a young business in an effective way. Besides, Odoo companies offer the best training service and all-round support to our customers so that they would be able to make maximum use of their Odoo ERP.


· Understand Market Need and Manage Money

Manage money the proper way otherwise, you will have to compromise your business. The shortage of money for investing in the business could be the worst struggle for any entrepreneur involved in a start-up business. The success lies in the talent to use the available money in the most effective way.


Budgeting of the start-up business, planning of all operations, and other small tricks can help any business entrepreneur to utilize money without wastage. Recruiting suitable candidates at the lowest payment, identifying fresh talents who would be ready to work at basic payment, and getting partners to turn crucial. 

· Better Planning

Plan it better to implement it the best way. Better planning is assured if you are using an Odoo ERP for coordinating your business. Link all your departments from human resources to accounts and from manufacturing the marketing with the Odoo ERP.  

Considering the available money and the start-up plans, a well-defined ERP solution can help you divide the investment between equipment cost, client base management, salary expenses, rental cost, and miscellaneous charges. Estimation of all work phases and identification of suitable projects also helps the business.

· Sale and Marketing

Marketing and sale are the key elements of any business. The success of a start-up lies not only in the quality of the product or service offered. Instead, it depends on the marketing and sales side of the business.

With a customized Odoo ERP, a start-up business can improve its market presence. Strategic development of the market network and preparing effective sales plans to become part of the business. At any level of the business, which is not funded by big investors, gets a boost if marketing is done efficiently.


Identifying market trends, studying customer needs, and getting new updates on customer demand is made easy with the application. Odoo ERP will also help to update the price category and ensure existence in the competitive field.


· Recruitment the Effective Way

Employees are decisive factors in the growth of a business. With best Odoo ERP support all recruitment processes including the invitation of application, sorting the applicants for different posts, scheduling interviews, the conduct of online interviews and ranking, effective conduction of personal interviews, and shortlisting the candidates based on different levels of assessment can be done in a speedy way. 


As everything is coordinated through e-application, the process can be controlled remotely by the entrepreneur. The qualification of the applicant and the performance in the interview and written test can be evaluated automatically by entering the grade in different levels. 

The salary demands raised by a candidate and the amount that can be offered by the employer at the initial level can be evaluated before preparing the candidate list. The appointment and training process also gets faster with ERP assistance.

· Manage Work Hours Efficiently

Scheduling the working hours of a start-up effectively helps the start-up business to grow faster. The scheduling can be done taking into account the working hours of the clients. As the business with groups from other countries and other continents is possible with the internet era, some start-up businesses may require three-shift scheduling. With Odoo ERP, time scheduling, target setting for completing the manufacturing process, development process, and timely marketing activities become possible. 


There is no need to worry about managing working hours in an effective way. The working hour can be fixed based on the character of your start-up business and the requirement of the employees. 

The best way to succeed in a start-up world is to manage working hours. Proper facility to mark leisure hours and compensate for the time lost with extra work hours ensures productivity. With work from home facilities provided by many, the real-time monitoring of working hours and the effectiveness of working also turns crucial.

· Strategize Market Approach

Let the business grow with the market. It is important to strategize a market approach for ensuring the proper and timely growth of your business. Odoo ERP enables a start-up business to automate marketing to identify the best market trends easily. 

The Application will help identify customer demand, search options, and list out the most sought after products and services based on the result. This will help the start-up business to strategize market approach. 


Services as special packages could get more approval or products with different packaging can prove crucial in catching the eye of the customer.

The use of e-commerce platforms for selling and marketing the product offers the best result for a start-up business. Services also can take e-commerce support for reaching out to the customer across the globe.

· Order Management

The operations of a start-up business can be prioritized with the support of an ERP. Understanding of market needs helps the business group to prioritize the production side or the service side.


· Plan Projects

The competitive world needs the best competitive spirit for survival. What decides the plight of business is the will to withstand all odds and find a place in the market where hundreds of other firms would be offering the same service or product. 

What makes a start-up successful is the way they present their product and service. The quality of service, customer relations, frequent interaction with the clients, and the presence in the social media groups and the internet also play a role in helping the firm climb ladders of success. 

· Report and Data Analysis

ERPs have a specific quality- ready access to data. From anywhere, anytime, the data is accessible with a click. Performance of employees, tracking of product, update service, and finance management too can be completed with a mouse click in the modern world with ERP.

· Training Programme for Employees

Every business needs a training and enhancement program for the workforce. Training helps to develop their skills and update their knowledge. Person-to-person training is a thing of the past with e-learning modules and online training programs coming in handy.

All training schedule management, training module updating, and training process review can be completed by the human resources wing of any start-up business with the help of an ERP.

· Effective management of the business

All around the management of business becomes efficient with an ERP that provides ready to access reports on the progress of works, projects, and services. Employee management, accounts management, service management, and other aspects turn competent.

· Safe Data Management

The security of data is a concern for any star-up business. Preparation of proposals, sale orders, and other valuable documents should be carried out in a secretive and secure manner. 

ERP ensures the preparation of quotations and sale orders in a professional as well as a safe way. Chances for security threat and hacking of data remain minimal when you are using ERP. 


Customer relationship management remains a tough task for all start-up businesses. To build a good customer base is important for a start-up as it would help in developing a trustworthy customer pool. 


Different client management tools including e-mail, SMS, live chat, and other facilities are provided with the help of the CRM feature of all ERP. 

· Accounting and Finance

Managing account and finance of the start-up, preparing reports for internal and external auditing, and managing funds efficiently for different purposes can be done smoothly with the ERP.  Though separate accounting ERPs are also provided by consultants, the developers can easily blend all features including accounting to any ERP.

· Social Media Marketing

The world is changing and so are the marketing methods. Social media is the best marketing space in the new era. Be it a service or a product, social media can help you reach out to the customers. With effective marketing applications, the presence of a start-up can be made felt in social media. 

Search engine optimization and other activities through the ERP solution help increase social media presence. 

· Documentation

The young age of any business needs better coordination and collaboration. With minimum data entry work, ERPs enable you to complete the documentation process with ease.


What kind of start-ups can make use of ERP platforms?


ERP consultants offer ERPs which are suitable for all categories of business entrepreneurs. Start-ups are no different. We provide the best e-platform for all your needs. The category of the start-up is not a big deal. What matters is the collaboration between the user and the developer.


Different ventures including event management, public relations consultancy, job recruitment agency, property management interface, and travel and tourism-related enterprises can take advantage of the features provided by the ERP platforms. The only thing you have to do is to identify your needs and convey your needs to our developers. A little wait and your one-point solution are ready to use.


Let us take a look at some of the young business ventures which could benefit from ERP.

· Event Management

Event management is a service providing business that helps individuals, business groups, and others to organize different programs and celebrations in an organized way. For an event management start-up, the ERP provides the best support by prioritizing their booking, managing advance payment, and other accounts, and by ensuring constant communication with the clients. 

Getting updated about the recent trends, easy tracking of the preparations at different venues, management of staff at each venue also comes in handy with the ERP solution. With the feature to give an assignment to recruited employees, and tracking the work with the help of photographs, e-filing all documents for future reference the service provider can effectively conduct an event and win customer support.

· Personality development training centers

Skill development training institutions need different features for their support. Apart from the perfect organization and management of staff and trainees, the module will help the users to integrate their courses. 

Adaption of new methods including constant review and performance analysis are part of the features.


· Agriculture based start-ups

Agriculture is an ever-growing industry that is lacking proper e-platforms for smooth operation. Many countries in Asia are yet to take advantage of ERP solutions for managing agri-business. However, the entry of a tech-savvy generation into the agriculture industry has started bringing in changes. 

The cultivation of different types of crops to harvest management, procurement, and tracking of the agri-product movement can be brought under a single e-platform. 

· Retail marketing start-ups

Retail marketing businesses require the best e-platform to coordinate all activities including the point of sale, online purchase, door delivery facility, and tracking facility.  Best ERP support for this start-up business can enable the entrepreneur to reduce the number of employees required and ensuring the effective functioning of the business. 

Flawless tracking and monitoring systems help in ensuring success. The customer support also increases with proper CRM and sales and marketing management features of the ERP.


· Travel Management Start-ups

The travel business is focused mainly on air travel booking, booking of accommodation facilities, arranging travel facilities for local area travel, and even the conversion of foreign money. A customized ERP will help the start-up to organize all activities efficiently. 


The booking process, time and date management, scheduling of different services in accordance with the booking are made easy with an ERP. The ERP helps the users to include all features required to manage all their allied businesses also with the main business. 

Details of hotels, food providers, homestays, air travel services, and management of travel facilities for foreign travelers can be managed simultaneously. One time solution for account management, collection of booking amount, quick refund facility, changing the booking period are also highlights of the ERP. Traveler management, frequent communication, and alert about new projects also come along with the ERP service.

· Social Media Management Consultancy

Social media management has become a lucrative profession for many young business minds. Special features of ERP will help the aspirants coordinate all their activities with a single ERP. The feature enables the consultancy service to arrange working hours in accordance with the working hours in different countries. The efficient management of the work system by distant monitoring is an added feature.

· Healthcare Ventures

The Healthcare business is moving ahead with new innovations including a network of clinics. The services of small health care ventures become simple with the use of the ERP. Our ERP provides a solution for arranging the duty time of doctors, availability of specialist doctors, fix a time for surgery, and other procedures. 

The ERP proves helpful for dental care, orthopedics, ophthalmology, and other ENT centers.


· Wellness Management Centres

With an increase in lifestyle diseases, many youngsters have started introducing start-up businesses in wellness management. These centers offer health care and wellness training including physiotherapy, counseling, fitness training, and dietary assistance. 

Alert about the timing, communication during the work out hours, follow up through online support are made possible with ERP Applications. Newsletters alert about special packages, and communication on online sessions can be sent quickly to all customers with the help of ERP. 


Why Odoo?

Dream high and do not worry about your dream. Just share your dream with us and we will prepare you the best assistant to support your dream.

Odoo is not just a single ERP. It provides a complete solution for all your start-up needs. Begin your start-up with anything under the sun and we are here to develop specialized ERP to suit your dream business. Chuck out all your worries, wear a smile, and wait for the ERP. Once you get access to your Odoo ERP worries will not bother you. 

Features of Odoo ERP are listed below

- Effective CRM

- Full-fledged employee management and recruitment support

- Project order management

- Report generation and analysis

- Quality control

- Bill of Material Management

- Sale and Marketing

-Accounts management

- Master data management

- Maintenance management


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If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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