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By: Gopakumar A

Why ERP System is Recommended for Startups?


The present-day world is of start-ups. If you have an idea, focused vision, plan, and money to invest, you are eligible to begin a start-up. Start-up’s and regular businesses are however different. In the case of a start-up there will be an exclusive product which will not be available out there in the market, this product sometimes will be a completely new idea or replacement to an existing product. Whatever the case maybe they still are noobs when the global business sector is considered. They will need proper backup and enough support to keep them on track and prosper in their venture. In this blog, we will check whether a start-up requires an ERP software and when do a start-up really needs to go for an ERP software.

Problem phase for start-up’s
A person single-handedly running an entire business is not a very wise decision, in the case of start-up’s, they will be handled by a person or a very small group of individuals. This will be Ok in the starting stages, but as the business progress by the time this situation can backfire. Workload will definitely increase which will be not tolerable to a very few numbers of persons, thus the additional works which come will turn as backlogs which will destabilize the company and reduce its productivity. So a suitable remedy shall definitely be introduced.

Will an ERP really help?
Enterprise resource planning software is meant particularly to provide assistance to various business fields. It doesn’t matter if start-ups are belonging to the small-scale industry sector, still, the ERP software can provide enough support for the proper working of start-ups. As the business progress, all you will have to do will be to upgrade your ERP to meet your new requirements. Thus the problem of backlogs will be completely erased with the introduction of an ERP software. There are also other notable advantages which an ERP software can provide to your start-up business;

1. Better productivity: performing excellently and being productive will be the main agendas of any start-up’s regardless of their size. But for being productive a start-up will be requiring proper backup and support. This is where the ERP software comes to play. ERP software can provide so many advantages to a start-up in the productivity front. The business communication will be improved, data will be properly managed and duplicate data will be erased. Apart from these advantages,  it also dilutes the hectic work schedules and strenuous tasks which allows you to work on bigger projects. Accessibility of the ERP is another advantage which will provide you a proper push in your business career. Thus your productivity will be increasing with the usage of an ERP.

2. Efficient business information: with an ERP software all the business-related information will be stored and will be available for the users to view. In the case of start-up’s, there will be cases of confusion with employees regarding business information. With the use of ERP software, they will be able to access all the information from their computers which will eliminate the case of confusions.

3. Smooth work collaboration: as already mentioned the business information are efficiently streamlined and employees will have proper access to the information with the use of ERP. This makes the work collaboration a lot smoother. Accessing the information, sharing it and updating it become easy and thus you will get ample information regarding the works. Thus the efficient completion of ongoing projects is made possible.

4. Efficient data management with recording: updating and tracking the business information is vital for a start-up business. With the use of ERP the data will be accessible to every working personnel which in turn result in efficient data management. Recording of data is also made possible with ERP so that they can be accessed whenever necessary.

5. Effective tracking: the ERP software comes with an efficient tracking facility which will enable you to track your daily tasks along with business transactions. This is very essential for a start-up business. The chance of losing important data and information are cleared with the tracking facility of ERP software. All information will be efficiently tracked and put in safe place using the ERP software. 

When to choose an ERP software
The benefits which an ERP software can provide to your start-up business is mentioned above, so there will be another question in the minds of the start-up guys, that is when shall they choose an ERP software for their business. There will be some signs or situations with which you will realize you need something more to handle your business, it is during this phase you shall go for an ERP software. Now we will see the cases which indicate you are ready for an ERP software;

1. Your business queries are left with no answers
The proper running of a business determines the business growth. The start-up business will not remain stagnant for a very long time, it will start the improvement flow with time. The various stages of business like accounting, sales, marketing etc. will become extremely difficult to handle manually and you will start to have a lot of questions in your business which are left with no answers. This indicates that it is time to move on and depend on something which is capable to handle your business smoothly. This is where the ERP software can aid you.

2. Customer complaints bundle up and sales go down
This is another clear sign which shows your start-up business is desperately in need of an ERP software. The increasing number of customer complaints denote that there are some serious problems going on with your business and as a result of that your sales will show a decline which is not very surprising. This shows that your business potential and productivity is decreasing and this will be definitely fatal to your business. The next level of problems will be even worse when your customer complaints get worse and your business starts to face defaming issues. You should clearly understand that all of this is happening because you have reached the threshold of using manual methods, those techniques are no longer providing any good for your business. The best way to get out of this ordeal will be to choose an ERP software, with the assistance from an ERP software you can put your business back in one piece and erase all your troubles.

3. Business growth is destabilizing you
So when you doing the business in the correct way, for sure you will experience growth. But what if your growth is causing you troubles, you may face such a situation while doing the business. When you start to earn ample amount of money from your business, problems to start to arise with it. This is the time when the manually operated accounting, inventory, customer relationship management etc. needs an upgrade. You can now go for an ERP software to solve your problems, once it is installed your sales, inventory, operation etc. will be controlled by the software without any errors. This will ensure your stability along with your growth.

Now you have got an idea when to choose an ERP software for your start-up business, the next question is what ERP shall I choose?

Choosing an ERP
There are a lot of ERP options available out there in the market, the trick is to choose the best ERP out of the lots. Odoo/Open ERP is one of the best ERP which you can depend on for the successful future of your start-up business. With its varied features like warehouse management, customer relationship management, accounting, manufacturing, human resource management, the point of sales, E-commerce and websites etc. Odoo will be the complete solution which you can provide for the betterment of your start-up business.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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