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By: Anju A.P

Secret Sauce of Odoo ERP


Are you bored with your routine regime? Are you fed of being ripped off with unproductive workflows? Take a minute to think on the system’s or software solutions you are currently using at your workstations. Chances are high that you find yourself at a minimum in your inventory management, escalating your human resource relationships, enhancing your customer experiences, managing the accounts and finance or boosting your online market presence. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all your departments to come together under a unified platform and talk to one another? Helping one another in real-time processing of business operations? Wouldn’t you be happy, if your tasks get automated, simplifying your job roles? Of course, you will be. 

So how? There comes the role of an ERP software helping you in multiple ways in different stages. Implementing an integrated ERP solution at your workstation can definitely propagate more efficiency and productivity. Because, it runs integrated into other words connected, paving access to everybody, the pertinent information regardless of the job function they are performing. 

Do you want to know how? Have a look. 

Inventory management
a) Measuring Stock Targets.
b) Standardizing replenishments.
c) Real-time tracking of product moves.
d) Serial numbers and Batch IDs to efficiently track.
e) Automated Shipping and Packing of goods.
f) Smooth Purchasing.

Sales and Marketing
a) Enhance sales workflows.
b) Better Insight on inquiries and quotes to sales orders and invoicing.
c) Track shipments and integrate tax rules. 
d) Speed sales cycle generating more profit.

a) Product planning and forecasting.
b) Daily production monitoring.
c) Quality control and assistance.
d) Raw material assistance.

Accounts and Finance
a) Capital management.
b) Easy monitoring of cash flows.
c) Standard accounting transactions. 
d) Generate financial reports for any department.

Customer relationship management
a) Improve customer service and profit per capita.
b) Management of leads, customer issues, and customer opportunities.
c) Works closely with the sales module to speed up conversions.

Supply chain management
a) Purchase order management.
b) Process automation.
c) Look after production flow from production to consumer.
d) Monitor recalls or returns.

Human resource management
a) Real-time staff addressing. 
b) Manage time sheets.
c) Employee records.
d) Performance reviews.
e) Payroll systems.
f) Job profiles.

Automated Reporting 
a) Reporting easy across all departments. 
b) Staff will no longer spend time pulling reports.

Business intelligence 
a) Make data-driven decisions for the future of the company.

Project Management
a) Connects project activities with company financials. 
b) Report on the success or failure of projects.
c) On time completion of projects. 
d) Smart Budget allocation to projects.

Compliance monitoring
a) Ensuring business stays in compliance with industry regulations.
b) Addresses compliance with local law.
c) Security measures.
d) Addressing documentation requirements.

a) Management of multiple online sales channels.
b) Better Product Displays.
c) Understanding trends and patterns.
d) Improve Point of Sale.

IT optimization
a) Optimize your IT structure.
b) Ensure systems running smoothly.
c) Asset management.
d) Manage physical assets.

But often an ERP implementation ponders with huge fear factors. The reason behind is ERP implementation touches nearly every business function. An ERP implementation amounts to every business process and every employee functioning. If something goes wrong, nearly every business function will be affected, bringing down the efficiency and the productivity within an organization. 

When it comes to an ERP implementation woes are of different dimensions. The businesses large across fear whether their operation cost will be added up to back-fill the regular responsibilities, will it cost a huge sum to manage and run the ERP software, also fear whether the software would get adapted to current business work frame or will the workforce get adapt to the new system. 

The fear is large and multi-dimensional running from business to business. Odoo ERP to a great extent can erase all these woes.

Odoo ERP offers every customer great features like customization, scalability, integration to run their business seamless.  Every time consuming and manual business processing is intuitively looked into, critically analyzed and automated by Odoo or the open source ERP.  

So, what so special that can you gain from implementing an Odoo to your business rather than mere streamlining, organizing and integrating the core business processes?

Yes, there are a plethora of other reliable elements in choosing Odoo ERP over other leading service providers like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or Oracle e-Business Suite. So What?

Open source ERP or Odoo takes the enterprise resource planning software one step forward with its suite of applications. The ease, affordability, and modularity make Odoo stand out from ERP applications. Affordability is one pivotal fact that any business will look forward to while deploying an ERP software for their business operations, especially if the company is in a growing or inception stage.  

Here the software cost comes as a determining factor, as a huge investment on an ERP solution can completely drain the business capital. Those growing business, if they spend a huge amount on implementing an ERP solution there won’t be any funds left in their store to utilize for other strategic development of human resources and over other business plans. 

Odoo comes as a relief for those who are in their inception stage of business or who don’t want to risk themselves with a huge burden of ERP investments. Odoo ERP comes as a budget-friendly ERP solution with no license fee, unlike other commercial ERPs. Odoo Installation, Odoo Customization and Odoo implementation incur only lesser costs compared to other commercial ERPs. Business organizations thus can significantly save their pennies for future strategies. Isn’t it that interesting???

Secondly, the degree of modularity and flexibility the open source ERP platform provides is immense. Modularity is what makes Odoo stand out from rest crew of commercial ERPs. Inside Odoo, there exists different modules addressing a different set of functions. The business customer can wisely opt with the help of their techno-functional consultant and can direct the service provider to integrate the modules, keeping your business requirements and demands supreme. Odoo makes it easy for the end user to choose and implement a module in their workflow. According to business growth, and need, Odoo can be made flexible, offering plasticity in business. Being an open source, your developer can easily access to codes and make necessary changes you said forth.  

The modular feature of Odoo ERP comes as a palate of blessing to business organizations. When a business opts for an ERP, it should mandatory get adapted to the working culture or business environment. On the other hand, the company or the business organization will be forced to redesign their business process in accordance with the software run. It can bring down the efficiency of your workforce, reorienting the personnel and even add up the operational cost in redesigning or shuffling the existing business workflows. Worried?????? Here is the solution.

With Odoo, you get the complete freedom to tailor your exact business software. You can weave a software solution comprehending your existing processes and frameworks. If your business needs an additional support system in managing your accounts and other resources, Odoo can readily bring the solution via integrating specific function modules and thus keeping your business totally under control. Smart right??

With an intuitive user interface and cutting-edge technology, Odoo offers all that comprehensive features that derive immense ROI for your business. Under Odoo, one can easily mold in a software solution and wrap within the business frameworks.

If you are interested in Odoo implementation for your business, drop your requirement note to info@cybrosys.com. Cybrosys technologies is an exponent in Odoo ERP and have been providing reliable and robust ERP solutions in all industry domains. 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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