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By: Cybrosys Technologies

Odoo Live Chat Benefits


Live Chat is something that enables you to communicate with your customer directly. Communication between the customer and the sales team is essential for a deal. Hence, the Live Chat feature helps you to improve your business perspective. With a proper system for communication, that too a system that enables round the clock communication, any business is sure to climb at least a few steps. 

Benefits of Live Chat

1. Direct communication with the customer

2 . Improved customer relationship

3 . Quick access to the customer to product or service related information

4 . Time is no limit

5 . Communication does not need travel or expense

6 . Live Chat is linked to an eCommerce site

7. Any number of customers can engage in communication at the same time.

8 . Sales team is more likely to get leads

9. An efficient live chat can be converted into an opportunity

What is Odoo Live Chat? 

Odoo supports Live Chat features that can be easily integrated with the eCommerce website. It is sure to benefit the investors in many ways. Odoo Live Chat is a user-friendly application that is used by many business ventures to improve customer interaction. 

Live Chat, a feature that is used to assure proper customer support management also works as an important tool for the sales wing of the business ventures. 

Live Chat application, which goes well with the Website provides leads to the sales wings. A salesperson can contact the customer and know their requirements whenever a customer engages in live chat. 

Odoo 14 Live Chat provides the business a platform on the website to engage in one-to-one online communication with the customer. The operation of Live Chat is very simple. Whenever a customer enters a website, a chat box will appear.

This chat box will have an automated query and the customer can enter their queries here. As Live Chat assists the user to involve in personal chat with the people visiting the website it helps the sales team to identify the interest of the customer and present a product or service. 

Quick to use facility is the highlight of the Live Chat feature. This is a feature that helps the business to use a chat box to communicate with the customer. The moment a customer visits a web page, a dialogue box will appear if you are using the Odoo Live Chat module. This box will help the marketing team of the business to engage in a conversation with the customer. First, a welcome message will be sent to initiate the communication and if the customer is interested to continue the communication the operator can collect customer details and their requirements and convert this communication into a business. Thus a website visit can be converted into a sale opportunity. 

How to Use?

The first thing an investor has to do to make use of this feature is to install the Live Chat app 


As seen in the above-given image we have installed the app. We can click on the app to enter the dashboard. The dashboard  is the place where we can view existing channels. We can also create new channels here. Can you see the Create Button? This is the button that will help us to create a new channel.


Do one thing, just use the create button. Then we can find a new page as given below. Using this window we can name the chat and manage all types of operations. This will also help the user to set and manage channel rules. Managing widgets also becomes easy with this.


What is the next step? Add a name to the chat. This can be done using the below-given form. Also, select or add operator details in the form.


Preparing automatic messages

Do you know what an automated message is? I will explain. The messages which appear on a website the moment a customer visits the site is called an automated message. Creating a message is simple with Odoo. The Options tab given in the create form can be used for this. 

How can automated communication help a business? It can help you to attract your buyers or customers. The automated message will prompt the customer to initiate a communication. 


This page gives you a few features including Text of the button or the Text displayed 

Another feature is the welcome message. This helps the business to welcome a customer to a website using an automated message. It is a tool that will help you to win the attention of the customer and engage in interaction.

Chat input placeholder is another tool that initiates customers to start a conversation.

Do you know what Channel Rules are?

Odoo can help you define a rule to start live chat. Like with other rules, this feature helps to manage all channel operations based on some rules. It is easy to start a chat after setting this rule. A rule is a tool that helps us to restrict live chat for some groups or countries.


How to Chat with Customers

It is an easy process. After you create a chat channel we have an option to go to the website. Click on the icon.


Just enter the website using this feature.


Here we can toggle the published settings. Use the unpublished button and effortlessly manage the settings.


You can now start the chat the moment the operator joins a channel. We can also use a discussion module to view the conversion. In the discussion module, we can find the chat as a direct message.


Odoo Live Chat can help a business to make effective interventions to improve sales. It can help the business to develop. Live Chat support assures that the customers are able to interact with the sales team at any time. It can improve the chances for a sale deal and manage the operations in a quick and efficient way. 

Cybrosys technologies with an expert team can help your business to develop and integrate Live Chat the best way. For more details and to know about Odoo Live Chat click: Making the Business on Live with Odoo Live Chat

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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