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By: Cirin C Baby

What is Odoo Migration?

Functional Odoo 14

Migration is the process of shifting from one platform to another. It can either be the upgrading of the software platform or the transfer of data from one platform to another. Migration is used in different situations in software platforms. A business venture may require technical support from outside agencies for completing the ERP migration process. 
As we are discussing Odoo migration we can define Odoo migration as the process of enhancing the Odoo application to a newer version. It can also be the migration from another ERP to Odoo. 
In a business organization, the migration of software platforms may be an inevitable process. This can help the business to improve revenue and work efficiency. 
Let us learn in detail about Odoo's migration.
It is the process of upgrading the existing platform, especially the Odoo platform. Odoo, a business management software with frequent updates, releases fresh versions every year and Odoo users will have to upgrade their existing versions. This process is completed through Odoo migration. 
For example, a company named Cybrosys is using the Odoo 13 version. As Odoo has released a fresh version of Odoo 14, they may prefer to make use of the newly introduced features in Odoo 14. So they may have to complete the upgrade. This can be achieved with the Odoo migration process.  
How can Odoo migration help your business?
Odoo migration can help you to make use of the new features of the latest version of the business management software solution. The new features can be introduced without hindering the operation of the existing software system or affecting document management. As new features can be used with Odoo migration, the business will be able to perform in a better way. For example, Odoo 14 has a data cleaning app and many new features for PoS. So a firm migrating to Odoo 14 from another Odoo version will be able to make use of these features to improve their operations. 
Data migration has to be completed with care. We have to take into account different aspects while completing this process. 
The first thing to be taken care of is the available data and related facts including the reports, details of the customer and vendors, and other documents related to financial management and payment documents. 
The second fact to be taken care of is that the employees should be able to access the existing features and functionalities along with the newly added features on completion of the migration process.
Hence, we can say that Odoo migration is a process that has to be done with utmost care. This will require the support of an efficient team that has expertise in ERP management and data migration. An investor can assure the effectiveness of Odoo migration of the process is completed with the help of an Odoo partner. 
An Odoo partner is trained in all Odoo related activities and this will help the business to complete the task without involving in technical glitches. An efficient team can help the business to plan the migration and prepare for it in advance. The selection of the new features can also be done in an effective way with the support of a skilled team. 
How to choose a migration partner?
> Trained professionals
> Experience in Odoo migration
> Efficiency for planning and management
> Industry knowledge
> Expertise

Different types of Odoo migration
Now, we can learn about the different types of Odoo migrations. The two major Odoo migration activities are: 
> Odoo App Migration 
> Data migration

Migration of Odoo Apps 
As you know, new Odoo Apps are being introduced every year to meet the requirements of different business ventures. With the introduction of new versions, the apps may also require certain changes. The changes may include the changes in the coding. The code of the Odoo app may be changed to suit the new version of the Odoo.  The changes on the basis of python code may be required or the user may want the front end function to continue the way it operates in the existing version even after migration. 
Data Migration
This is the process of migrating the existing data to the new version or new ERP. This also has to be managed with care to prevent errors and loss of important data. We have to configure the existing data to the newly introduced version or platform. We can also modify the tables and map the documents. The data has to be imported to the new version as well. 
How to do Migration Testing
As ERP is tested after implementation migration also has to be tested after completing the modification process. This will be done under extreme conditions. The testing will help us to check the durability and reliability of the platform to which the migration has been done. 
Significance of Migration
1. Odoo migration is a key process during version upgrades
2. This helps to ensure better and faster performance
3. Improves operational efficiency and reliability
4. Being a constantly upgrading ERP migration supports to grow with the market
5. Simplify the operations
Why choose Cybrosys Technologies
Cybrosys Technologies is a Gold Partner of Odoo. We have a trained team of professionals. The services are certified and we are equipped to manage all types of migration processes. Cybrosys is one of the best ERP implementation company with over 12 years of experience. 
Cybrosys can guide you to plan the migration process. Be its migration from one version of Odoo to another or the migration of data from another ERP to Odoo we provide you the complete solution. Timely completion of work in the shortest time span is the highlight of Cybrosys. We also offer a comprehensive solution for managing different hurdles that may come across while completing the Odoo migration process. 
We have expertise in all ERP related activities including Odoo consultation, integration, customization, implementation, and migration. You can contact our skilled team members for clearing your doubts and proceeding with migration activities. 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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