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By: Joisey TJ

Comparison of Odoo Vs Microsoft Dynamics on Recession Intervention

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Major layoffs and hiring slowdowns affected various companies such as Netflix, Tesla, Intel, Meta, Twitter, and Microsoft due to the recession. A significant slowdown in economic activities leads to recession. The aftereffects of recession include rising unemployment, less consumer spending, low income, and a decline in the stock market. After the pandemic, we are again expecting a recession in 2022-2023 due to several reasons. It would be best if you took precautions for your business to defeat upcoming inflation by installing an ERP system. Odoo ERP is an effective way to manage company operations in the modern world and is beneficial during an economic downturn.
This blog gives an idea about comparing Odoo vs Microsoft Dynamics on recession intervention.
Odoo ERP streamlines various segments such as Accounting, Warehouse, Sales, HR, and more to enrich business productivity. More than 5 million users trusted Odoo ERP in several countries. Odoo also innovates separate apps as per business requirements. On the other hand, Microsoft Dynamics is used by 12000+ user group members in around 30 countries. It is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.
Overview of Odoo and Microsoft Dynamics
The open-source suite Odoo provides two editions such as Community and Enterprise. Users can access the community edition freely. However, the Enterprise version contains various subscription options with different packages. We can access multiple modules such as Time Off, Rental, Employees, Studio, Purchase, and more within the Enterprise version. Odoo App store gives several dedicated apps to customers for various business functions. More than 30000 apps are available in the Odoo store, and customers get their desired app for required business purposes.
One of the cloud-based applications formulated by Microsoft for CRM and enterprise resource planning in Microsoft Dynamics. Business and Enterprise are the two editions of Dynamics 365. Moreover, two licenses available in Microsoft Dynamics are subscription and perpetual. Nineteen thousand companies are a part of Microsoft Dynamics in around 30 countries with 12000 user group members. Microsoft is a company that faces hiring slowdowns in a recession, and it is under pressure in the pre-market after updating its full-year guidance from Salesforce. During the economic downturn time, Microsoft lowered the bottom end of its earnings outlook by 4% and trimmed top-end earnings by 3%. So, a great hiring slowdown affected the company due to inflation.
Odoo vs Microsoft Dynamics: Implementation Service
A local partner in Microsoft Dynamics gives implementation service. In contrast, the implementation provided by the vendor for Odoo online and the Enterprise version is performed by a local partner. Users get constant support, maintenance, and analyze their needs by implementing an Odoo ERP to a business during a recession. Within an affordable budget, you can install Odoo ERP into your entrepreneurship.
The lowest implementation package of Odoo for a single company starts from $999. Several other packages, such as $1999, $2999, and more, are available to a single firm for one week. All these packages are helpful to run your business in inflation compared to Microsoft Dynamics. The implementation package for Microsoft Dynamics is based on a case-by-case basis, and the price varies per project.
Pricing of Odoo over Microsoft Dynamics
During an economic downturn, most businesses rely on maintaining costs for company operations and management. Updating an ERP on your business is profitable to smooth maintenance of activities in a recession. Odoo is affordable for companies and users at a low price. The subscription pricing for Odoo begins from $8 per user, and for apps starts from $4. Hence, it is easy to run a business with less price by implementing Odoo ERP.
The central business essential of Dynamics 365 begins from $70 per user in a month, and the premium contains $100 per user. It is enormous compared to Odoo pricing per user in a month. Based on pricing, Odoo is more adaptable for business than Microsoft Dynamics. 
Training: Odoo vs Microsoft Dynamics
Training is necessary to get more information about ERP for customers in a recession period. Before using an ERP, we primarily focus on training sections of ERP companies given to customers. In an inflation period, looking out for training to identify ERP and its use for your organization is essential. Odoo provides webinars, videos, documentation, and live online training for customers through different channels. On another side, Microsoft Dynamics provide documentation in the form of training.
Technical, Corporate, and Functional Training are available for users under various packages. The functional training is focused on clients, end-users, and infrastructure providers. You get deep learning of all functional areas from experts and improve business efficiency in the most challenging time. Technical training is dedicated to IT professionals and new customers and covers Odoo installation, apps, and programming languages for users. Corporate business firms get an overview of Odoo through Corporate training. Live support, demo, and interactive sessions covered in corporate training to companies.
Support and Customization of Odoo vs Microsoft Dynamics
Most companies look into customization and support in a recession. Various allied supports are provided to users by implementing Odoo ERP. The ERP support package of $499 per month is accessible for 15 incidents through several mediums such as Skype, Whatsapp, and Zoom. On another side, Microsoft Dynamics gives unified, subscription, and direct professional support through license programs or directly from Microsoft. Most offers of MS Dynamics cover over one year. In contrast, Odoo offers monthly or yearly subscriptions and support for users or companies.
The customization level is simple and adaptable in Odoo ERP. Odoo studio module assists in customizing various actions and generating new apps according to your need. Most customizations in Odoo did without coding and stood at the forefront. However, most customizations in Microsoft Dynamics need extensive coding work. Users can widen business growth by managing different operations by imparting Odoo ERP.
Introducing an ERP into your business during an economic downturn is essential to managing various company operations. Pricing, Customization, Support, and implementation service offers of Odoo ERP are necessary to start and control business activities in an inflation period. Check out the link to know more about Odoo vs Microsoft Dynamics

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