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By: Anusha

E-Commerce A New Business Methodology

Functional Website&E-commerce

Nowadays, we always depend upon the internet, we always love to be online. At this moment the online business is catching our eye. Everyone is busy with their laptops or smartphone or iPhones. So why don’t you try for an online business?
Online has been playing an important role in selling and buying services/products online. E-Commerce is a safe platform to build a business brand and develop your business across the world. Also, E-Commerce has helped millions or trillions of people to make money from their business. In short, E-Commerce is an online store for selling any service/product worldwide according to the current market trends. With this E-Commerce website, you can sell your products 24 * 7. In this new generation time, it is a favorable and beneficial choice to establish your business or start your business. 

However, let us have a look at the advantages of e-Commerce

1. Attract More Customers Across the World by search engine visibility.
2. The cost of inventory management is reduced.
3. We can sell products across the world.
4. Stay open 24/7.
5. It can increase brand awareness (worldwide).
6. Analyze easily.
7. Expand the market for niche products.
8. Scalability, convenience, and easiness.
Which platform should we use to implement our business as an online store? If you don’t have any idea about E-commerce platforms we will give you suggestions based on your business requirements.
However, we would like to share some ideas about Odoo E-Commerce.
Odoo E-Commerce is the E-Commerce solution that is inbuilt with Odoo. The important advantage it offers is that it is Open Source and comes with a built-in ERP System.
1. Design And Configure:
a. Inline Editing - By using Odoo’s s inline editing feature we can create product pages.No code is needed, What you see is exactly what you get.
b. Building blocks system - Here we can create our product page from the base. Building blocks are fully customizable and Option for Drag & Drop is also available. We can describe the maximum specifications of the product in a tabular form.
c. Sell digital products - You can now add any digital products to your online catalog.
d. Word processor text editing - Here we can efficiently and effortlessly create and update your text content through an editor.
e. Product variants creation – Here we can create a product available in different variants, for example, size, designs, colors or other peculiarities.
f. Price-lists, products, and stores - Here we can create different and flexible price – lists, add variants to add to product options, Here we can create multiple stores under one environment And we can display all the available stocks of products.
2. Integrated Tools:
a. Cross-selling and up-selling - Suggest optional products related to items to increase your revenues.
b. Promotional or coupon codes - Encourage potential customers using promo codes and coupons.
c. Options to boost sales - Define different product categories, use attribute search, focus on promotions, coupons or gift certificates and arrange the best products to the top of your page to catch the attention of clients and in this way multiply your sales.
3. Shopping Experience:
a. Easy search system - Searching and finding a product is easier by setting different attributes on products, for example, color, size, etc.
b. Customer onboarding - Set up step by step instructions to help customers go to check out with no blocking issues.
c. Guest & Registered user - Customers can choose to create a user profile or as guests. Registered users can recover their contact information upon check out and access a portal including related messages, orders, invoices, registered claims, etc.
d. Skip shipping address - Shipping address no more required when providing only services.
e. Live chat embedded - Provide your visitors with information in real-time directly on your website, and secure your sales.
f. Easy checkout process - Simple checkout to avoid losing clients.
g. Customer portal - With the help of this, we can easily track the orders, advanced shipping rules and return management through the customer portal.
h. Order review - See details of your order at the end of the process.
4. Payment Methods:
a. Fully integrated - Allow customers to pay with Paypal, Ogone, Adyen, Buckaroo, Authorize.net and SIPS Wordline. Online payment methods redirect customers to a " Thank you " page on your website.
5. Billing & Accounting:
a. Calculate & Bill Shipping Costs - Get delivery costs computed automatically using Odoo's embed Delivery Method configuration.
b. Integrated Accounting package - Odoo’s chart of accounts contains national taxes, fiscal positions, accounts.
c. Tax rates - Fiscal positions allow you to adapt tax rates to the whereabouts of your customers.
d. Chart of accounts - Use the Custom package template to build your chart of accounts. It embeds a set of generic preset accounts, taxes and more.
6. Reporting:
a. Sales data analytics - Highlight the best product in terms of quantity sold. Find the best customer in terms of revenue. Display a graph with your monthly sales per product and add it to your Dashboard. Group your Sales by Partner and display the products in the column header.
7. Integrations:
a. Apps - Odoo Website, Odoo CRM, Odoo Accounting, Odoo Manufacturing, Odoo Inventory and more are fully integrated with Odoo E-Commerce so you can manage your business with just one system.
b. Marketplaces - Expand your customer database by integrating your items on e-Bay and Amazon.
c. Inventory – All your data stock in one unique place, real-time control of the inventory and accurate forecasts to manage procurement.
d. Shipping – Speed up your shipment process and track your order from Odoo with DHL, UPS, USPS, and FedEx shipping connectors.
Nowadays, ERP is considered as the backbone of E-Commerce. Do you want to know why? We will tell you the reasons !!!
In today ’ s world E-commerce business is considered as one of the fastest-growing business trends. Because today everyone is always connected to the internet. Nobody has time to go shopping and purchase.
Everyone loves to buy and sell online and it is more time consuming too... And many vendors or suppliers have started their E-Commerce store and begun to concentrate on developing the business as an E-commerce store because it is an upfront investment is less than that for a virtual store.
Let us start to list out the reasons
Main factors; ERP is a Back Bone for E-Commerce Business;
1. The integration of the ERP system and E-Commerce store gives you better efficiency.
2. Manage every corner of your store from One software rather logging into the different systems.
3. A web-based ERP software helps you to manage all your sales, purchase, orders, stock management on the go.
4. ERP system integrates your entire inventory from different web stores like eBay, Amazon stores, or phone orders.
5. We can easily manage the entire shipping process from ERP, including the integration with UPS, USPS & FedEx.
6. Updating of tracking numbers back to the respective web store.
7. A complete integrated Accounting system eliminates the repetition of the work.
8. Multi-currency, multi-company scheme is supported with a separate chart of accounts for each company.
9. Complete ERP functionality with full - flourished modules of Purchase, CRM, Warehouse, Inventory, sales, accounting, etc.
    ERP system helps to develop a world-class level business process and trends.
Now, I would like to share some ideas about the different ways to increase the Average Order Value of your E-Commerce store. There are a variety of methods are there, let us have a look at the details.
As a businessman, you want to boost your profit. There are different creative ways are there. Before, we go to the details, Let us have a look into the AVERAGE ORDER VALUE – AOV. Your business’s or shop ‘s average order value is the average amount of money each client ends up spending per business deal or transaction.
We can calculate our average order value by using the following formulae;
Average Order Value = ( Total revenue / number of orders )
Different ways to achieve the AOV – Average Order Value:
1. First-time bundle of offers 
2. Set free shipping charge 
3. Minimum purchase discounts 
4. Bulk volume discounts 
5. Personalized recommendations
    a. Upsell
    b. Cross-sell
6. Use of scarcity 
    a. The limited number offers
    b. Limited period offers
7. Package deal
8. Social proof
1. First-time bundle of offers:
    Nowadays many startups are following this strategy. Here our client or customer gets a discount on their first purchase. This helps us to attain the AOV – Average Order Value from the starting itself. As our customer gets more benefits from the first order, they will try to purchase the maximum, to attain maximum benefits.
2. Set free shipping charge:
        An important method to boost our AOV – Average Order Value is offered free shipping charges. Consider setting a minimum level; customers who are purchasing above that minimum level are eligible for experiencing free shipping charges. Some research results disclose that some customers are willing to buy more items if they qualify for free shipping. Similarly, a lot of research to suggest that the lack of free shipping is the biggest reason for the cart drop.
3. Minimum purchase discounts:
       Another method is giving discounts on a particular minimum level purchase. Or we can offer gift vouchers, coupons or even gift when your clients or customers meets the minimum level purchase amount. For example, giving a 20 % discount on orders over $ 100 or a free t-shirt or on all orders over $ 100, gift vouchers of $ 250 on orders above $ 1000.
4. Bulk volume discounts:
       The next important method to boost AOV – Average Order Value is given offers on Bulk volume purchase of the same product. But before you apply this you have to make sure that the right discount value that catches the customers and at the same time But before you get carried away, a word of caution. You have to determine the right discount value that attracts customers and at the same time doesn’t suppress your profit margins.
5. Personalized recommendations:
        Popped up or showing personalized product suggestions can be an effective way to increase the AOV – Average Order Value. A personalized product recommendation is not based on a guess or assumption; it is based on the analysis of the purchase or searching history of the user. 
  Upsell - An upsell is to get the customer to spend more money – buy a more expensive model of the same type of product, or add features/warranties that relate to the product in question. For example, if a customer has searched for windows 7 core i3 processor we can recommend windows 8.1 core i7 processor with a picture. As early said, upselling is offering the same variant of the product but more expensive variants to the buyer. But do not try to apply upselling strategy to every transaction; just because you have several products. Never try to upsell your entire list of products to the customer who hasn't even made their first purchase.
   Cross-sell -A cross-sell is to get the customer to spend more money by adding more products from other categories (or related ) than the product being viewed or purchased. Purchasing a laptop? Would you need a USB? Perhaps a laptop bag? Or purchasing a smartphone? Would you need a screen guard ? or perhaps a back cover? This is called cross-selling.
6. Use of scarcity:
     Shortage or scarcity generates the time pressure and it results in an urgency. This urgency makes customers buy more. Generally, we regularly go through the “ limited period offer ”. The same trick is used here.
Limited number offers – Maybe you heard that when the supply of a product is short the demand for the same is high. This works well here. Deficiency creates urgency.
Limited period offers – Another best method is; apply limited-time offers. You may hear that Monsoon offer, Summer special offer, Offer of the day, weekly offer, etc. This is also helped to boost our AOV – Average Order Value.
7. Package deal:
      A package deal or a combo offer is an excellent way of selling two or more related products at a discounted price. It is convenient for the customer/client, a great way to move your slow-moving products and most importantly increases your average order value.
8. Social proof:
      We humans never do believe anyone easy. So we have to start from scratch. We have to build trust but how? The lack of trust can be substituted by other customers who have provided a review. Some successful sites have used testimonials from the reputed Partners or Customers to gain the trustworthiness of their sites, which is a clever move. the best advertisement is done by satisfied customers.
At Cybrosys Technologies, we have Odoo E-Commerce experts having a great industry experience to help you with all your worries related to E-Commerce. Contact us if you are looking for an E-commerce development company. We would love to hear from you.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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