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By: Anusha

Odoo POS Point Of Sale

Functional Pos

Odoo Point of Sale Features:

    Odoo – POS - the point of sale is working in both online and offline mode so as a user, you can sell and take the order without thinking about the internet ( whether disconnected or connected ). The Odoo POS is a customer-oriented system; you can maintain your customer relations and can give loyalty programs or any such offers to express your gratitude towards them.


Why ODOO POS itself?

Let us go through the features of Odoo POS;


1. Payments :

Payment methods -  Here we can use different payment methods ie, Cash, Cheque, and Credit Cards. If we want to add new types of payment methods it is also possible.

Credit / Debit Cards  - External payment terminals are there to handle the electronic payments.

Split Tenders - A single order can be paid as a split payment between multiple parties as well as with separate payment methods. 

Currency Rounding - Costs and payments can be rounded to the smallest denomination of the currency.

Offline Payments – Orders made offline are automatically synchronized when you are reconnected. No need to worry about your internet connection problems.

Invoicing – We can easily generate the invoices and take a printout of the same in a single mouse click.

Accounting – All transactions are integrated directly into Odoo accounting so that ledger management is easy and reliable.

Customer Tips -Supports customer tipping either as an added amount or by converting change to a tip.     

2. Checkout :


Prices & Discounts – We can easily set prices, offer a percentage ( discount based ) on a single product or a bulk order.

Parallel Orders – Put orders aside and process multiple orders at the same time.

Customized Receipts – Here we can advertise our present promotion programs, hours of operation, and upcoming events details on your printed receipts.

Weighting at the counter – Calculate product weight during checkout with the electronic scale integration.

Fast & Efficient search – Quickly find your customers and products with built-in search features.

Multi-step checkout ( Coming Soon ) – Sell at one Point of Sale and pay at another with a multi-step checkout.

Sell on the move – With iPad and Android tablet support, sell anywhere within your store or restaurant.

Dynamic bar codes – Embed price, weight, and discount information directly into your bar codes.


3. Store Management:

Order History – View all history of past orders as well as search by the customer, product, cashier, or date.

Daily Sales – We can easily Keep track of our daily sales and totals for every payment type.

Cashier Accounts – Manage multiple cashier accounts and secure them with badges or pin codes.

Cash Flows –  Monitor cash register adjustments and easily verify cash contents at the end of the day.

Stock & Inventory – Monitor your stock in real-time, manage your inventory across all locations, and review shipments with the Odoo Stock integration.

Franchises – Pre-configure your franchise's stores, overview their sales, and centrally manage their stock and accounting. 


4. Customer & Loyalty:

Register Customers – Identify your customers by simply registering their email and contact address, allowing you to offer discounts and keep track of individual sales. This is simply a marketing trick.

Identify Customers – Look - up your customers with the built-in search feature or identify them with a barcode printed on their loyalty card.

Business Customers – Register your customer's VAT number and apply them to invoices.

Loyalty Cards – Reward your customers with loyalty points and exchange them for gifts or discounts. Points can be earned by product, by order, or by sale amount.


5. Restaurant Management:

Floor Plans – We can assign orders to tables and receive an overview of your restaurant's floors as well as make changes on the go with the graphical editor.

Manage Seating – Keep track of your guests with an overview of your restaurant's capacity and table availability.

Kitchen Printing – Send the order instructions to the bar and kitchen printers. Instructions can be sent to different printers automatically based on the product category.

Delayed Orders – Take orders for different courses of the meal at once with the ability to send them to the kitchen printer at separate times.

Kitchen Order Notes – Add notes for customer's preferences, allergies, or special requests and send them to the kitchen or bar printers.

Split Bills - Let customers pay separately or at different times by splitting orders.

6. Products  :

Product Categories – Organize your products with hierarchical product categories. Order them by popularity and display different categories in different points of sales.

Product Search – Quickly find products by their name, bar code, or description with the built-in search function.

Units of Measure – Sell your products with custom or preset units of measure and update your stock accordingly.

Multiple Barcodes – Configure multiple barcodes for the same product with barcode nomenclatures.

Product Variants – Sell different sizes, colors, or configurations of the same product with product variants.

Large Product Count –  Odoo's Point of Sale system is capable of performing at a scale of over 100,000 products.


7. Web Applications:


Browser Support – Odoo POS is a web-based application and can be deployed on any device and OS running Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS are all supported operating systems.

iPad First – Odoo POS is best used on a recent iPad or Android Tablet of comparable size and performance.

PC Compatible – Odoo POS can also be used on standard PCs and tablets as well as industrial touch-screen terminals.

Works Offline – Odoo POS will keep working even you lose your internet connection. The web browser can be closed offline without loss of data.

HTML5 Mods –  Odoo's POS is Open - Source and can be customized with HTML5 / JS extension modules 

Why Using Odoo Point of Sale System?


1. We can easily save money-


Eliminate loss:

    Odoo POS – Point Of Sale can remarkably cut down on loss – the products that vanish from your store or restaurant due to robbery, wastage and product misuse can easily find out and prevent. Because each and everyone knows that products/inventory is being tracked, hence, unnecessary wastage can be eliminated.


Accuracy improved:

    We can use a bar code scanner. Barcode scanner ensures accuracy; if we didn’t use bar code scanner POS itself assures security and accuracy. Odoo POS confirms that every product in your store or catalog is sold for the correct price. Miss – entering of price /  any guessing of price or any such mistakes will never ever happen in POS. And we can easily change the price of any item in just a few clicks.


Easy analysis:

    Odoo POS helps us to generate a detailed sales report. By analyzing this report, we can focus on items that produce higher margins. And also we can plan products, promoting programs to boost sales. It is a powerful reporting system that produces customer invoices just in a few clicks.


2. We can get more accurate information–


We can easily find out where we stand:

    On each day we can find out how many of a particular product has sold on a specific day, or in any specific week or month. Earnings of a particular day ( loss if any ), How business is going these all made us find out the status of our business. And we can easily apply any new marketing strategy to boost our business.


Inventory management is easy & safe:

    A fast and accurate report of sales helps us to track the inventory details. By tracking the historical data of inventory we can find the current sales trends, the present demand of the customers, etc, these all help us to forecast new future purchases.


We can easily create the customer directory:

     We can easily collect the names and addresses of your customers. Use the details for targeted advertising and incentive programs.


3. Productivity increases –


Paperwork can be avoided easily & save time:

    Odoo - POS systems can greatly reduce the time you spend doing inventory, a rate of sale ( daily / weekly / monthly ), and other repetitive unavoidable & important paperwork.


Safe & Fast transactions:

    Odoo POS – Point Of Sale features and bar code scanners increases the efficiency of all transactions. The special kitchen printer feature will help us to sent instructions to different printers automatically based on the selected product category. In short, increase efficiency and reduce human effort.


    Odoo POS – Point Of Sale is a fully web-based system so you can get a consolidated view of your process. Odoo  Point of sale is reliable even if your internet connection is lost.


I hope you know Cybrosys is an Odoo official partner ( we get technical and functional training from Odoo). Being an official partner is something like commitment and the responsibility level is much high. At the same time, the quality level of the product and service is also high... Highly trained professionals of our team already explored different Odoo - ERP solutions. (enterprise as well as community).

Contact us !! For Odoo ERP services.

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