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By: Anusha

Odoo ERP-Past, Present and Future


Hi ,

From the different previous blogs, we already know the details of Odoo – Open ERP. But today we are going to share some ideas about the evolution, present features and future improvements of Odoo ERP.

So let us start, shall we ???

Past –  Growth of Odoo

  2002, Fabien Pinackaers  ( AKA Belgium ‘Bill Gates’ ) established Tiny ERP  system.     


  2008, Tiny   ERP  changed the name to Open ERP.


  2010, Open ERP published Revolution V6.0 Version.


    –   2012, Open ERP published the Latest V7.0 Version.


    –  2014, Open ERP changed the name to Odoo and published V8.0 Version.   



Odoo , being open source have the luxury of growing faster than any other ERP solution in the market.  By examining different databases, we can find that currently there are over 1000 installations every day and it increases day by day.

The past has helped a lot of what the current Odoo is acquiring. The journey started when Fabien Pinackaers aka Belgium, " Bill Gates" created a small ERP solution, known as Tiny ERP system.

The evolution of Odoo from tiny ERP to Odoo ERP can be summarized into three, major stages.

1st STAGE  Faster product development, along with direct implementation.In this stage rise in the number of users grew slowly.

2nd STAGE A new Business model.Odoo became more popular from this period as more and more users are involving themselves in the ERP solution.

3rd STAGE – From 2011 onwards.

 The different versions and developments increased the functionality over the regular conventional ERP systems. More and more users started to use the Open ERP and a number of people begin to select Odoo / Open ERP over any other ERP solutions. A variety of features are added in the Open source project and different revolutionary versions of ERP is evolved. These wide levels of acceptance is because of the uncommon and quality features of ERP solutions.


Present situation of Odoo 

1 . Currently No.1 in Open – Source ERP.

2 . Over 1000 installations every day, the most installed software in the world.         

3 . More than 3000 other useful modules contributed from the community. 

4 . Over 500 working partners distributed in 60 countries.      

5 . Over 1000 active explorers in the world. 

6 . Support over 20 languages, including Chinese.

Open ERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications which includes ,


 1 . Sales Management .

 2 . Customer Relationship Management .

 3 . Purchase Management .

 4 . Warehouse Management .

 5 . Manufacturing Management .

 6 . Association .

 7 . Project Management .

 8 . Accounting & Financial Management .

 9 . Management Systems .            

10 . Human Resources Management .

11 . Knowledge Management .

12 . Point Of Sale .


These are all some examples.

Odoo Features 

1 . Open Source.

Source of Odoo is open, allow you to download, modify the software and the code procedure,  No Single Vendor Lock-in.         


2 . Most advanced Modular technology.

Odoo is unique and its modular approach allows customers to start with one application and add other modules later.


3 . Flexible Implementation.

Short implementation period by starting with simple modules. We can implement with step by step methods which helps the employees to adopt the new system . And also we can add more modules at any time we like.


4 . Excellent Framework and easy configuration & Fully Functional Interface.

 Just a web browser, you can access to your system anytime anywhere.No need to worry about Operating System compatibility and Odoo has a User-friendly interface.      


5 . Different Features Single platform.


 1 . Low Cost .   

 2 . User – friendly and refreshing interface .

 3 . Enhance the communication efficiency among departments .      

 4 . No redundant data input .       

 5 . Keep information integrity and organized .       

 6 . Simplify operation procedures .      


Why Odoo is  the best choice for ERP?


1 . Implementation Risk is low.

2 . No vendor Lock – in.

3 . Flexibility .

4 . Cost Effective.

5 . Comprehensive nature.

6 . Source code available.

7 . No licensing trouble.

8 . Early and full ROI - ( Return On Investment ).


1 . Implementation Risk is low: -

 Rich in the variety of functional modules latest advanced modular technology, solid platform for customization, these all factors lead to a successful implementation of Odoo .


2 . No vendor Lock – in. 

  By the help of source code, the organization can hire competent developers to take care of the customization and there is no scarcity of them in the market ie, No vendor Lock – in.


3 . Flexibility .

 Simple and ability to have quick customization.  More freedom and flexibility and easy to use.


4 . Cost Effective.

 You can easily download the software with free of cost ( community version ). And you can experience its amazing capabilities. Your cost of investment is low due to the lack of licensing fees.  Hence, you can allocate the major portion of the budget for implementation or customization according to your needs.


5 . Comprehensive nature.

 Odoo offers a wide variety of functionalities.With the help of 260 core modules and 4000+ community modules, Odoo helps us to meet all our requirements beyond our expectations.  Odoo is a single platform to meet all our requirements.



6 . Source code available.

 For Odoo - Source code can be purchased. Hence, if your vendor decided to stop the support you can easily hire a new vendor and can find the required solution.  Because of the source code availability, you can do whatever you want with the help of your own good developers or with the help of vendors.


7 . No licensing trouble.

 You can freely download or copy Open Source Software and use it. Which eliminates the licensing problems.

 And much more......


Different Odoo modules and its features are described in different earlier blogs. 

You can check out these links for more details blog

Architecture Technology of Odoo


1 . Programming language     –  Python.


2 . Database                            – Postgres SQL .


3 . Web browser                     –  (All the business logic will operate on    

                                                        Server ).


                                                 –  Object .

                                                 –  ORM .

                                                 –  View .

                                                 –  Workflow .

                                                 –  Wizard .

                                                 –  Report .


4 . Communication Interface  –  XML- RPC .

                                                           ·       Port 8069.

                                                           ·       Support Load Balancing for Server.


 Future of Odoo .


Currently there are 2 million Odoo users. The future looks extremely good for Odoo . By analyzing the analytics of Google keyword search we can easily find out the relevance of the Odoo ERP and its acceptance across the world. Mainly because of its open source nature and the python, programming language makes Odoo as No 1 among the other competitors.Nowadays , the business process is changing, new techniques are evolved these all happens in a blink of an eye. As the business is growing/developing , so does the implementation of Odoo become important. Odoo Implementation and Customization is also one of the major market opportunity and well - trained, experienced companies can build around this opportunity easily.

 The Odoo Official Partners, Cybrosys Technologies . Being Odoo official partner, we get technical and functional training from Odoo . Odoo Consultancy is one of our prime focus. We have so many years of expertise in Odoo development, customization, and complete deployment. Our skilled developers have already explored the Odoo opportunities in accounting , manufacturing,  trading, real estate, construction sectors and the list go on. . .

 Wish you all the Good Luck ...


If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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