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By: Anusha

Common E-Commerce Mistakes to avoid

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As you, all know Electronic commerce is written as e - Commerce; e - Commerce is the trading in products or services with the help of internet. Online shopping allows customers to buy products or services from a seller over the internet using a web browser.

Without paying rent, utilities on a store front and hiring employees you can open a virtual store online and sell products/services to everyone with very low upfront investment. In Simple words, by using your own website you can be a great money maker.

We have listed down some of the basic mistakes, which an e - Commerce businessperson might commit which can easily drive away your e - Commerce clients from you.

1 . Outdated design.

2 . Complicated Checkout process.

3 . Lack of shipping options.

4 . Single payment method.

5 . No Search Engine Optimization strategy.

6 . Poor Website navigation.

7 . Faulty pricing of products.

8 . Low quality product image.

9 . Insufficient product description.

10 . Poor search capability.

11 . Desktop only searches designs.



Design of a website is important , because Good design of your website makes your business much more easier . Web design is a field of constant evolution and development . If your website is designed before 2005 , it is not going to work , damn sure !!!! If you want to stand out from the crowd , you need to have a unique and most latest web design , this will remind your visitors to check out your website every day . In simple words ,  it should be light , informative and attractive .  


When a purchasing / buying decision has been made , the client or consumer should be able to make their purchase quickly and easily or with a very few clicks as possible . Make sure that there will be a check out  / sign out / log out as a guest option so that the people who do not wish to create an account don’t have to . It is better to keep your log out / sign out process to one screen .


3 . LACK OF SHIPPING OPTIONS: -                                                                

Shipping method also has a significant role in determining the retention and acquisition of customers . All clients like to have a different variety of options. Different shipping methods varied in delivery time and price. It’s very difficult for a customer to justify making a purchase from you if you have only one shipping method and its cost is very high. This also helps for the business owners. From different shipping service providers, business vendors get different advantages. Different shipping options also help in the case of any natural calamity or any such difficult situation.

   General mistakes in shipping are ;

1 . Insufficient shipping options .

2 . Wrong size package and packaging .

3 . Inefficient return management .

4 . No integration of website and supply chain . You have to make sure that the above mistakes never happening in your business . Use the right type of packaging and have an efficient return system . Using shipping method in an appropriate way can also be an amazing marketing strategy and can also help in increasing the Average Order Value of the purchase , providing promotional and free shipping is a bonus to the customers .



You may wonder that what is the role of payment method? Please note that payment method is also the reason people do not buy anything from a store. If any site has only one method of payment, then they are going to lose a lot of clients. Definitely, not everyone is convenient with the method of payment you provide. Do your best to offer a variety of payment methods.



Once a new e-commerce site has been prepared. How are people going to find your website? There is a good chance they will search for your company or product using one of the major search engines like Google. In order for you to be listed in the first few pages of the search results, you must have a solid SEO strategy for your site. Search engine optimization is about more than keywords; it also focuses on how your site is built, how images are tagged and what data is analyzed by search bots that conduct those ridiculously quick searches.



We have to consider each and every side of the website. The navigation of the website really matters. Poor navigation always upsets the customers.  Hard to find the information, too many font types and colors all these things discourage the customers and often no sale. Your E- commerce site should be easy to navigate.



The demand of the product obviously depends upon the price of the product.Your pricing scheme should be unique and eye catching from your competitors. Pricing plays an important role when you are selling a product which has high competition in the market.We have to set competitive pricing by doing, by doing proper and efficient price analysis.

The website design, the varied options for shipping, the amount spent on marketing will not matter if the client can find your product at lower rates in somewhere else.



The best and only way for the clients to know what they’re buying online is via the image of the particular product . We will definitely not going to buy if a product has poor quality and low resolution image on the websites . ? Hence the image should attract enough ; without shadows in the image or distortion . Make sure to offer more than one product image , the image should reflect the each and every view of the product. Preferably from multiple angles . If the product comes in many different colors, make sure to include pictures of those options as well , or at least switch the color of your existing images . The product image should look professional enough, should possibly have a white background and should reflect the true picture of the product. If you have a poorly photographed product, it is not going to sell !           



These are just as important as the product images. You want your product description to cover all of the selling points, The product description should be precise enough to cover all the features of the product, it should include your marketing copy to attract the customers and it should be unique. And do not forget to mention about any warranty and offer details.



Another important requirement of a good website is its responsiveness / mobile friendly nature because the majority of people are on the mobile/tab . Today, transactions are taking place on smartphones and tablets. Hence our website should be responsive .

In Odoo (formally OpenERP)  we have access to a powerful e - Commerce platform that integrates seamlessly with Odoo Sales Management and Odoo's email templates and communication framework. This also ties in directly with Odoo's new website builder otherwise known as Odoo's CMS or Content Management.The above-mentioned mistakes will never be going to happen in Odoo .

 At Cybrosys Technologies, we have Odoo E - Commerce experts having a great industry experience to help you with all your worries related to E – Commerce. Contact us if you are looking for E - commerce development company. We would love to hear from you.



If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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