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By: Anusha

How do we know that its time to replace your crm software

Functional Crm

CRM is Customer Relationship Management. As you all know CRM software will definitely help us to manage all our customers/clients, Leads efficiently. A customer Relationship Management system can greatly benefit your business in different key areas. 

CRM systems quite nicely streamline our business process and can be customized, at least partially, to accommodate most user requests and reporting requirements; however, there is a moment when a software upgrade or trade-in makes the best business sense. However, if you are finding that your current CRM - Customer Relationship Management solution is becoming more of a barrier than a help, then it’s time for an upgrade. Here are some important signs that it’s time to replace your CRM software?

1 . Communication takes place outside of the system: -

Whether the communication with your clients, leads, or partners is taking place outside of your CRM, then this is a sign that you need to replace or upgrade your CRM. If your employees are contacting, emailing, calling your contacts using a different system, and these interactions are not being recorded in your CRM, then it’s time to replace your CRM software. General reasons for employees choosing to communicate outside of a CRM system is because it is inconvenient to use or they are not able to access information on customers quickly and easily.

2 . CRM Customer Relationship Management system doesn’t integrate with the other systems: -

An efficient CRM Customer Relationship Management system should work streamlined with your other systems such as sales, accounting, finance etc. Analyze your whole process and if you find that each system within your business process is isolated or working separately, this is definitely another sign you need to upgrade or replace the system.

3 . It does not have any efficient analytic tools: -

One of the important benefits of using CRM - Customer Relationship Management software is that it gives you access to core information such as a history of customer action and current and past sales details; so you are aware of all opportunities and can create more effective sales and marketing actions. However, this information is valuable only if you are able to view it clearly and easily. Hence, any CRM system that does not have user-friendly dashboards, reporting, and tools for analytic is ready for an upgrade or replacement.

4 . You cannot find all the previous interactions with your contacts: -

An efficient CRM system is used not only for storing your customers’ contact information; It also allows you to track all customer interactions, including sales history, support details, details and response to emails and phone calls. If your system doesn’t give you any opportunity to access this information in one page and you are having to consult a specific team to find out which of your customers are responding to email offers and details of previous purchase of a particular customer , then this is an alarming sign that you are delayed in replacing or upgrading the CRM .

5. Your employees have to be in the office to use it: -

When your sales/marketing employees are working out of the office, are they able to access the data they need from your CRM system ? Or are they having to wait until they are back at the office before they can view it and update it with any new details or data. If this is the case, then it might be time to look into upgrading to an Odoo CRM system. If any of the points above sound familiar and you want to upgrade your CRM then it is important that you make the right decision. Odoo CRM has gained an excellent acceptance in the business world because of its range of powerful features and high flexibility.
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