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How to Enrich Your Contact Database in Odoo CRM

Functional CRM

For any business, client or customer data is an inevitable part. Maintaining the database is crucial for running a business. CRM or customer relationship management involves managing the customer interactions, both past and potential customers, to have a healthy relationship with them. It involves data management, analysis, and timely communication. There is a compilation of potential and current customers from multiple sources like websites, emails, live chat, social media, and marketing materials.
A good CRM has the potential to create remarkable differences in the company revenue. A better understanding of the market and target audience will help any company serve better. This also implies better customer satisfaction. A satisfied and happy customer base provides better sales and that surely means better financial performance. A CRM allows the possibility of
    - A unified platform to connect contacts across channels,
    - Effective communication for better customer service,
    - Better targeting of prospective customers,
    - Customized marketing campaigns,
    - Coordinated customer assistance.
Odoo CRM allows you to maintain the pipeline of customers and clients with unmatched efficiency. Not only in maintaining and organizing the data but also in enriching the customer’s contact details. Odoo CRM allows you to add the details of individuals and companies using the enrich option. Businesses can make use of CRM to learn more about their customers and cater to the needs, expectations, and demands.
We can always work on a catchy website, interesting campaigns, and out-of-the-box promotions to attract more leads. Leads are prospects who could soon turn into your customers, but currently in contact with the potential of transactions with the company. The leads are managed and scored based on their potential of being a customer and creating revenue for the company.
In the CRM pipeline, a potential client or the lead is marked at the different stages of the relationship with the firm. New contacts can be scored based on interest, size of the company, and the possible budget of the transactions involved.
Generating a lead is a result of strategic planning, especially to create high potential clients requires committed effort from the sales and marketing team. But is it enough to generate leads? Maintaining the leads is the continued effort. It can be tiring as it would require us to maintain a real-time database. Not only is the maintenance, but the updates and prioritization can also take a lot of time.
Our lead generation can be from website visitors, direct contacts, and so on. These contacts are managed and organized for a quick overview and immediate action in a CRM pipeline. The manager or the person accessing the customer data can make use of the pipeline to analyze their status as well as take necessary actions. A good CRM software also automates the process of contacting the various leads at the times necessary to build customer relations.
In the case of business-to-business relations, the lead generated might contain very limited information like the email id of the company. Taking the relationship forward can be very difficult with such limited data. This is when lead enrichment comes to help.
Lead enrichment is a highlight feature of Odoo CRM as it helps build contact-based only on the email address provided. The feature is especially useful in situations where you could not collect enough information about the person especially in cases of contacts collected during fairs and exhibitions.

Enrich Contact base with Odoo

The contact base enrichment involves both lead mining and lead enrichment. We can additionally opt for partner autocomplete. All these features include in-app purchases that require us to buy credits.
Lead mining
We can set basic criteria for lead mining like size, country, and industry. Odoo helps you to generate leads from scratch using these criteria. Lead mining helps you to improve the lead database and find more prospects. This is effective in widening the reach of your company. We can buy credits and allow lead mining from the configurations of the CRM module. You can avail the pricing for the feature here.
Once lead mining is enabled and we can create lead mining requests that will allow us to get company details from the filters set. But we should keep in mind that this is possible only if we have made a credit purchase in the app.
Once this is done, we can go to the CRM dashboard and click on ‘generate lead’.
Each request created will consume one credit with the lead generated. Moreover, the contact information chosen from the contact would consume another credit.
Lead enriching
With lead enrichment, we can obtain more details of the customer from the limited information we have, like mail id. From configuration, we can enable lead enrichment. We can either enrich leads on-demand or we can enrich them automatically. Depending upon our credits we can opt between the two options.
By doing this we can enter the email id of the new lead created. Once we enter the detail the probability of the lead gets updated.
We can then enrich the lead using the button available in the window.
The enrich option would charge from the credit bought for the contacts and search the Odoo database to update the information obtained.
Partner autocomplete
The partner autocomplete would allow enrichment of the contact data with company data. The corporate data of the company is automatically updated when you create a company contact in the contacts. We can activate this feature from the settings. We can go to the Odoo apps dashboard and then from settings, modify the contact settings. The partner autocomplete option can be enabled in this window.
This would let the system suggest potential matches while creating contacts. We can select from the list of available companies to get the corporate data of the company.
You can also use a VAT number instead of a company name to allow the partner to autocomplete.
These features can be used to build an informative contact database that would help obtain more potential leads. You can also read about how Odoo CRM would help improve sales.

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