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By: Pooja Raghunath

How to Create and Manage an Online Store using Odoo

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With the development of internet facilities and the innovations in telecommunications aspects and allied technology, the world has started to transform into a digitalized state. Today, the major part of the work which used to run with the help of pen and paper operations has all become digitized. Moreover, to say the developing countries are also adapting to these digital norms as it simplifies the task in operations and allows to have a secure database with abundant data storage.
Similar aspects can be seen in the shopping preferences as well. Today as there are various online platforms to shop from and the customers are releasing on it rather than going to the retail stores. The effectiveness and the simplification of the shopping process are the aspects which these online platforms have majorly rooted for the rush of customers to them. Nowadays, many retail chain operations are being transformed into online e-commerce platforms as it requires minimal investment and further efficiency to operations. Here are some of the advantages of using e-commerce platforms.
Advantages of E-commerce operations:
> Overcome the regional limitations.
> Easily attain new customers with the help of search engine optimization.
> Lower cost than other orthodox operations.
> Crete targeted products, marketing, and promotional campaigns.
> Consumers can shop easily at their convenience.
> Customers have a comparison as well as filtering options to attain the required product.
> Faster impact on the product based on market and customer needs.
> Can run several products with the same operational cost of running a business in e-commerce with a single category.
> Can be availed from any gadgets with connectivity access.
> No prior limitation as the functioning is not dependent on infrastructure or the business size.
> Can implement various business strategies of functioning.
These are some of the advantages of functioning with e-commerce operations over running the business in the traditional retail operations. Let's now move on to the blog topic.
This blog will describe to you how to create and manage an online store using Odoo.
Owning an e-commerce platform for your business operations will be beneficial in terms of business growth and adaptation towards new strategies of functioning for conventional retail shops. So the concern arises on how to adapt to an E-commerce environment, which will be the best platform to do it? how are the management aspects of it performed? What are the tools for it? These are some of the major concerts that arise to the manager, executives, and CEOs of an organization while adapting to a newer e-commerce strategy.
Odoo ERP can be your answer to the solution. Odoo a business-oriented complete management platform comes in full paces with features to manage the operations of the company at all levels of functioning. Today it's one of the prominent open source business management platforms available capable of undergoing full-fledged customization to deal with the operations of any business model. All thanks to the modular approach of the platform which makes the functioning to be run on designated modules of operation making the platform have designated modules of operations to deal with all the company operations. Therefore for the management of the company's e-commerce operations, we have a designated website module on which you can define the company website as well as the e-commerce store. Let's now move on to understand some of the aspects that the Odoo platform put forward for e-commerce operations.
E-commerce operations management
The e-commerce operations management can be done effectively with the Odoo website module. Here you can create a website, shopping pages, and manage the e-commerce operations along with it. Moreover, there are various provisions as well as configuration options such as SEO optimization, product categorization, accessory, alternative products, and many more. Helping you to boost your online sales as well as simplify the e-commerce operations
CRM aspect of using the Odoo E-commerce management.
CRM operations play an important role in the functioning of e-commerce platforms. Moreover, you will be having numerous web page visitors to the website who are not buying your products, which could be analyzed with the help of the Odoo platform. Additionally, with the help of the lead generation tools available in the Odoo platform and visitor tracking functionalities can be coexisting in attaining the largest business opportunities.
SEO optimization
The Odoo website builder has a designated SEO optimization tool that will provide you with ample features to configure the SEO aspects of your webpages in the company website as well as the e-commerce platform. Moreover, to generate quality content for your website the Odoo website builder has a keyword scratch tool to modify the content accordingly and further bring in web traffics related to the search.
Customize your display content.
No matter how big or renowned the company is, the quality of the content, as well as the presentation of it, brings in more visitors to your website. With Odoo website builder you can provide customized content and design for e-commerce as well as website pages. Moreover, the block tools such as structure block, features block, dynamic content block, and inner content block can describe the contents of the website to be more attractive and eye-catching.
Advantages of using Odoo e-commerce:
Here are some of the advantages of using Odoo e-commerce:
> Integrated modules to run your entire operations from shipping, delivery, inventory management, financial aspects, and many more
> Easy user interface for online shopping
> Integrated payment gateways and payment methodologies.
> Direct integration with the sales module of the platform.
These are certain advantages of using Odoo for your e-commerce operations. With the Odoo website builder, you can create attractive websites for your company and manage e-commerce operations efficiently.

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