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ERP-Things To Remember Before Odoo ERP Implementation


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How's your life going on ? ? ? Everything's going well & really fast ? ? ? How it won't be possible ? ? ? Odoo is really steered our life , isn't it ? ? ?ERP become fascinating , dependable and satisfactory model for all business applications .The business can easily complete tasks and steer towards more growth and productivity . 

Nowadays open source ERP implementation is in high demand . By using right ERP implementation the organization can save both money and time . Odoo is an open ERP hence implementation time and cost can be reduced . Another advantage of odoo ERP implementation is operating cost can be reduced and Return On Investment can be increased .

Why ERP is an essential ???? or how could it bring business growth ???

ERP implementation will increase the production . All business departments and its functionality can be integrated via odoo ERP . Once you implement the Odoo ERP which helps you to analyze all the activities in day to day basis and also which helps us to monitoring all activities . These are all helps us to confirm the business growth .

Odoo ERP module list;

1 . Finance and Accounting Module – 

All in - out flow of money is managed by this module . This module is continually monitoring all types of transactions like expenditure ,tax ,bank transactions , ledgers , balance sheets etc,. This module can easily generate financial reports . By clicking finance and accounting module all finance or account related data will be appeared in front of you .

2 . CRM - Customer Relation Management - 

CRM or customer relation management module is another important module in ERP . Which helps to maintain the whole details such as contact details, history (if any), related contracts , meetings & purchases by the customer and these are helps for future reference . And also helps to rise sales hence production through better customer service and better customer complaint management system .CRM management can be integrated with sales to boost opportunities .

3 . HRM - Human Resource Management Module – 

Main aim of this Human Resource module is provided efficient HR management system . This module can be used for maintain employee details , track and monitor the performance of each employee,and attendance and leave . HR module includes Payroll system which helps in salaries and payment reports .

4 . Engineering and Production Module – 

This module has the role in manufacturing and delivering products . Which helps in production planning , machine and raw material usage ,monitoring production progress and forecasting & reporting.

5 . Purchase Module - 

Purchase related all activities are maintained by this module . It can be used for listing of suppliers , linking of item and supplier , send -receive -and record quotations , purchase orders and track purchase items and update various reports and stocks.Purchase module can be integrated with inventory module & engineering and production module for easy updating of all details .

6 . Inventory Module – 

Inventory module can be used to track the details of stock . Inventory control stock utilization ,master units & reporting can be possible through this.Integration of Inventory module with purchase module will be given an added advantage.

7 . SCM - Supply Chain Management Module – 

Mainly Supply Chain Management Module used to manage item/product flow from manufacturer to consumer . Demand & supply management , sales return and replacing , shipping and transportation tracking.

8 . Sales Management Module - 

Mainly sales process means Sales query ,enquiry analysis & handling, quotation drafting , receiving sales orders, prepare sales invoices with proper taxation, dispatch/Shipping of material or service, tracking pending sales order -these all activities can be easily done with the help of sales management module .Sales management module can be integrated with Customer relation management module for better performance.

Now you may have one question why we go for odoo erp itself ?

As usual, we will give you the answer;

1 . Easy to use.

2 . The best business practices.

3 . Easy enterprise-wide information sharing .

4 . Reduce task completion time .

5 . Lower cost implementation .

6 . Early and full ROI-(Return On Investment )

7 . Comprehensive and Modular .

8 . Customizable and compatible to any environment .

Some advantages 

1 . A single software covers all requirements .

2 . ERP improvises the quality & efficiency of the business .

3 . Lots of information availability and continuous monitoring will help us to make quick and right decision .

4 . ERP makes company more flexible to adapt changes by enhancing the business internally and externally .

5 . Data security can be improved by ERP .

6 . Quick implementation - implementation can be done quickly because there are variety of modules are available which can be used as per the requirements of the organization .

7 . Customization is easy - There are many ERP software available which can meet different business requirements and it can be further customized as per the requirements of the customers. Modular based ERP software helps to create successful implementation .

We are always thought about the advantages and benefits of any new application , aren't we ??? I think yes .... So by implementing Oodoo ERP what are all the benefits that a company can attain ? ? ?

1 . Efficiency - 

ERP system removes repetitive procedures and greatly reduce the need manually to enter the data. The system will also streamline business processes & functionality and makes it easier and more efficient for companies to collectdata..

2 . Integrated Information - 

Instead of data distributed throughout a number of separate databases , all information is now kept in a single location . Data is also store consistent and up – to - date .

3 . Reporting – 

An unified and single reporting system to analyze and track the status . ERP software helps make reporting easier and more customizable . With improved reporting facilities , your organization can easily respond to complex data request . Users can also run their own reports without any help from IT .

4 . Visibility – 

Complete visibility of all the processes in all the departments (which is useful for senior managerial persons) .

5 . Systematic and Automatic Work flow – 

Interdepartmental , Systematic and Automatic Workflow ; which helps us to tracking all the process details which result in analysis of business growth .

6 . Business Intelligence - 

Some ERP vendors can broaden their system to provide business intelligence functions hence we can get overall vision of major areas of problems or major areas need development .

7 . E-commerce integration – 

Advance level of E-commerce integration is possible with ERP . Which helps us for web based order tracking or processing .

8 . Various modules – 

Different modules in ERP system helps to attain more efficiency .

9 . Module wise software – 

Odoo ERP consists of different modules . Hence integration between the modules is easy . If any new modules implemented the integration in between the various functionality or departments is easy .

10 . Centralized Storage and Backup – 

ERP enables Centralized Storage and Backup of all data .

11 . API ( Application Programming Interface ) - 

 ERP is easy to integrate other systems for example bar code reader with ERP with API ( Application Programming Interface )

12 . Globally Dispersed enterprise managing - 

ERP systems are also helpful for managing globally dispersed enterprise companies , in better way .

13 . Customer Service - 

It’s easier to provide efficient & quality customer service using an ERP system . Employees can interact with customers better and can improve relationships with them , through faster , most proper access to customers’ information and history .

14 . Security - 

A new system will improve the accuracy, security and consistency of data .

So what do you think now ??? odoo erp is necessary , isn't it ???

Now let's check out that the important things to be considered before ERP implementation !!!

Till now, we were discussing about the need for ERP and its advantages and benefits . Now come to the main point ... Do you have any idea about this ??? Don't worry we are here to help you as always ...

Now you all are very much aware about the ERP advantages and implementation benefits . But in practical implementation process we have to be acquiring knowledge about practical difficulties and issues .

As all know implementation takes time experience and expertness of the ERP implementing company . Let's discuss some important points in detail .






6 . COST -





From the above discussion, we can understand that ERP is necessary for any business. ERP will bring more unity and consolidation to the system. Here each and every process is easily operated or managed through this streamlined system. Another thing is that, consider any business which is already implemented ERP system it can easily integrate with any new process without many issues. Business should always understand the scope and flexibility that provided by the ERP system and it should easily adapt with this.


ERP system covers a number of different processes within the business organization.It can be account oriented, purchase & sales oriented, human resource oriented. We have a clear cut idea about the processes are needed to be covered by implementing this ERP. These details will definitely help the implementation team to full fill all your prerequisites and also help them to assess about the whole ERP implementation cost.


Resources should be handled carefully for the successful output of any organization. After proper implementation of odoo ERP, all resources should be carefully managed and configured for required output. After implementing ERP many resources will be useless including workers. Hence we should make a crystal clear idea about the resources which are to be added up and which are to be strip down. Proper Resource management not only saves time but also increases the efficiency of the system.


Primarily we have to understand the working of the system . And make a layout of the organization's expectations . And also we have to understand the ERP system nature. Which will help us to easy adaptation with the ERP . No system is perfect but we can improve them with time . Find out the limitations and added advantages other than the planned items which will help us to get an idea about how to make improvisation in the ERP . And also understanding the primary qualities and according to that you can plan new ideas for improvement .


ERP implementation process is integrating many step by step procedures or small tasks . Ask your vendor to give you a rough draft about time for the implementation process . This will help you to make an overview of the implementation process . At the same time if you know the time line ; you can plan about your business process after the implementation .

6 . COST -

The cost associated for any process is important for the business . Finding the most appropriate & affordable costing for any process is necessary for the success . And don't forget that flexibility in cost during the implementation face will make the implementation team to be innovative . Which will be an advantage for the business .


ERP software suite that makes more harmony to the process and centralized control to the business process . Actually “change” is good for any organization if you are ready to accept the challenges,; Which come with the implementation and we have to make necessary changes in business to overcome these challenges . Primary challenge is to adapt with the new system as early as possible . At the same time next challenge is implement new ideas which supports the new system.


Implementation of ERP by best professionals are not only safe . It will also help us to save time and resources and helps to reduce the tension . Because professional ERP vendors have lots of experience in the same field . Which will make them to think about the future issues and its solutions , and also about any new idea which helps to increase the efficiency .

For example, Cybrosys Technologies are official odoo partner with 8+ years of experience . Experience results in quality product . We have a well experienced odoo professionals and well planned odoo erp implementation and customization . 


Generally implementing a new system will make lots of hurdles to the employees . Training of employee is important for smooth execution of any new system .These training will cost both time and money of the organization . Hence to avoid this we have to plan ahead about the training which helps us in proper time management and employee management . Software Maintenance is also very important . Without proper maintenance we cannot experience smooth and effective execution . Proper and time bound maintenance will result in bug free and updated software which will result in productive and efficient system .

ERP can efficiently streamline the all business activities of any organization. Above discussed details can help you to choose & customize the ERP modules and also give an idea about the things to be considered before the implementation process. Depending on your organizational requirements Selecting appropriate ERP modules and professional vendors will definitely steer your organization towards success.



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