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By: Anusha

Odoo V9 Enterprise Edition vs Community Edition


Hi readers,

From the majority of the earlier blogs, you are familiar with different ODOO modules and its features. And last time we explored features of ODOO 9 ... Now we think that it's time to discuss the enterprise and community versions of ODOO 9.

As you know ODOO can be described as fully functional ERP system. It was released under AGPL license. It was previously known by the name Open ERP... Now we reached up to ODOO 9. It has numerous features. There is no technical or functional differentiation between enterprise and community version in ODOO v6,v7, and v8.

In technical words,

ODOO V9 enterprise = ODOO V9 community + additional functional modules

Odoo community = Database and all core applications+basic functionality

Odoo enterprise V9 = Database and all core applications+basic functionality+Migration to the next version by Odoo SA engineers + extra functionality + Support of the non-customized Odoo Enterprise by Odoo SA Engineers+Apps from Odoo Store (you can install any moment)

ODOO enterprise V9 = Oodoo community Migration to the next version by Odoo SA engineers + extra functionality + Support of the non-customized Odoo Enterprise by Odoo SA Engineers + Apps from Odoo Store(you can install any moment)

From the above, we can find that more additional features & services are available in the enterprise package only. Some new features such as electronic signature, integration with shipping providers that will be in the enterprise version. For example the crm_voip module in the enterprise repository.

However, core modules like the new accounting remain in the Community version.
An important thing to know is that the Enterprise edition will never be open sourced and the code will only be available to official odoo partners like CYBROSYS and ODOO itself. It points out that; a partner(non -official) cannot sell the Enterprise edition. Another impressing fact in enterprise version is that full responsiveness- this will fully adapt itself to the mobile tablet, computer. The is the first odoo version that is responsive in nature.

Now we can check out and compare the characteristics of community and enterprise version layer-wise;

Hardware and scalability

The same hardware is enough for two versions. Odoo can be scaled up to companies of any size. But Odoo recommends the splitting application and database servers for 90 employees. Load balancing (LB) of application server would be needed for a company of 250+employees.

Flexibility Community and Enterprise Apps

Odoo is open source and has modular structure..which means all functions can be customized through modules and database configuration.
If your company experiments with different process and fast changes, then Odoo is the perfect fit.
There are different types of apps ie. 90% of the apps are free and 10% is paid applications. Odoo Enterprise version includes special apps and which will give highly satisfied customers
Shall we go for module wise comparison of Enterprise and community version???
I think it will be more effective ...

Now we go for detailed feature /services comparison which will give you a crystal clear idea about enterprise version and a community version.

From the above mentioned details, we can understand the advantages and disadvantages or characteristics of both enterprise version and a community version. Official odoo partners only can able to give you enterprise version services. Hope you know Cybrosys is an Odoo official partner (we get technical and functional training from Odoo)

Being an official partner is something like commitment and responsibility level is much high. At the same time quality level of product and service is also high... Highly trained professionals of our team already explored different odoo-ERP solutions. (enterprise as well as community).
Are you trying to find out any ERP solution??? We are here to serve you.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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