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By: Joisey TJ

Features of Odoo 15 Manufacturing in the Textile Industry

Functional Odoo 15 Manufacturing

One of the flourishing manufacturing industries across the Universe is the Textile Industry. Several steps are needed to produce dresses and fabric materials in each operation. It includes a collection of raw materials, clothes manufacturing, and product delivery for customers. Various raw materials are required to produce unique garments in the textile industry. One of the manufacturing process chains in the textile industry begins with planning and ending it in production. Odoo's ERP system assists in coordinating several manufacturing stages in the textile industry.

This blog enables you to understand salient features of Odoo 15 Manufacturing in the Textile Industry.

The data/employee management, order collection, and work schedule planning are made easy with the help of an ERP system. Features such as quality control, MRP, and equipment maintenance, are included in the textile industry integrated with Odoo 15. Real-time communication is available for users with dealers in various categories inside the textile industry. Let's see the detailed features of Odoo 15 Manufacturing in the Textile Industry.

Handle Manufacturing Orders

We can easily manage manufacturing orders for the textile industry with the help of Odoo 15. The customers' demands from various categories become easy through manufacturing orders. One of the time-consuming tasks is manufacturing order management across the Universe from multiple units for the textile industry. The categorization and orders of a textile industry consist of great demand globally. For order management in the textile industry, choose the Manufacturing Orders menu in the Operations tab, as displayed in the screenshot.


Easily Manage Work Orders

The raw materials needed for a manufacturing process manage efficiently with work order management. It assists you in setting a work task for any day or upcoming period. We can calculate the work hours/workforce needed for task completion for the textile industry with an Odoo ERP system. It is simple to set completion criteria for each labour and manage the work order.

Proper management of work order maintains the raw materials effectively. Work order management starts with collection requests for products and customer requests easily converted into a work order. With the Odoo ERP, it is possible to segment work orders based on needed products, and we can send work orders for approvals.

Plan and Schedule Activities

A manufacturing process for a textile industry finishes according to work planning to a manufacturing order. Several manufacturing units are working for the textile industry all around the globe. The product demand for a unit increases when the materials used and workhouses are managed efficiently. The stages of a manufacturing operation are producing fabric from yarn, fabric dying, and designing the printings. Users can schedule and activity for employees regarding the manufacturing process within the Odoo 15 Manufacturing module. The Calendar view in Manufacturing Orders assists you in preparing a new activity, as shown in the screenshot below.


Organize Textile Manufacturing Quickly

One of the basic requirements is textile manufacturing planning for business development. This planning takes place according to the different seasons. Moreover, demand from various countries looks forward to organizing manufacturing activities. With the help of Odoo 15, users can maintain several processes such as weaving, cloth making, yarning, printing, dyeing, and packaging for an order.

Maintain the Bills of Materials

One of the documentation processes to enable raw materials quality for the textile industry is the Bills of Material, and it ensures final product quality. We can control various steps in manufacturing with the Bills of Materials. Select the Bills of Materials menu from the Products tab, and we can view all created lists of Bills of Materials. Users can manage the Components, Operations BOM Type, and more aspects inside the Bills of Materials window.


Users can develop a BOM based on manufacturing operations and orders for the textile industry with Odoo 15. We can define variants of similar components and add routing with the assistance of Odoo ERP.

Work center Capacity

The total working hours, raw materials, and workforce are included in work center capacity. Odoo ERP calculates the work hours automatically according to the time needed to manufacture a product in the textile industry. You get a detailed understanding of work center capacity, including dying, yarning, weaving, and more, with an Odoo ERP system. It ensures to avoid overuse, orders managing and planning the work.

Quality Control

All businesses become successful with a quality control mechanism. A good customer base ensures by providing the best quality products from the textile industry, and we cannot compromise the quality and price of a product for the customers. Users can use the Quality Checks at various manufacturing levels with an Odoo ERP in the textile industry. It begins with procuring raw materials and other steps, including printing, coloring, weaving, and dying to check for product quality. Users can correct the quality issues with the usability of Quality Control Points in the Odoo 15 Manufacturing module.

Repair Management and Optional Routing

With repair management, a manufacturer can maintain products and list out the repairs in any textile industry. We can register repair orders within the Odoo 15 for the textile industry. Various sections of the repair list access quickly and ensure manufacturers utilize the maximum resources. On the other hand, we can route work orders for various work centers in the textile industry with an optional routing feature. It manages manufacturing orders and helps to select the required route.

Customer Satisfaction and managing semi-finished Products

An individual can develop a business to the satisfaction of customers and clients. Users can store the location, contact details, and customer information within the Odoo 15. It is possible to send notifications and emails to customers/ followers of a firm in an Odoo ERP system. We can analyze reports for each manufacturing order from the Odoo 15 Manufacturing module.

Semi-finished products play a crucial role in the textile industry. An overall operation of a unit in a manufacturing operation managed with semi-finished products. Semi-finished product storage helps restore a complete product and is later used effectively.

Here, we discuss salient features of the Odoo 15 Manufacturing module for the textile industry, such as managing work orders, Bills of Materials, work center capacity, Quality Control, and more. It is necessary to choose an effective ERP for the profitability of a business. Customer satisfaction enriches the growth of any textile industry with Odoo 15.

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Ben Hatakeyama

Hi, As per Odoo functionalities, would you please le me know the detail below process; Inventory allocation and Inventory reservation in case of 1. Retail order taking 2. Replenishment for store 3. E-commerce At this point, omnichannel is our biz style. Therefore, I would like to know how Odoo handle this inventory allocation in the system including its allocation priority.. Regards, Ben




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