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By: Gokul PI

Features of Odoo 16 User Login Alerts App

Functional Odoo 16

Odoo 16 User Login Alert 

Odoo 16 User Login Alert module is a simple way to manage your login in odoo. This module will email the user with a notification When You Login. The account access notification email includes the computer's IP address, the browser's name, and the operating system. 


* The User Login Alert is Available in Both Community and Enterprise Odoo 16. 

* Email alerts upon logging in

* Information about the computer system that accessed the account

* The notification email will include IP, OS, browser, and log-in time.

* Only if the person is a group member will they be notified of their login.

* It increases the user's security

* We have more control over our personal data.

* This module will email the user with a notification. The notification email includes the computer's IP address, the browser's name, and the operating system from which the account was accessed.

E-mail On Successful Login

A user receives an e-mail on successful login.


Adding a user to the login notification group

First, you need to enable the access right for the email notification for the login. The user will receive a notification only if he is added to this group


Here, you can enable the “Recieve Login Notification.” After adding the access right to the user, you need to login as that user. After login, then the user will get an email notification like an alert.


We occasionally experience security difficulties with Odoo 16. For instance, if someone has our user login email and password, they may easily log in to Odoo 16 and alter the password to do something else that will compromise our privacy. Even though we cannot totally and utterly prevent security and privacy issues by using this User Login Alert, we can regulate the circumstances up to a certain amount. We cannot tell how many logins there are, which poses a significant problem for us if someone log in using our username and password and significantly alter our data. Every time we login into Odoo using this User Login Alert, a notification will be transmitted to our email. If someone is utilizing and monitoring our data, we can quickly determine whether they are using our login information. If this happens, we can reset our password and log out of all other servers. We may improve our security in Odoo by employing this functionality.

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