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By: Samna K A

How to Configure the Reasons for Losing Leads or Opportunities in Odoo 16

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Odoo provides a wide variety of features for users for the smooth and easy running of business processes. Its primary intention is to make its software handle very smoothly and easily. With this feature of user-friendly nature, businesses can manage their time in a well-focused way. They can save expensive time other than focusing their workload on enhancing their business functions. To attain all those features, Odoo provides a user-friendly interface. 

The majority of corporate processes can be maintained with the help of this Odoo platform, which is an integrated all-in-one system to achieve major business goals. Every module in Odoo can easily communicate with each other due to their streamlined interface, and this provides the users with the best overall functioning of their goals to be achieved. Companies can quickly access the data processes even though it has great chaos. Odoo’s feature of flexibility is incomparable with other software in the market.

They can adjust to each company’s needs, requirements, and budget regardless of how difficult and multilayered the company is. In order to cope with the company’s needs and demands, many entrepreneurs and managing directors in average-sized companies are looking for the best business managing software like Odoo. in this digital era, Odoo is getting more and more relevant. 

Many other organizations make use of several kinds of software that don’t work properly altogether and don't give a complete picture of vital data of consumers. Even the easy, straightforward processes may take a long time and will be highly frustrating and error-causing. So in all such cases, Odoo acts as an initiative and works without all these issues. 

In this Odoo platform, there are ERP functions for different modules such as sales, inventory, manufacturing, project management, and many more. Additionally, these modules provide lots of the best features within them. All sales channels, including PoS, and e-Commerce, are encouraged by this Odoo software. Moreover, this software supports a huge range of additional business operations in other crucial sectors, such as marketing or human resources. 

It connects systems and services, automatically runs business operations, and makes sure that the data is secured among their departments. They monitor the business processes in real-time, plan corporate-level strategies, and as they are centrally located, they are accessible from any device management. It allows for the addition of apps for your business to grow tremendously. Here, accounts are updated, orders are processed, and alerts are sent accordingly.  

The range of services that Odoo provides is excellent, and because of this, a lot of companies go for Odoo ERP developers to create a platform that is specifically designed to support every aspect of their organization. All ERP software, modules, and tools are intended to boost your business’s profits. They are created to increase the effectiveness of the business operation so that they can reduce expenses and save money. It concentrates on every aspect of the organization. Cost savings, improved visibility, and streamlined internal procedures all together increase the rating of Odoo ERP on a global level.

Some of the notable functions of Odoo are its benefits for custom ERP Development, sharing all the pieces of information among the company, efficient kind of business processes, complete visibility, better kind of planning and reporting, improved user experience, cheap cost, customizing procedures, complete participation of the users, and many more. Each module within this platform has got a wide variety of features.

Odoo, with its free Community edition and a paid Enterprise edition, is a collection of features like Project Management, Employee and Recruitment Management, Inventory and warehouse, and many more. In dealing with Leads or Opportunities, there is a great chance of losing some among them because of some reasons. In such crucial situations, it is necessary to get the reason for that particular loss.

Within the Odoo platform, you are provided with a specialized feature to regulate those losing opportunities or leads. With the help of the CRM Module in Odoo 16, you can easily maintain those leads or opportunities with the reasons.  In the CRM Module, the Configuration menu provides you with the Lost Reasons option that will permit you to create reasons for losing leads or opportunities, as shown below.

How to Configure the Reasons for Losing Leads or Opportunities in Odoo 16-cybrosys

Here on this page, there are some already created lost reasons and if we have to create a new lost reason, then go for the Create button. On selecting the create button, below the already available line, a new line will be formed where you can provide your lost reasons, as you can see in the image below.

How to Configure the Reasons for Losing Leads or Opportunities in Odoo 16-cybrosys

When you are done with mentioning the lost reason in the new line, then the newly formed lost reason will be saved in the database. Now, if we want these lost reasons for our lost leads or opportunities, the problem can be solved with the help of the CRM Module in Odoo 16. For that, you have to carry out certain steps. On configuring leads or opportunities in the CRM Module, you are provided with some options, such as Won or Lost, as shown below.

How to Configure the Reasons for Losing Leads or Opportunities in Odoo 16-cybrosys

You are provided with the Restore button for regaining the lost opportunity. On selecting this lost button, a pop-up window opens where you can provide your lost reasons, such as being too expensive, and we don't have people or skills, not enough stock, and so on.

How to Configure the Reasons for Losing Leads or Opportunities in Odoo 16-cybrosys

You can see the already configured lost reason list by clicking on the drop-down menu. Among them, you can go for any of them and then select the Submit button. On doing so, your opportunity will be labeled as lost. And if you have to regain those lost opportunities, then you can click on the Restore button. In the case of restarting any particular business, you can make use of this and thereby make a new opportunity.

How to Configure the Reasons for Losing Leads or Opportunities in Odoo 16-cybrosys

And this is how you will configure reasons for the lost opportunities using the CRM Module, which will be a beneficial feature to the company's growth to a great extent.

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