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By: Samna K A

Functions of Customer Relationship Management in Odoo

CRM Odoo Enterprises

CRM Module in Odoo ERP Software is the Customer Relationship Management module that helps us to keep all the leads and opportunities in a  single location. It can be controlled from one stage to the other and examine all the results within a single location. Today, salespeople want an easy method to check their probability and want to know all the information within a single window. More than that, managers want to see the pipeline and the work that took place. For all these purposes, Odoo provides its users with a useful module that helps both the sales atmosphere and workers to get all their information from a single place.
This module provides the permit for easily separated and well-envisioned information. Customer Relationship Management can function to maintain contacts and can work as a digital catalog. This module can help you increase sales by continuous evaluation of the salespersons, from making leads or opportunities to completing the sales procedures and thereby controlling the loyalty of the customers. It is a time-saver as it has a sales force automation system.

Some of the major features of the CRM Module are

1. Workflow mechanization

CRM Module changes your life to very ease by mechanizing or otherwise automating your workflow. This is software that helps you with setting up the custom rules and thereby bring out the sales force mechanism for supporting you and your sales team for the most productivity. With this feature of CRM, you can automatically function a particular work by activating an event like CRM Module and pass the message to the sales team on its own. On getting a message, CRM will send a pre-planned response for accepting that particular message on its own, a follow-up message will be getting despatched if a particular lead or opportunity does not respond to the message, CRM keeps all the communication details if a salesperson makes a call, and if a task is completed, then it will be reported to the supervisor on its own using this CRM Module.

2. Customization

Every business is unique in its own features, among which the CRM module can serve all your business requirements. Some of the CRM solutions provide you with the feature of selecting the features in order to occupy them in your package, and some allow you to create your own basic areas that have the capacity to attach the contacts, select the data that should be shown in the dashboard, and then make custom reports. In order to increase the capacities of the software, you can add extra extensions, plugins, and add-ons, respectively.
In Order to develop your business to a greater extent, then you can customize the system even more like some of the CRM software that is capable of many advanced features using APIs. This feature provides the users to trigger most of the technical specs and coding for complete customizing. APIs help to integrate the software with already available business solutions that the company is using to work with.

3. Third-party unification

In order to save a lot of money and valuable time, your CRM software can be linked with other solutions. Many CRM makes use of this linking with third-party software in which the key factor is to get it used very easily.

4. Customer services

CRM software supports you in earning and maintaining customers by giving them the best customer service as much as possible. This provides you with a 360-degree view of customers, which lets you know everything you want to know about your customer, each and every communication detail will be monitored, that is, from lead generations to sales processes. It will keep all the logs of every happening, website visits, and many more for future clarifications. In order to personalize all resemblances, the first name of the customer will be personalized. Every account has different reference numbers. Customer acknowledgment about their research and messages will be sent on their own. The frequently coming questions will be supported with early-prepared email templates, call logs, and many more.

5. Tracking the employees

CRM module provides the users with an easy way to track the working and performance of the customers. Moreover, they can track their own work, working hours, and many more. The supervisors and higher authorities will get permission to access the dashboard, which helps them to see the goal of the worker, finished work, and many other details. With this feature, the authorities can review the writers, reward the workers if required, and thereby motivate other employees to strengthen their work. They can even understand the employees who are at risk in their employment procedures.

6. Social media

This feature of the CRM Module helps you to save the time of the marketing team as they will not be needed to change the fields to work the necessary task of monitoring the company’s social media.
Management of lead
In the sales process, CRM provides you with an option to understand the leads or opportunities that have taken the role within it. You can easily score the leads and can filter them to the sales team to change the selected leads to customers. If there are unwanted leads available in the process, the manager can send them for re-engagement.

7. Real-time data

The real-time data from various devices and appliances can be pulled out using this CRM Module. This feature in the CRM Module helps you to create better-informed marketing rules about charging prices and making online ads. You can find which commodities are making more revenue and which require an increase in the rate as well. You will get an image of market demand by which you can update the plans of marketing.

8. CRM analytics

It provides a wide view of the customer data, which provides you with support to make good decisions on the variety of products, and services for communicating and distributing to the customers.

9. Reporting

Another important feature of the CRM Module is reporting, which comprises the whole results of the sales and brings the standard with all the CRMs that are researched. With this reporting feature, you can get the number of leads that are produced in a particular period of time, the number of sales produced in a particular period of time, agents who close particular leads and the number of leads that they have closed, to find the opportunities for closing the leads, and many more.

10. Sales forecasting

Using the present data available, with this feature of the CRM, it predicts the sale's future condition. It can also be used to predict marketing changes in order to reduce the risk in business procedures.

11. Email

 Each mail will be addressed in the correct period of time without any lag, as it increases the chance of making revenue. The Email feature of the CRM Module helps you to maintain the sales appointee all-time useful. They can connect it with a calendar for appointments. It helps to drag out the email templates so that the attendees with less period of time can make email content.
These are the major notable features of the CRM Module in Odoo ERP Software. Have a look at the following blog to explore more about a detailed overview of the Odoo 16 CRM dashboard. Detailed Overview of the Odoo 16 CRM Dashboard

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