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By: Evin Davis

How Can Distinctive Modules of ERP Add Up Your Company's Growth?


If you are the manager, CEO, or employee of an organization the company growth is something that you all should consider before making any decision regarding it. You will be astonished by certain facts on each minute decision by employees or staff in the company that has directly impacted the overall company growth. These decisions will be on the aspects of investment, managerial decisions, or a minute one such as garbage disposal of the cafeteria. All of these sessions will have both economic as well as productivity impacts on the company and its growth rate. With that in mind consider the implementation needs of a business management software in your company.
In this era of a modernized and digitalized world of communications, connectivity, and automation you will require sophisticated and dedicated tools of management which will ensure that you have complete control of business operations. Enterprise and resource planning software solutions are one among the business management ERP solutions which will provide you with a complete insight with dedicated tools and functions options of the operations management. The rise of ERP solutions was due to the collective contributions of the advancement in software technology, electronic devices mainly computers, connectivity, and communications aspects such as intranet and internet facilities. However, the ideology of an ERP methodology was present long before its development.
Today we have numerous ERP solutions which are distinctive to serve one application, serve only a sector of industry or business, and the most common one for the complete management of the entire business operations. As the type of ERP software was developed to a larger number so does the vendor, as well as the service providers on them, have been increasing all across the world. So, the question which mainly arises is what has contributed to the development and the reason for the widespread popularity of the software solution. The many reasons are its user-friendly aspects that help the user of an ERP platform run the complete business management operations from a single platform. Other than that one of the main reasons is the design of the category of the software solutions with distinctive modules of operations which will provide you with separate control of various aspects of the business but with unanimity to the company operations.
This blog will describe how the distinctive module of ERP software will help in improving the overall business growth of an organization.
Most of the ERP software solutions that are available today operate from a single and central platform that helps you to control the entire business operations from product procurement to sales, employee management, manufacturing management, and many more. Moreover, all the operations are interrelated and the ERP has one central database to store information and form effective communication between different departments and personnel of your company. As mentioned earlier that there are distinctive modules of operations in an ERP here is a description of certain basics of them and how they will be helpful for a business.
Customer Relationship Management Tool
Customer relationship management is one of the vital aspects of any business and almost all the ERP solutions that are available today will offer you a dedicated module or menu for the CRM operations. With this advanced functional tool, you can generate leads and opportunities, pursue them and finally convert them into beneficial business. In advanced ERP software such as Odoo to CRM, the module is in direct integration with all other defined modules and will ensure that the lead generation aspect is also available for the retail and eCommerce operations as well as the company website.
Product procurement and Sales
Another vital aspect in the case of a business is based on commodity sales. In most of the ERP solutions, you will have distinctive modules for the aspects of product procurement which allows you to purchase the products or the raw materials needed for the manufacturing or providing a service. Additionally, the sale module will ensure that you can conduct effective sales in the communities as well as the manufactured products. You will have advanced capabilities as well as functional options regarding each of the operations with advanced capabilities.
Warehouse and Inventory Management
The storage facility or the warehouse management are other important aspects of the company operations. You should be able to procure the products and store them effectively in an orderly manner to be moved out as per the demand of the customer. Moreover, the inventory operations will also involve product move management and delivery in case running an e-commerce platform or a home delivery business. In Odoo an advanced ERP has one central inventory management module which will help you function the retails, wholesale and e-commerce operations of the company unanimously without disrupting the operations in each case.
Employee Management
Managing your staff and employees can become tiresome if you don't have dedicated tools for it, the ERP system ensures that you have a dedicated management system for your HR operations management. With advanced capabilities, the ERP solutions will provide you with dedicated tools which will help you from managing the recruitment operations to the payroll management of employees.
Finance Management
Accounting and invoice management visits in any business irrespective of the medium that they operate in. ERP solutions have dedicated accounting and finance management tools with advanced options to run the finance operations of the company for invoicing customers as well as paying vendor bills effectively.

These are certain of the vital tools of operational management in a business that the ERP solutions put forward to its users. Odoo is one of the advanced ERP solutions that are available today. The modular stature in the design of the platform ensures that you have distinctive operational modules to operate every operation of your business. Moreover, the platform has more than 5 million users today all thanks to the operational reliability and advanced capabilities of operations which boost the performance of the system. If you are looking for the best ERP related services contact us at info@cybrosys.com 

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