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By: Evin Davis

Odoo ERP - Is It a Suitable Solution for Business in the US


The United States of America is a developed nation and it's not new to the use of ERP solutions in their business operations on establishments all over the country. The diversity in land, culture, and ethnicity can also be seen in the businesses that operate in the country which is rich in traditions and cultures. One Of the major sectors of business operations that take place in the US is manufacturing and production. There are major manufacturing plants as well as production facilities scaling from larger establishments to smaller one which operates under a tarp.
As per the studies conducted on the use of ERP solutions in manufacturing facilities of the country, it is estimated to generate huge revenue by 2027. However, the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic might have disrupted a major portion of the business and the exact numbers can be depicted upon when things get normal in the country. Over the current century and the end of the previous one US markets were seen to be booming and still are with slight repercussions from the impact of the pandemic.
The implementation of Enterprise and resource planning software solutions in a business is always found to be a costly process. Moreover, in a market such as the US which is a developed country, the establishments will be always looking out for cost-efficient solutions which will be able to provide back a greater return on the investment as soon as possible. Today numerous ERP software solutions are available in the market for you to choose from, both international software, as well as the ones that are designed and developed in the US, are also available.
Odoo is one of the prominent business management tools that are available in the US market today. Being an international business management tool is equipped with advanced capabilities and the clientele of Odoo precedes its reputation in the ERP market. With more than 5 million users in the world, Odoo is one of the best software solutions which offers you complete manageability in functioning. 
This blog explains why Odoo ERP is a suitable business management solution for companies functioning in the US.
Odoo is an open-source ERP software that operates from a dedicated central platform from which you can control all the functionality with the dedicated tools of operational management. Moreover, being an ERP software means there is a strong community of Odoo which supports the users of the platform. The Odoo community is a group of people who are Odoo partners, Odoo developers, Odoo consultants, and all the supporting staff of Odoo who are always there to support you on your Odoo platform and Odoo related needs.
Being a cost-effective ERP solution that is reliable and advanced enough to run any form of business operations makes Odoo the best usable software solution. Let's now move on to understand certain aspects of why Odoo is considered as one of the best ERP solutions for the operations of a business.
Cost-efficient system
Businesses have a strict look on the spending aspects as well as the profits the company abstains from investment. Moreover, most of the organizations function with a strict budget and have definite yearly planning to it. Odoo is one of the cost-efficient ERP software solutions which will provide you with the right return on investment, not at the install stages but gradually.
In addition, the platform is available in two editions one being the community edition which is limited in features but with no subscription fee. The other is the enterprise edition which is equipped with all the advanced features and capabilities but with a subscription fee. Furthermore, the subscription charges and pricing aspects of Odoo are on the lower side in comparison to other prominent ERP solutions.
Customizability is one of the prominent features of Odoo ERP and being an open-source platform also adds up to the feature. As the business operations in the US vary based on region, tradition, culture, and climatic conditions the need for customizable business management solutions where you could define your business as it is vital. Additionally, with the help of expert developers and service providers in Odoo, you will be able to craft an excellent business management model with all the functional features and capability to manage your business effectively.
Modular structure
The Odoo platform has a modular structure and design helping the users with dedicated modules which will help you with the various aspects of operations in the company. Moreover, there are dedicated modules for running the various operations of the company such as Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Website, and many more. These modules will be helpful in a business running in the US as you will have a dedicated control system for each of the operations of the company as well as for each of the departments functioning under it.
Reliability and efficiency in operations
Odoo is one of the ERP solutions which brings reliability and efficiency to your business operations with ist dedicated tools and functions options available. Businesses in the US are always looking for reliable business management solutions and with the advanced capabilities Odoo can offer and the vast client of the platform in the US is the proof for it.
Implementing ERP software for a business in the US will be able to bring a drastic change in the productivity as well as the profitability of the company operations. Moreover, with Odoo the functioning of the business can be run on a user-friendly aspect with the full control of business operations of an establishment from a single platform.

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