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By: Cybrosys Technologies

How does Odoo PLM Benefit your Business


Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) can be defined as one of the most important parts of the product management business. It is important when we are talking about the production and management of any commercial product. In short, PLM is something that helps a user to plan and manage all processes involved in the production cycle of a product. This production cycle helps the business to reduce market risk as well as help the business to grow with the trust of the customers. 

Highlight: PLM not only manages the engineering operations of a business. It also supports and manages every aspect from the procurement of raw materials to the sales activities and the service and repair activities involved in the business.

Product life cycle management can also help a business to accurately calculate the money required for the production process. It will help to identify the unit cost for production and also plan the returns. PLM also supports a user to manage all activities involved in the production stage. PLM can also help the user to trace the production process. 

PLM helps a user to control every aspect of production including planning, design, manufacturing, distribution, and the product age. It can also support service and support. It will also support to comply with quality control norms. 

Let us take a glance at the key benefits of PLM

- Comply with industry regulations

- Reduces risk

- Effective cost management

- Improved productivity

- Helps to accelerate time to market

- Efficient data sharing

- Assures increased revenue

- Centralized operation

- Quality control and management

Benefits of Odoo PLM

- Odoo ERP as always offers the best solution for product life cycle management also.

- It supports you to manage and integrate all activities taking place in an organization in connection with the production of a commercial product as well as its marketing and service. 

- Odoo PLM offers quick integration with different applications and tools. 

- Social platforms can be easily integrated and managed with the support of Odoo. 

- Ensures transparency in operations

- Quick support for managing engineering changes 

Let us discuss in details of the Odoo PLM

Manage Bill of Materials

Bill of Material is an important part of the product manufacturing business. Odoo with its efficient product life cycle management software helps the user to get the best BOM management support. It helps to revise the BOM and create BoM using PLM. 


It also enables the routing of manufacturing orders. PLM helps you to track and manage every change. Apart from generating manufacturing BoM it also helps you to prepare multiple engineering bills of materials.


Do you want to work on different versions of the single BoM? Then choose Odoo. It helps you to manage BOMs parallel for different purposes. It can also offer you support to deliver alert messages and help you ease the workflow.

Accurate Product Lifecycle Management

Odoo PLM can be used as a tool to keep track of the product life by managing the engineering change orders (ECOs). ECO enables a user to get an idea about the importance of product updates and the changes. It helps to plan and prepare BoMs for different products. It also helps to manage the order in which the process has to be completed. If you want to set priority you can use this ECO support of Odoo.


It can also support you to decide the product, the affectivity, and plan revisions. BoM Changes based on revisions can also be prepared and managed with Odoo support. It is also easy to configure product costs based on the raw material charges, labor expenses, and other expenses.

Track Engineering Changes

Odoo PLM which can be easily integrated with other business management tools helps easy communication between different departments. It can support the management of engineer changes by communicating the changes through different platforms. Quality management can also be assured with the help of engineering change orders as everything gets tracked.


Approval for engineering changes can also be managed by the team with the help of this feature.

Systematic Document Storing

Document management is important for all activities and Product Life Cycle Management is no different. Odoo helps to upload and store all documents related to ECO stages and changes. Any document including drawing or worksheets can be stored easily with Odoo support.

Odoo PLM also helps the team members to trace the documents and make use of the documents for improving performance level.


How Odoo PLM can improve your business

Reduce risk

Odoo helps you to comply with all industry norms and regulations. This assures the improved quality of products and manufacturing standards. This can reduce the risk of poor quality products and any legal action for violation of norms. 

Increased Productivity

The operational efficiency of employees can be improved considerably with Odoo's support. With this ERP solution, Odoo can provide you with assistance to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. It will assist you to reduce the cost for infrastructure development and production at the same time it accelerates time. Quick tracking of workflow, documents and design, and labor force will help to assure improved productivity. 

Efficient Cost Management

Reduced cost is assured with the help of efficient operation of work centers. The team members will be able to prepare realistic goals and track the goals in a realistic way and plan the production process the same way. 

Accelerated Time to Market

The demand for a product depends on the speed of its arrival to the market. An innovative product should touch the market within the shortest span of time to assure demand. Odoo PLM helps to efficiently manage engineering orders and complete the work. It also helps to link the market with the production center. 

Increased Revenue

Generating revenue is the key task of any business. With better collaboration of different teams and improved work center capacity Odoo can assure you increased revenue. IT will help to cut the cost and improve market strategy thus increasing demand and sales. 

Quick data Sharing

Don't worry about the delay in communication. Transfer your information to the global market as well as to your retailers and employees with Odoo support. Cloud platform helps to manage all activities. 

Centralized Information

Cloud supports you to centralize your data. Anyone can work from anywhere and monitor the ECO and manufacturing order with the help of the internet-based platform. 

Best Quality Products

Odoo PLM can be integrated with Odoo quality to manage the quality of the product. It can help you set the activities and set a quality control mechanism. It can also track the sale details, customer loyalty and improve products based on the response of the customers. 

Odoo PLM is software that is inevitable for any business. Approach Cybrosys Technologies to get more details about Odoo PLM. With the best team, we can offer you support to implement the application and introduce necessary customization. For details, Product Life Cycle Management in Odoo 14

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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