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By: Cirin C Baby

Choose the Right Odoo Partner for ERP Implementation

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ERP implementation is a process that requires a good partnership. Only a long-lasting partnership can support your business to grow with ERP. That is why we focus on the importance of identifying the best ERP partner for ERP implementation. Get the best support from the beginning till the end.
Any business venture, that is planning ERP implementation, should first try to identify a suitable ERP implementation partner. Identifying the suitable partner in the very beginning will help you manage different operations in a systematic way.
Things to be noted while choosing an ERP partner
> Experience
> History
> Expertise
> Success rate
> Area of operation
> Services offered
> Cost 
> Training and support
> Trustworthiness
Trust can play a crucial role in any partnership. Identify a partner who can be your trustworthy friend in the long run. It will help you to enhance the ERP and manage ERP the best way.
Tracking the experience of the ERP vendor company will help you to find out whether the company is suitable to meet your requirements. As ERP implementation is not a single-step process that covers implementation alone, we have to be planned and studied while choosing the partner.
Steps involved in ERP implementation
> Identifying the requirement
> Analysing industry needs
> Preparing customization
> Integration of ERP modules
> Data migration
> Testing
> Go Live 
Before identifying the ERP partner, the investor should trace the requirements and identify the suitable ERP solution. Once you select Odoo ERP, then the next step is to identify the best Odoo Partner.
Odoo Partner
Odoo official partners are categorized into different groups such as Gold Partner, Silver Partner, and Ready Partner. 
If you are selecting an Odoo Partner you will benefit in many ways.
Every Odoo partner gets special support and assistance from the Odoo Team.
They are:
> Fully trained in Odoo: Gets direct training on a regular basis
> Has access to Odoo enterprise source Code- This helps the user to customize and integrate the enterprise version and they will be able to deliver you the best ERP solution
> Has a direct relationship with Odoo to escalate issues: Odoo offers the partners quick access to manage different activities
> Publishes references directly: This helps you to trace the performance of the Odoo partner
> Transparent ranking system: The ranking system helps the investor to identify the calibre of the company.
> Access to training sessions: Odoo partners will be imparted training every week to equip them to develop and implement ERP the best way.
Odoo, being the best Open Source ERP, which is suitable for all types of business operations can be customized and implemented in an effective way by the Odoo Partners. They will be able to respond quickly to your needs and will help you to offer quick support. 
Who are Odoo's partners?
Every year, Odoo identifies and designates ERP implementation companies as Official Partners based on the quality of service offered by them. This will help them to train their official partners and equip them further to meet customer requirements
Quick Support
Whoever be the client their first choice will be an ERP support system that offers the fastest support. Choose only an ERP implementation team who can offer you support in the minimum required time. Quick delivery of support can help you to bring in the best result as it can help the business to complete all ERP related tasks in the quickest period. This will also help you to get emergency support if the ERP system experiences any technical issue. 
Experienced and trained team
Experience can do magic at times. An experienced team can erase your problems and give you the best result. Odoo SA offers direct training to official Odoo partners and this training makes them capable of handling tough situations. So whenever you choose an Odoo ERP partner check their experience.
Support for consultation 
An ERP implementation team should be able to offer support from the moment a firm decides to implement an ERP. A good Odoo ERP partner will be able to offer guidance from the beginning and offer the best consultation service. This will include industry analysis and requirement data preparation.
Check customer satisfaction rate
While choosing the ERP partner, always trace the implementation history and the customer satisfaction rate. Choose a partner who is ready to listen to your needs and responds positively to suggestions. Customer support systems and emergency technical support facilities should also be taken into account. For example, if you are approaching an ERP partner named Cybrosys for service, Cybrosys should give priority to your needs and make efforts to do customization and integration to meet your requirements.
Training and support
ERP implementation process does not end the moment the ERP goes live. It needs constant training and support. Employees should be able to use ERP the best way to optimize the use of the ERP tool. When you choose your ERP partner remember to choose the one who offers the best post-implementation support as ERP use begins after implementation.
A single stop for all worries
Go for a firm that offers you support for all your ERP related requirements. This will help you to save time. You don’t have to run pillar to post to settle different issues. 
Effective integration 
Integration is a crucial part of any ERP implementation. It is the process that helps to coordinate different operations of a business. It can also support you to ensure efficient use of ERP systems. Good ERP partners will always be a team that is capable of completing ERP integration in a way that no technical issue will affect you after the implementation. Smooth interdepartmental coordination can be assured only with efficient integration of the software tool. It can guarantee you the best service. 
Why choose Cybrosys?
> A Gold Partner of Odoo Cybrosys has the ability to offer you comprehensive support.
> 12 years of experience makes Cybrosys a leader in the ERP sector
> Trained team of Cybrosys is capable of offering direct support at the earliest.
> Industry expertise of Cybrosys can benefit any business.
> Affordable ERP with effective technical support can guarantee you satisfaction.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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