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How Odoo ERP Implementation Can Grow Your Business Revenue?

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Whatever be your business, you do it for generating revenue. No one wants to invest more and gain less from a business. That is why we take every possible precaution to avoid unnecessary spending of money when running a business. ERP has been introduced to help investors boost up their revenue generation strategies. It also aims to reduce the spending pattern by managing all the tasks in an efficient manner. 
You can certainly trust your instinct and choose an ERP to ensure better revenue generation. A cloud-based ERP support would be the best solution as it can certainly help you to reduce ERP implementation costs as well. With an efficient ERP platform, you can manage all operations including time management, employee management, work center management, etc. 
In this blog let us analyze how Odoo can help us improve our revenue, reduce our expenses and hence generate impact on our profit. As discussed in a number of published blogs, Odoo is a complete solution for customer relationship management, sales, purchase, human resources, accounting, and all other tasks. We can list out the different methods that Odoo uses to help us. 
Transparent accounts management
Financial management is the key area for any business from preparing a budget to managing expenses should be done with utmost care and precision. Odoo has developed the accounting module by fine-tuning the accounting software. It supports quick management of journal entries and reconciliation of bank statements. We can make use of this tool to avoid the mismanagement of funds. Batch payment and batch transfer, vendor payment, invoice management, and other tasks can also be completed quickly using this tool. 
Efficient customer management system
Odoo ERP can easily be linked with Odoo CRM. This customer management tool can be used to manage customer details and to generate leads and opportunities. A set of modules developed by Odoo, including Live Chat, helpdesk, etc can be integrated with the CRM tool to maintain better customer relations. 
Efficient Task and project management system
Business is all about tasks and projects. Whatever be your business, it certainly deals with one or the other task. It could be a project-related task, manufacturing project, or any other initiative. What is more important here is the completion of the projects in a timely way.  We need a lot of support for this. This includes the support of the employees, the efficiency of the work centers, and other resources. Odoo ERP is the ultimate solution that can help you in a great way to handle time the most efficiently. Odoo gives you support to manage a big project, for example, construction work, to smaller tasks. This may include a meeting, purchase of materials, discussion with the clients, etc. All these tasks can be scheduled, assigned, and managed by the team with the Odoo ERP tool. 
Effective working hour management
Are effectiveness and working hours the same? No. A person may be at work for eight continuous hours but his effectiveness and productivity may be minimal. But with an ERP tool offered by Odoo, we can review the effectiveness and productivity of working hours. This will help the investors and management to plan work schedules and employee distribution based on the exact requirement of the work. The manufacturing industry is a major sector that would benefit the best from the work hour estimation feature. With Odoo we can find out the estimated work hour and the actual work hours consumed. This will help us assess the work efficiency. Better work hour management for the next project can be assured and employee management can be done well with this feature. 
Increased productivity 
To generate more revenue a business should be able to ensure maximum productivity at less investment. Odoo guarantees you support to manage this. Odoo ERP can help you track the utilization of your money and ensure that no penny is wasted. From purchase management by RFQ and PO generation to the sale of the products and collection of payment in a speedy way can be managed well b Odoo. Odoo also ensures transparent transactions of money and recording of each and every transaction in the journals. 
An ERP tool like Odoo is also capable of assessing the capacity of the work center and managing the stock of raw materials. Auto replenishment of materials to ensure uninterrupted production can ensure better revenue for the company. Besides, Odoo offers maintenance support including preventive maintenance which can help your company to save a huge chunk of their revenue from being wasted due to mechanical failure. 
Better support for sales and marketing
ERP tool can be of great benefit if you are finding it difficult to manage sales and marketing operations. Odoo offers multiple marketing tools including email marketing module, SMS marketing module, and social marketing module. These marketing solutions can help the marketing wing to coordinate marketing through different media. Besides, it helps to plan marketing strategies focussing on individuals and target groups. 
Sales operations which include customer lead management, invoice generation, and payment management also get synchronized with the Odoo ERP tool. The sales module of Odoo has been developed to promote the business by offering discounts and promotion programs to attract customers. The performance of the sales team and sales forecast operation also gets unified with the tool. 
Integration of operations and departments
In a business venture, it is very crucial to be able to coordinate the operations of different departments. It will assure timely completion of tasks and proper financial management. For example, you are running a manufacturing business and there are different wings like accounts, sales, purchase, and human resources. The purchase wing may require to purchase raw materials and this may need money. The accounts department using the Odoo ERP tool can approve the process and purchases can be completed soon. This will ensure speedy completion of the manufacturing process. 
Odoo has many other highlights also including
> Cost-effective
> Easy to implement
> Quick support from Odoo partners
> Efficient training and support
> Easy availability of learning materials 
All these make Odoo the best ERP tool to increase your revenue. 
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