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By: Evin Davis

How Odoo ERP Improves Your Company’s Customer Shopping Experience in 2022

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Customer Shopping Experience plays a crucial role in the business’s operations as it will pave for customer satisfaction and bring in more business and customers to the company. Effective management of the shopping experience to please the customer will add to the company’s profitability. It provides them with a feeling to buy more from the company rather than looking out for other options. With the help of dedicated tools and solutions, there are numerous tools regarding customer management. Moreover, with distinctive application-specific modules businesses can effectively conduct the aspects of customer satisfaction and monitor it to be on the top levels. With these dedicated solutions, you will obtain specific tools that will help with tweaking all the operational aspects of the business to bring in more customer satisfaction and more customers to your business.

Enterprise and Resource Planning tools are one of the prominent types of business management solutions that are being widely used by the business regarding the operation and control of the company’s functioning. Numerous of these solutions fall under the category of ERP solutions that will cater to every operation needs of the business management. Odoo is a dedicated business management ERP with advanced operation management capabilities on the new generation ERP tools to manage any form and scale of business operations. Today, with more than 5 million users worldwide, the Odoo platform has been the first choice for significant businesses offering impeccable business management aspects with high accuracy and reliability.

Odoo, a complete business management tool acting as a one-of-a-kind solution capable of managing the entire business operations, tops the charts in offering comprehensive and dedicated business management. Moreover, with the modular infrastructure, there are distinctive application-specific modules that support every aspect of the company’s operations and are interconnected to provide full autonomy on the business management functions. In addition, the Odoo platform is a fully customizable system where the development and the functional aspects can be based on the operational needs of the business and the requirement of the operations defined by the users. This will provide the company with an extra edge with the business operations management with Odoo and complete control based on expected processes and functional needs.

This blog will provide insight into how the Odoo platform will improve the Customer shopping Experience of your company.

Enhancing the shopping experience for the customer, whether online or offline, is necessary to better business operations. The Odoo platform will support both aspects as you can run the online store and offline store operations simultaneously and manage the various elements in regards to it. Moreover, there is a dedicated CRM module which is available that will cater to every aspect of Customer Relationship Management, which will be providing the business with reliable tools to keep a tab on the various business opportunities, generate new ones as well as follow up on existing customers to bring them back to the business. Let’s now move on to understand how the Odoo platform will improve the Customer shopping Experience of your company.

Portal access to the customer

The customer who has been loyal or is a potential client can be provided with portal access to the Odoo platform. This will give them the authored information, which will lead them with the purchase operations. Moreover, this will be a unique access ID that can be accessed through any gadget. Furthermore, the accounting information records regarding the sale will also be provided, based on the company norms and policies.

Wishlist option in the eCommerce website

In the eCommerce website, which is reliable form, there will be e default wishlist options that can be enabled to add respective products and services to the wishlist to be purchased later.

Product Comparison option

In the Odoo eCommerce platforms, there will be a dedicated product comparison option available on the website. This will be a helpful feature for the customers and businesses where multiple products can be compared. That will make the purchase operations more accessible and benefit the company by providing customer satisfaction, thus improving profitability. Moreover, the Product Comparison options can be enabled or disabled based on the functional needs of the business.

Coupons Loyalty Programs and Discounts

The Discount Coupons and other dedicated Coupons programs can be run for both the online and offline sales of the business with the Odoo platform. Moreover, custom Coupons can be defined based on the needs using the Coupons Configuration menu of the Odoo platform. In addition, multiple loyalty programs where loyal customers are rewarded based on their purchase and operations in regs to the business. These loyalty programs can be custom-defined based on the company’s needs regarding benefits for the business operation.

Multiple payment Methodologies

Defining multiple payment methodologies based on which the customer can make the payment will be up to the customers’ satisfaction index. This will be helpful for the customers and make the payment operations much easier for them, adding up to the customer satisfaction index. The aspect of increasing multiple payment acquirers is allocated with the elements of the localization feature of the Odoo, which make it suitable for a region and country of operations that can include the tools which are prominent in the respective area.

These are the certain aspects that the Odoo platform puts forward regarding bringing in more customer satisfaction based on their shipping experiences. Moreover, there are numerous tools regarding customer management that can be tweaked and configured to bring in complete and adequate operational control for the business operations regarding customer satisfaction management and improvement.

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