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By: Lajina KV

How to Create & Set Up Default Values to Fields in the Odoo 15

Technical Odoo 15

In this blog, we will be discussing how to set default values to fields in odoo15. In Odoo, we can set a default value for a field during the creation of a record for a model. We have many methods in odoo for setting a default value to the field. The main methods are,

1. Passing Values Through Kwargs

2.Setting value with default_get function 

1. Passing Values Through Kwargs

We can set multiple kwargs for a field, which includes read-only, required, and many more. The Kwargs are keyword arguments which is a special symbol used to pass arguments. The default is kwarg, which helps set a default value for a field at the time of the creation of a model.

Let’s pass the values using default kwargs in different ways.

1.1 Set Values Directly

We can set a default value for a field like this,

      state = fields.Selection([
          ('draft', 'Quotation'),
          ('sent', 'Quotation Sent'),
    ('sale', 'Sales Order'),
    ('done', 'Locked'),
    ('cancel', 'Canceled'),], string='Status', readonly=True, 
          copy=False, index=True, tracking=3, default='draft')

In this, 'state' field is a selection field and the default value of the 'state' field is set as draft i.e, Quotation.

The following screenshot shows that if the user creates a new sale order, then the default 'state' is draft, i.e., 'Quotation'.


1.2 Set Values using default lambda function

A lambda function is a small anonymous function that can take any number of arguments, but it takes only one expression. The syntax of the lambda function is,

lambda arguments: expression 

In odoo, the lambda function is used to return a value from the function to kwargs.

    user_id = fields.Many2one(
       'res.users', string='Salesperson', index=True, tracking=2, 
              default=lambda self: self.env.user,
      domain=lambda self: "[('groups_id', '=', {}), ('share', '=',        False), ('company_ids',
             '=', company_id)]".format(self.env.ref("sales_team.group_sale_salesman").id

In the salesperson example given above, we can see that the default value of the salesperson is set by using the lambda function.  lambda self: self.env.user this lambda function is used to get the currently logged-in user. The following screenshot shows that Odoo sets the default salesperson


1.3 Execute a function and return values

In this method, you can set the default value of the field by executing a function. Before defining the field, the function should be called. 

def _default_employee(self):
    return self.env.user.employee_id
      employee_id = fields.Many2one('hr.employee',         string="Employee",  
  default=_default_employee, required=True, ondelete='cascade', 

In this above example first, define a function _default_employee() and then define a field employee_id  and set default=_default_employee.

2. Setting value with default_get function

In this method, we can use a function  default_get function. This function is used to set the values for multiple fields.

In the below example, we can create two new custom fields sales_person_contact and sales_person_email, and also we can see that the default values of two fields are set by using the default_get function.

class SaleOrder(models.Model):
_inherit = 'sale.order'
sales_person_contact = fields.Many2one('res.partner',
                                        string="Salesperson Contact")
sales_person_email = fields.Char(string="Salesperson Email")
def default_get(self, fields):
    res = super(SaleOrder, self).default_get(fields)
        'sales_person_contact': self.env.user.partner_id.id or False,
        'sales_person_email' : self.env.user.partner_id.email or False
    return res

The below screenshot shows the default values of  contact and email for sales person while creating a new sale order


In this way we can set default values to fields in odoo15.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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