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By: Rahna Rasheed

How to Extend Models Using Mixin Classes in Odoo 16

Technical Odoo 16

A mixin refers to a class that provides method implementations that can be reused. Mixin classes allow you to add or modify fields, methods, and behaviors in models without directly altering the base models. Mixin classes have become an essential tool for developers to extend existing models.
In this blog, we'll explore what mixin classes are and how you can use them to extend models in Odoo 16. The new class will have access to all the attributes and methods of both the model and the mixin if we have inherited the mixin.
Define a Mixin Class: Start by defining a new Python class for your mixin. A mixin class typically contains methods or attributes that you want to add to other models. Here in this example below, I created a mixin class with some fields. This field can be used in the model we inherited.
class ClassMixin(models.AbstractModel):
   _name = 'class.mixin'
   name = fields.Many2one('res.partner', string='Student')
   class_id = fields.Integer(string='Class')
   division = fields.Char(string='Division')
   mark = fields.Float(string="mark")
Apply the Mixin to a Model: You can now apply your mixin to an existing Odoo model. To do this, inherit from the mixin class in your target model's definition. In the model ‘school.student’, you can access the field of mixin class.
class School(models.Model):
   _name = 'school.student'
   _inherit = ['class.mixin']
If the mixin class is defined in the same Python, you can simply use the mixin by referring to the mixin class. We have to import mixin if it is defined in another Python file.
The benefits of using mixin classes are:
Code Reusability: Mixin classes allow you to reuse code across multiple models, reducing duplication and making your codebase more maintainable.
Modular Development: You can create separate mixin classes for different types of functionality, making it easier to manage and extend your models.
Better Code Organization: Mixin classes keep your codebase clean and organized, as each class focuses on a specific feature or behavior.
Reduced Code Conflicts: Using mixin classes minimizes the chances of conflicts when multiple developers are working on the same codebase.
In Odoo 16, mixin classes are a powerful tool for extending models while keeping your codebase organized and modular. By defining mixin classes with reusable methods and attributes and applying them to your target models, you can efficiently extend the functionality of Odoo to meet your business requirements. This approach not only simplifies development but also makes it easier to maintain and update your code as your business evolves.

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