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By: Evin Davis

How to Improve Your Odoo eCommerce Website Traffic?


Marketing is one of the long practiced and proven tools in business. It attracts new opportunities provides contacts and additionally improves profits and allows the companies to spread their wings. The marketing strategies varied from time to time earlier the word on arrival of a new product was considered a greater marketing reform bust as times changed companies had to adapt to various methodologies and strategies. Nowadays the marketing of product discounts, combo offers and deals should be broadcasted to various mediums sto attract customers due to the competition of companies. Today the advertisements have been moved to focus on technical terminologies of the product along with its advantages over the others rather than focusing on prices.

In this new era of digitalization the marketing strategies had also been developed and updated as per the changing world. From posters, newspaper ads, distribution of notices, flyers they have developed to various aspects in the digital platform. With some of the earlier approaches being prevailing much focus is provided on digital marketing and its aspects. With the development of technology the terminologies of operation of a company and a business changed. Automated management softwares developed in this era started to manage the organization and companies in a much more efficient and effective manner. Enterprise and resource planning softwares (ERPs) came into existence which promised the automation of certain aspects of the business.

Odoo being one of the best ERPs available in the market these days are more advantageous than the others which are as follows. Initially, the Odoo software is often called as the one stop solution for all the business needs. Secondly, the software operates from a single platform making it easier to the users to manage and control the various aspects of business. Thirdly, the customizability feature of the software makes it adapt to any business, in addition it can be established into any existing business with ease. Finally the interaction features of Odoo platform allows the users to integrate any third party applications and equipment into the platform.

The customer relationship management functionality in Odoo is a much helpful tool in the marketing of the products and services in Odoo. The process of acquiring leads for business opportunities and scheduling activities with them such as emails , calls, meetings etc is a marketing strategy to turn them into loyal customers of the organization.

Odoo SMS Marketing

In this new era of digitalization, the use of text messages is much important for the marketing department of a company to promote their business by advertising the products and services. These text messages can provide information on products, specifications, offers, deals, and discounts. The Odoo platform has an SMS marketing tool that initiates the sending of the messages to the whole contact or specified list available in the platform with the click of a button. These messages can be custom made and can include selective information. The marketing campaigns in Odoo helps the users to send out indefinite text messages to the customers.

Email marketing
Emails are the unavoidable factors of the business nowadays. While filling out any form rather than occurring contact number in all instances it acure emails. Emails have been much popular in the marketing field due to the advantage that it does not interfere with the privacy of the customer. The marketing champions in Odoo help the users to send indefinite emails to the various customers which are both potential and existing ones.

Live chat
The live chat functionality in the eCommerce website can be of much help to the customers and the companies in promoting the products. The live chat functionality in Odoo allows the user to set up the live chat room and assign a respective employee to answer the queries. The online customers can select the icon available in all the windows of the website can talk with a respective customer care unit on the various queries on products and services. The user of the Odoo platform can always upsell and promote their products normally as a salesperson does in the physical store.

Push notifications and pop up messages
The notification service can be an advanced marketing tool in the promotion of the company. The Odoo platform allows the users to customize these messages which would be depicted to the customer on visiting the website. The user is also provided with the provision to customize the notification to the respective window or website page. The description can contain information on product offers, deals, and discounts available on the company website.

The Odoo eCommerce platform allows the users to set up various popup functionality messages in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These can act as notification to the various happenings such as discount sales, promotion events for the customers. As more people are spending much time online on various social media platforms this functionality in Odoo is much helpful in the promotion of the business.

The various marketing functionalities in Odoo will be much helpful in promoting and advertising your business and achieving greater profits but nothing beats the advertisement by word of the mouth. To stating theis the companies should provide excellent services on the website and manage the operations effectively to attain customer satisfaction.

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