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By: Evin Davis

How to Make your Manufacturing More Efficient with Odoo MRP

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Materials Requirements Planning is an important aspect of the operation in a production facility as it drives the entire operations of the manufacturing unit and the allocated aspects of the business. The MRP will ensure that there is a sturdy flow of raw materials into the manufacturing unit, its storage, and utilization based on need. Further, the manufacturing operations can be planned and executed. Finally, the finished products, by-products, scrap materials, and any waste can be effectively moved and stored based on the needs. Today there is a dedicated tool for the aspects of the MRP operations in a business. Choosing the right solution based on the functional and operational needs of the manufacturing facility will be useful as the managers will have to find out the apt solution that will quantify with the business procedure and the manufacturing operations they handle.

Odoo a complete business management ERP with the advanced capabilities to run any form of the business operation supports the MRP operations with a dedicated Materials Requirement and Planning module which is incorporated with the Manufacturing module of the Odoo platform. In Odoo the infrastructure is based on a dedicated modular approach bringing in well-defined modules of operation which have been application-specific for certain of the operation which have been used in the business. The dedicated Manufacturing module provides complete operational control and capability to the business to run any form of production operation more effectively and reliability.

In this blog, you will be provided with insight on how the MRP-based operations run with the Odoo platform can be made to run more efficiently for the business operations in the production facilities.

With the Odoo manufacturing module, the business will be provided with a platform where the production operations can be defined. Here every aspect of the manufacturing of the distinctive product can be configured with elements of the usage of raw materials, manufacturing process, assembly line operations, quality check for each of the processes, manageability of the by-product, and the storage of the complete products along with the waste management. Each and every aspect can be configured with interconnections with all the modules of Odoo. This will allow the manufacturing orders for the production to be generated once the sales order is created for the customer. Moreover, the aspects of various automation elements can be brought into the production operation. The MRP-based operation control on the manufacturing operation with the Odoo platform is more effective for the operations of the businesses as it can improve the efficiency and reliability aspects.

Here are certain aspects of the Odoo manufacturing module and its integration with the MRP-based operations which will allow it to be more efficient in the production control and manageability of operation in the business.

Plan and Organize

The most need of the manufacturing unit is to plan for the operations and organize the functioning based on the market. In the Odoo MRP systems, the Schedule and the plan of the various aspects of the production can be configured and defined based on the needs of the manufacturing orders and the product demand. In addition, you can define the work orders based on the sales orders generated. The fundamental aspects can be automated in Odoo, which will add to the efficiency of operation. The works orders and the functioning of the work centers, manufacturing equipment, machinery, flow of raw materials, the outflow of finished products, and waste materials can be configured using the Odoo MRP.

Bring insignificant as well as minor changes to the operation due to flexibility of the system

The Odoo MRP and the manufacturing management system are flexible and capable of undergoing any operational methodology changes at any point in time. These include the Change in Bill of Materials, Methodology, Work Center operations, Version as well as module changes to the final product.

Complete manageability

With the Odoo MRP and the configurations of its manufacturing operation, you will be provided with the aspect of complete manageability of the operations. These include Repair Orders, Manufacturing Orders, Billing of Orders, Mainataince operation, and all the elements involved with the companies production unit and its aspects.

Integrated Product Life Cycle Management operations

The Odoo MRP management will ensure that integrating the Manufacturing and PLM modules is in the right integration for smooth operations. MRP is an integral part of the Manufacturing operation in Odoo. With the integration, the business can ensure that the Product Life Cycle Management, right from the aspects of collecting raw materials to the production and the send out the products, can be run effectively.

Complete Quality management

Product quality is of utmost importance in all production-based businesses; therefore, it should be effective management, and the business should ensure that they are being well managed. With the operation of the MRP system in Odoo Manufacturing, the definition of the Quality Checks, Quality Check Points, and the management of the Quality of the product and the production operations can be ensured.

Maintenance management and reporting

in the aspects of production, the vital elements of maintenance prevail in the business functioning throughout the term of its operation. The Odoo MRP, along with the integration of the Minataince module and the Manufacturing module, will ensure that the equipment and the assembly lines are well maintained with the help of both preventive and corrective maintenance operations.

In addition, Report generation is one of the vital aspects of production operations. The Odoo supports it with the dedicated Report generation menus available in the Mnuafctsuirng module. Along with the help of the MRP systems, the generations of the Advanced reports needed for the operations in the real-time scenarios are also available in Odoo.

In conclusion, with the integration of the MRP into the Manufacturing operations in Odoo, the business will have the best efficiency as well as reliability in operations which will add up to the productivity improvement of the business.

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