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By: Evin Davis

Odoo Website Module: The Best Website Management Tool

Functional Odoo 15 Website&E-commerce

With the turn of the century, the use of digitalized tools and equipment and devices allocated with it was popularized and were widely used in the functioning of people's lives. In addition, the development and advancement of telecommunications facilities and capabilities paved the way for the digitalized world that we see today. The adaptation to this new world can be seen in business and governmental organizations and all parts of the globe. Websites of a company considered a luxury during the earlier periods of this century turned out to be a necessity and an aspect that every business could afford and could be set up efficiently. This boom in the new methodology of putting the business forward to the customer made a boom in the financial world, making all the companies adapt to it.

Today, the number of businesses operating without a website is lower in number as one of the primary methodologies of sales operations that are being conducted. Moreover, most businesses hold more than one website at hand to run the business operations such as eCommerce, put the services and the product forward, and many more. The operation of the management aspect regarding the Websites of functioning is a critical task, and without adequate control over the functioning, it will be going downhill. Therefore, an effective website management tool is vital for the business.

This blog will provide insight into why the Odoo website management tool is the best tool for the website management operation in a company.

The operations of websites in a business are to put the company and its products and services forward to the customers. Therefore the vitality of the management operations is essential for the industry as it will drive the operation of the websites and its management to be done with ease. Let's now move on to understand what does website management aspects mean.

What is Website Management?

The websites that you see are the front-end operations of an interface where the required information is shared with the viewer; there is also a back end where all its aspects are configured. Regarding the website management aspects, the aspects that should be defined are configured in the back end, which is not visible to the visitor. In regards to the functioning of the business, they will need to update and define the information of the organization and its various aspects in the website continuously, which are betterment for the functioning of the business.

Website management is an aspect of the business functioning in a company that will ensure that the website's operations are up to date as the way it's intended to be. In addition, it will ensure that the maintenance aspects, securities as well as Contents and the marketing aspects are effectively conducted. In addition, the complete elements of the social media operations, as well as the promotions as well as marketing campaigns, can be achieved with ease.

Let's now understand the Odoo website module, which will be the complete website management solution for business operations.

Odoo Website Module

Odoo is the complete and effective business management tool that will help with the operational management of most of the business. The dedicated modular approach of the platform will ensure that there are well-defined application-specific modules of operation available in the platform. Among these, the Website module is one of the prominent application-specific modules of the process which serves as the complete website management tool for the business. The website module will create and craft well-defined websites with a no-code approach using the Odoo Website builder operation tool. This website builder application of the Odoo platform is so unique that it will cater to the website development's functional aspects, which can be crafted within minutes. Here are sure of the other highlightable features of the Odoo Website module, making it one of the best and most exceptional operation tools in website management.

Features of Odoo Website Module:

- Distinctive module completely for the website management operation and supporting module that will add to the complete website management operations process.

Complete the Odoo Website builder tool to create an attractive website without writing a single line of code. There is n HTML/CSS/JS Editor tool available where the typical code-based configuration can be defined for a developer in Odoo.

Create, Craft, and Run multiple websites of the same or different companies, all from the same platform.

Ability to configure the language to the viewer in any language based on the region they access the from.

Run an eCommerce company operating from the same website

The Product listings and the aspects depicted on style and configuration can be done based on the need.

Configuration and integration of numerous payment gateways and payment acquirers.

Direct integration with the CRM Module for the aspects of customer relationship management and the aspects of generations of opportunities and follow up on them.

Configure the Chatter and Live chat tool to the website for the customer to the enquirer.

Define Forms and Contact pages for the website.

Definite Mobile view of the designed website, which can be configured.

Multiple Websites Themes, as well as Templates, will be helpful in the appearance aspects of the company website.

Define blog pages as well as n number of web pages on the website, and all can be managed from the back end, the Website module, and the Front end of the website.

Integrated Social Media management tool will be configured based on the website operations needs.

There are certain of the notable features of the Odoo Website module and its operations of the Website Management but not limited to. The integration and the accessibility with other modules of the operation in the platform will ensure the complete operation aspects examined are well defined.

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