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How to Manage Rental Schedules?

Functional Odoo 14

Before diving into Rental scheduling let us check what is scheduling in general? Scheduling is a systematic way that can be used to manage the resources, sale activity, rental activity, and other data. This will help us to manage the workload or balance the operations to ensure the distribution of work or resources in an equal way. This will also extend support to us for managing all requests or works maintaining the quality of service.  It will also help us work in an organized way to manage all activities and ensure that all the team members work according to the schedule. 

Key benefits of scheduling 

Scheduling is a process that will help the business to have a clear idea of the business operations. It can support you to manage the demand for different products as we can identify the period where the demand is high and when the demand is low.  Scheduling is a function that works with a calendar, to help to mark all the requirements, works, or demands on the calendar to plan accordingly. Scheduling can also help you to manage different activities and have a glance at the schedule to get a clear idea of all the completed operations and pending operations. What is more, it can help you improve the business and save money. We can easily find out unscheduled times or products and can utilize the availability. Besides, scheduling helps the whole team to be part of the activity and track the business activities. 

What is Rental Scheduling?

The rental business is the management of a rental product and renting out the products to required customers. As more and more business ventures are now unwilling to invest more in machines and equipment in the initial phase of the business, the rental business is experiencing immense opportunities. 

Scheduling is a crucial element in the rental business as this business depends completely on the tracking of the picking up and return of the rental products. Once a product is picked up by the customer, then we can schedule another rental operation only after the return date of the product. If the product is not returned on time, the manager will have to send alerts to the customer, charge an excess fee and take measures to get the product returned so that the customer who has booked the same product for another period will not have to wait.

Odoo Rental Module and Scheduling

Odoo Rental is a rental module that ensures comprehensive support to all rental activities. In the same way, it supports rental scheduling. We can mark the rental pick up, return and other important activities on the rental calendar and this scheduling will help us to manage the business in a smooth way. This blog will explain how Odoo Rental Module helps us to manage rental scheduling. 

In the Odoo Rental Module, Scheduling is an important menu item. Scheduling has been enabled in Odoo Rental with the integration of the Odoo Calendar module.

We can just enter the schedule page by clicking the Schedule menu.


This is the schedule page that I got.

Here we can find the rental schedule of my company for the month of June 2021as we have selected the schedule period as a month. We can manage the rental schedule for a day, a week, or a year also. 

Rental Schedule for a Year


Rental Schedule for a Week


Rental Schedule for a day


When we reduce the rental schedule period we will get more specific information regarding the rental activity scheduled for the day.

Rental Products:

All the rental products available in our company are listed out in the schedule. Here we can find only three products as we created only three products for the demo purpose.


Against every product, we can find the scheduled rental operations of the product. 

Let us take a look at the Rental product Projector. For the month of June, we can find that the product has been booked for two different periods by the same company or customer. We can check the schedule details by moving our cursor on the schedule.


Here we can find the customer detail and sale order number.

The pickup date is 06/12/2021 and the scheduled return date is 06/16/2021

We can also mark Late Return as the status.

That means the product picked up on the scheduled date was not returned on time. That is why the schedule detail is shown in red.


The image given above portrays the booking of the Printer by Azure Interior. Here the status is the late pickup. We can also find other locations in conflict messages.

The general idea from the schedule page


This image gives us a general idea that the rental product Projector has two bookings for the month of June. The product picked up on June 12 is yet to be returned and we have marked a late return.  

The product Printer has four bookings, all between June 18 and June 28.

The rental product meeting room, however, has not been ordered by anyone. We can also find that Deco Addict is the prime customer of the company. We can also analyze that we can accept any new rental order for the products during the days when there is no booking. 

The booking data gets automatically filled up in the Odoo Rental schedule based on our rental orders. The data gets updated when we mark the pickup and return status.

How to schedule new rental activity from here?


Here we have an option Add. Clicking on this button we can get a new rental order form where we can create a new rental activity.


I have scheduled a new rental activity. Here I have selected Azure Interior as the customer and Meeting room as the product.


Now we can check the schedule page again.


We can find the new rental activity scheduled here. 

For the rental schedule also we can use filters and group by options. We can filter rentals based on quotations, Confirmed Orders, to do today, Late, etc.

Here the filter is based on Late 


We can also group the schedule as in the given image


I have grouped the schedules based on the salesperson in the below picture.


We can find that we have two salespersons Marc Demo and Mitchel Admin. While Marc Demo managed to get only one order for the month, Mitchell Admin got four orders.

Odoo Rental Scheduling is over and for more info just visit www.cybrosys.com

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