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By: Hasna VP

Why Choose Odoo for Attendance Management?

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Management of employees' attendance is very essential to get accurate details about everything related to hours they worked. Even if you are running a large or small business, it is important to make sure that you are keeping track of your worker’s attendance. By managing their time efficiently you can make use of most of their time. As a business organization, you have to ensure a complete list of employees’ attendance, sick leave, and holidays to enhance productivity and pay them correctly. 
Tracking and monitoring working hours are one of the key functions of the HR department in a company. Most of the companies are now shifted into the online attendance reporting system. It records the amount of time spent by an employee in the office that helps to calculate his performance and potential. The time and effort they spend each day are reflected in their results which is a very important metric for measuring performance.
Online attendance management software helps you in monitoring your workers and their activities in a proper way. In Odoo we have an attendance module linked with the functions of human resource management that assist in maintaining precise information of the hours of employees working accurately, punctuality in attendance, and absence on working days.
In this blog, we will discuss the peculiarities that substantiate why you should choose Odoo to record attendance. If you are seeking for a solution to accurately monitor your employees’ attendance details then this blog will help you to resolve the trouble.  
Odoo simplifies your attendance management with online tracking of timely attendance and minimizes errors in payroll by an automated attendance updating system. This module offers many flexible options to manage employee’s attendance.
Transporting data from one format to another in manual attendance management cause human errors which leads to imprecision in recording attendance. This also concerns payroll activities. An automated attendance management system ensures accurate time logs and minimizes unnecessary and costly errors with manual data entry. Odoo’s attendance management system allows a company and HR department to track employee time and attendance with accuracy.
It is easy to integrate the Odoo ERP attendance management system with any attendance device database that can manage all kinds of attendance systems like facial recognition, fingerprint biometric devices, swipe cards, or web punch. Using a good reporting system will always ease employee time management and attendance by automatic time tracking. They perform many HR management functions. We can collaborate reported data with other time management systems to efficiently manage employee’s working hours and these reports will help the company in encouraging the worker’s performing capabilities. It is easy to use the attendance report for many other functions that are directly connected with attendance such as payroll.   
Easy to Track
In Odoo attendance management a company can easily find out the number of hours an employee spent in his assigned work. The HR department gets details about the employees who are logged in to the office and can assess the working capabilities of your team. It provides an overview of the working hours of an employee with daily check-in and check-out details. You can also view individual work time reports from the employee’s tab. For attendance analysis Odoo allows you to choose custom filters and add filters on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.
Enhance Efficiency
Real-time tracking of attendance and working hours with the help of Odoo will save employees time and boost productivity of workers. It records the exact time of check-in and check-out to find out the employees who come on time, arrive late, or leave early without approval. In order to encourage employee performance, companies are conducting appraisal programs to boost up their contributions to the organization. Punctuality of employees is counted as one of the key factors that boost worker’s performance.  
This module helps you in bringing discipline to your workplace by recording accurate time that drives workers to finish their tasks in an organized manner. Odoo benefits companies in establishing mutual support and commitment in the workplace. 
Simplifies Calculations
Odoo attendance management simplifies one of the most important works of HR management by recording tracks of employees precisely. This system automates the calculation process of different pay components based on recorded attendance details. Users can use different filters available in the attendance module to examine employees’ working efficiency and easily compare their performance with the previous year’s records. It keeps a record of each employee separately and can easily integrate with any purpose as asked by the HR department.
Remote Access 
Odoo permits you to access this module remotely by the employees of your company in the COVID-19  scenario. It is difficult to keep track of employees' working time and performance when they work from home. It leads to confusion in what project they are doing and how much time they take to complete the assigned work for the company. Odoo simplifies this process by keeping track of your employees. Even if they are working remotely their working hours are managed by the attendance module without any hassles. 
Insightful Reports
Odoo’s attendance management module can seamlessly integrate with payroll, accounting, and other odoo HR management activities. Reports presented by Odoo from the collected attendance details of employees are useful to generate insightful plans to improve productivity. These reports are helpful to analyze the changes in the performance of the employee. You can generate exact reports about the working hours, absenteeism, or anything related to the attendance of your employee in a few clicks. Daily and monthly reports of individuals and teams within the organization are available in Odoo for a quick and easy understanding of data.
Odoo presents you with a comprehensive attendance management system that enables hassle-free tracking of your employees that spare your time and effort. So if you are searching for an efficient attendance management system, you can confidently choose Odoo’s attendance management system.

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