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By: Lijin AJ

How to Manage Reporting with Odoo 15 Recruitment Module

Functional Odoo 15 Human Resource

Recruitment is the primary process for the substantial growth of a business. It is done through constant follow-ups and proper strategic methods. Without software, it implies complexity, and some errors will occur due to its chaotic tactics. Odoo HR plays a significant role in placing your overall recruitment process dextrously. Odoo’s Recruitment module collects the application from legion sources, maintains, collects, and systematically chooses the candidate. Thus all companies that follow the recruitment process and implement a sustainable system of reporting management must be facilitated. Odoo, in all its modules, provides a reporting management for the analysis of each part of a business.

All companies provide a Reporting Management System to understand their turnover and handle the overall efficiency with proper planning and analysis. With this proper planning, all business leads their role in performing what to do, when to do and how to do it shall be promoted.  Odoo 15 Recruitment module helps you in managing and creating the marketing plans, helping you understand your current statistics, consequences, business trends, and revenue.

To have consistent growth in all businesses, must chart out a reporting system. The Odoo Recruitment module leads you to track the industry to analyze the feeble approach and boost the company's productivity. Odoo creates the job positions, posts them on the websites, maintains an interview with prospective candidates, and collects essential documents while hiring and monitoring other related tasks with perfect recruitment analysis.


Every recruitment process is handled in a business to execute the right professionals for the development of an organization. Thus, only the organization can take advantage of it. After all, the proper professional consequences with the success and growth of the organization. While the HR managers or recruiters perform recruitment, the HR report showcases the department's activities that gradually improve the activities and know the HR trends.

Recruitment reporting imparts a vast role; let's jot down how reporting enhances an ace recruiter.

- Tackles your weak spots by scrutinizing

Reports spot out with the critical analysis and improving the parameters that are done during the recruiting process. At this time, the recruiter can keep in mind what makes selecting the candidate or rejecting the candidate. Thus reports make you determine what works effectively and with less efficiency.

- Resembles as a bull’s eye by promptly sorting out solutions. 

As a recruiter reaches a core part of a company, they focus on sorting out the solutions before it caters to a general problem by saving time instead of skipping with solutions.

- Tracking rather than an experienced candidate makes them be expertise in their role.

A recruiter handles the role to hire the right candidate with the right talent in an organization at the right time. If the recruiter possesses the proper rapport with the candidate during the recruitment process, this enhances outfit with a potential candidate in the organization. With the reports, the recruiter can identify the spots they have to polish and make them experts in their role.

- Customizable reporting storage software and widgets

You can allocate your documents provided by the candidates in your customizable software and use them accordingly at the time of urgency. By using simplified software, you can moderate your tasks systematically and dexterously.

This blog emphasizes how reporting management system or recruitment analysis focuses on Odoo 15 with Recruitment and its importance during recruitment processes.

In order, reporting is crucial to analyze all the operations and activities held in recruitment processes and to know the business outcomes and trends. In our previous blogs, you are familiar with the other two parts of the Recruitment module, namely the Applications and Configuration parts. The links for knowing the Applications can go through this link given How to handle the Recruitment Process From Your Website Using Odoo 15 and for Configurations, you can study the link given How is Configuration Maintained in Odoo 15 Recruitment Module. By moving to the third part of the Recruitment module, i.e. the Reporting part, you will get an insight into the recruitment analysis in detail.

By accessing the Recruitment module under the Reporting section, you will observe the submenu Recruitment Analysis. By clicking on it, you will get another window of Recruitment Analysis.


You will see the activities listed in part by clicking on the Recruitment Analysis. As seen in the below screenshot, you will understand the Recruitment Analysis.


You get a detailed overview of the window by scrolling down, as seen below screenshot.


As seen in the screenshot, you can generate the reports in bar diagram, line graph, and pie chart. And in the above second screenshot, is shown in the line graph of the report. And it is available to make the representation in ascending or descending order by clicking on the respective menu also possible to get a full view of the representation by clicking on the separate menu.


At the top-right menu, which is highlighted, you can get the reports in the view of dashboard, pivot, and graph form. After all, you can get the graphical representation of the report from the different options MEASURES box. By clicking on the MEASURES icon you can enable this.


As seen in the above screenshot, the highlighted portion in the Measures box shows the graph's representation as follows. The Odoo helps you to segregate the data using various defaults and customizable filters. By selecting the Filters option gives you the default filters: Last 365 Days Applicant and Start Date. You can also get any representation by using the Group By option. Under the Group By option, you can set the default groups and add a customized option as you need a group to be added.


Under the Favorites tab, you can see the Save current search, Link menu in a spreadsheet, Add to my dashboard, Add to Google Spreadsheet. And from Save current search and Add to my dashboard, you get a dropdown menu, and you can set it accordingly there.


Similarly, in the above screenshot, you can get a report of Hired people, Recruitment Rate, Referral Rate, Process Duration in weeks, and the Medium through a pie chart representation.

The Odoo also facilitates a pivot representation of the Recruitment Analysis. However, it also gives you access to the measures discussed before. Also, you get the provision of Filters, Group By, and Search options as discussed in the graphical representation. Additionally, you get access to menus like INSERT IN SPREADSHEET, Expand All, Flip axis, and Download XSLX. The below screenshot displayed down illustrates the pivot view.


From the above screenshot, we have mentioned all the data mentioned in the MEASURES box. It will quickly help you analyze the overall details of the recruitment process done by the recruiter. The management can get a general idea of what, how, and when to manage the recruitment and imply the necessary strategies.

With this blog, the Recruitment management module of the Odoo ERP system gives you an acumen that it cannot stand as an alternative for processing all operations as a competent tool. It focuses on all the activities imparted by the recruitment in a comprehensive manner and automation in resource management in a very authentic way. Thus the Odoo ERP for maintaining the recruitment tasks cannot be replaced at any cost since the importance of Odoo ERP in recruitment is relevant and sorts your tasks easily.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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