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By: Cybrosys Technologies

How to Recruit Employees in This Pandemic with Odoo


The impact of the pandemic has disrupted the world as we know it and has imposed a new normal for the functioning of the activities. Today we maintain social distancing, self-hygiene practices along with a completely homebound life by only getting out of our homes only at the required times, hoping that this will end soon and we will be able to get back to normal functioning. As of today, we have passed more than a year with the pandemic situation in the world and businesses all across have adapted to the new normal and are continuing to function.
New business strategies, as well as functional methodology, have been adopted by organizations to strive towards excellence in this pandemic.
Another aspect which the world is facing a major hit back is the employment aspect of citizens and employee hiring for the organization. The interview process has adapted to Zoom calls as well as telephonic interviews. However, the organizations are facing an unmanageability in the recruitment process due to the long list of candidates applying for the job positions. Today we have various prominent software tools which can be of use for the management of the recruitment operations of the companies.
Enterprise and resource planning software which are prominent business management solutions offer you capable management tools as well as operational options to perform the HR operations and the recruitment functionalities. With this software, you can perform hassle-free online recruitment processes having various stages of interview as well as hiring process to reach the rightful candidate for your operations.
Odoo is one such ERP solution that allows you to define an efficient recruitment process using the designated HR management tools. Odoo is an open-source ERP software with a modular design to the operations thus providing them with dedicated modules to function with. These dedicated modules of operations will provide you with operational capabilities on all aspects of the company operation. The HR operations of your organization are controlled with Odoo by using the dedicated Recruitment module available in the Odoo platform.
This blog will describe how the recruitment process can function with Odoo in this pandemic.
The Odoo HR operational management software solutions aspects are the best suited for any company as the processing modules will be helpful for the process of recruitment to the employee payroll as well as the resignation aspects. The pandemic impact has disrupted the normal hiring process and the organizations have turned on to the online mediums to conduct the interviews as well as to conduct the recruitment process.
With Odoo you can conduct online hiring of employees and manage the entire recruitment process. To conduct the online job posting and perform the hiring process you should initially enable the online posting option available in the settings menu of the recruitment module as depicted in the following screenshot and finally, save the menu.


Now you can create a new job posting by selecting the Job Posting menu available in the Configuration tab and you will be depicted with the window as depicted in the following image. Here all the ongoing, as well as previous job postings, will be described and you can create a new one by selecting the Create option available.


In the job posting creation window, you can provide the name of the Job Position and design a description of the same. Furthermore, in the recruitment menu, you can assign the company, website, department, and the Job Location. Additionally, the Expected new Employees, Contract Template, Interview Form as well as the Recruiter can be defined.


Upon saving the Job Posting you can view the respective job being described on the company website. In the Jobs window as depicted in the following image. In case you do not have a Job page you can create a new one by selecting the new option available and selected to create a page. And then the job postings described in the back end of the platform will be auto-assigned to it.


Here the candidates can select the respective job posting and select it to obtain the full information regarding it that was described by you in the back end of the platform. Furthermore, they can select the Apply Now options and will be redirected to the application form window.


The following image depicts the application window of the respective job. The constants of the application can be described using the web page editing option. Here new components can be added and the existing ones can be removed or edited.


Now in the Job posting menu of the Recruitment module, the respective application which is to be provided will be described under the respective job posting as depicted in the following image.


You can select the respective job posting and will be depicted with the application on the job which has been described based on the stages that they have completed. Moreover, the stages described here can be added, removed as well as modified. In addition, each application can be moved from one stage to another by simply watching and dragging. The various stages of the employee hiring process can be defined by you and the process can be as per your need and the defined interview process.


Furthermore, the Odoo recruitment module has an advanced reporting menu where the various reports on the recruitment process are defined. Here, the report can be filtered and grouped to obtain the desired quantitative reports.


In addition, you can configure various mediums for the jobs applications such as Email, Facebook, Linkedin, or any other job posting website to be configured with Odoo. Therefore, when the candidates apply through those mediums the job application will also be depicted in the Odoo platform. The reporting aspect on which the medium is through the job application is received is also depicted.
All the recruitment purposes and operations are conducted online using the Odoo platform using the various configured tools and the functional options available in the Odoo ERP itself.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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