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By: Evin Davis

Marketing Automation - The Importance and Operation of it in Odoo

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Marketing automation can be one of the streamlining processes of improving the promotional as well as the advertising operations of the companies. Moreover, it's estimated that the marketing operations are to run the industries in the marketing process in the upcoming years and there is no better time to adapt to one. The impact of the pandemic has transformed most of the marketing operations into digitized mediums all across the companies in the world. Additionally, automating the marketing operations in your organization can bring in more capabilities and will reduce the burden on the employees.
Automated technologies are entirely changing the functional aspects of the way our business operations are functioning throughout the world. And it's expected in the future that these technologies will drive the business and will bring in further productivity. However, certain misconceptions exist among business owners that automated technologies are costly and are for larger multinational corporations. This is wrong as automated solutions are cost-efficient and while calculating the return on investment (ROI) on them it will be depicted that they will bring in more profits in the long run rather than the initial stages.
Another misconception that surrounds the employees of the organization is that automation technology will lead to unemployment. However, the solution will help to simplify their world and no company in the world cannot be functioning without its employees. Moreover, these technological solutions will help to improve productivity and employee performance in the business. Like any operation, business automation can bring in necessary changes which will be beneficial for the company. The same can be seen in the marketing aspects also. Marketing automation can entirely change the marketing operations in the company and can bring in higher capability in the operations.
This blog describes the aspects of the importance of marketing automation and will provide you an insight on how it can be done in Odoo.
Importance of marketing automation
Marketing automation is one of the vitalities of a business operation and can bring greater productivity to the functioning of the companies. Moreover, there will be an improvement in the aspect of the reliability of the marketing operations of the company as the functions are preplanned and configured to be automated. This will reduce the burden of employees in routine operations and will act as one of the reliable tools to function. Let's now understand certain aspects of the importance of marketing automation.
Effective time-saving functionality
Implementation of the automation aspects in your promotional and marketing operations will ensure that the routine operations are run automatically thus ensuring the time-saving aspects for employees to concentrate on further important tasks. In addition, this will take away the complete burden on certain aspects of marketing such as email marketing, SMS marketing, Customer follow-up, sending out surveys, and many more.
Saves money on the marketing aspects of the company
The implementation of marketing aspects technology will ensure that the employees are not wound up performing simple marketing operations. Their functionality can be direct to a more vital aspect of the company. In addition, with this methodology, you need not hire extra staff and employees regarding marketing.
Define customized marketing strategies
You can define the marketing strategy of operations as per the business operational requirements and configure the automation aspects on it. Moreover, this will help you to define customer-centric automated marketing operations. In addition, you will be able to manage multiple marketing operations and automate them with dedicated tools.
These are the certain aspects that will define the importance of marketing automation in an enterprise. Now let's move on to understand how the Odoo ERP will help define the marketing operations of your company and the aspects on how it can be managed effectively.
Marketing automation in Odoo
Odoo is one of the prominent business management software solutions available in the market today with the capability of controlling the entire business. Thus making it the one-stop solution for enterprises all across the world. Odoo has a modular design and structure of operations therefore, it has dedicated modules to function with and marketing automation is one of the modules in it. This dedicated module will provide the users with all functionality and capable options to run the marketing and promotional operations and automate them.
Effective campaign description and management
With the Odoo marketing module, you will be able to define a descriptive marketing campaign and function them effectively. The marketing operations on each of these campaigns can be well defined and can be automated in operations such as sending our emails, SMS, invitation, and many more. In addition, you can allow lead creation operations which can be automated to run with the functioning of the company. In addition, you can enable visitor tracking along with the lead creation operations on the visitors and follow them up.
Alter the functioning based on the target audience
The camping operations can be defined based on the audience as well as your customer. The marketing operations can be defined based on the products and services of your company. Moreover, the email templates can be defined and saved to be sent out as per the requirement.
These or the certain aspect by which the Odoo will support the marketing operations to be automated. Moreover, with the dedicated marketing automation module of the Odoo platform, you will be provided with numerous advanced operational functions as well as options. You can read the following blog to understand more on the benefits of using the Odoo marketing automation module for your company marketing operations:

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