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How to Set Up an Efficient Payroll with Odoo

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One of the important aspects of the human resource management operations of the company is the effective functioning of the company's payroll operations. The effective function will not only help the company and its management but also will be beneficial for the employees. As employees are the key elements of the functioning of the company the management should be able to provide the rightful remuneration in a derived way based on the structure of salary which has been pre-defined. For that, you would require defined software or application which will help you to run and manage the payroll aspects effectively as the manuals operations are out of the equation due to the introduction of digitalization aspects to the company operations.

Today numerous HR management solutions available in the market will be able to provide you with efficient functions regarding payroll and employee operations. However, a major portion of them lacks in providing complete control of the HR operations of the company and you will have to purchase dedicated application-level software for each operation in the employee management. On the contrary, Odoo ERP will provide you with complete management and monitoring tools for the HR operations of the companies. Odoo has dedicated tools of the HR management operational tools all thanks to its dedicated modular design and development providing you with dedicated modules of operation.

In addition, as there are dedicated modules for the HR operations there is also a payroll module to manage the effective management of the payroll operations of the companies. The design and development aspects of the Odoo platform are such that all the modules of functioning are interconnected in operations providing you with complete management of the company operations along with all the departments driving in a single part to be the ultimate company excellence.

This blog will describe how the Odoo payroll module will help you to run the payroll operations of the company with effectiveness and reliability.

The Odoo payroll module is in direct integration with all the HR-based modules of Odoo moreover, is integrated with the attendance as well as the employees and the timesheet module will make it easier to operate. Furthermore, its integration with the accounting module will help the managers to do the financial operation based on the salaries of the employees efficiently. In addition, this integration functionality will help in information sharing as well as the various aspects of company functioning. Here are certain aspects with the Odoo payroll module and its integration with Odoo modules will be beneficial in the functioning of the salary proving operations of the company:


In the employee module of the Odoo platform, the description of the employee along with the possession to which he/she has been hired to function in the company can be described. The same can be done from the payroll module of the Odoo platform under the employee's tab available. Here all the employee contract details, as well as the salary structure, can be defined for each employee's information. Furthermore, the employee leave details such as the paid leaves, sick leaves available as well as other time offs allocated with the employee can also be described in the employee description tab.

Timesheet Operations

The Odoo platform has introduced the timesheet functionality into the functioning of the employees in the company. These timesheets can be registered in operation and the functioning of the employee based on which they can be remunerated for their service in the company. Moreover, these timesheets are being described for each of the tasks and the projects in which the employee functions. The timesheet module is in direct integration with the payroll module so that the employee remuneration at the end of the projects, tasks, or a fixed interval of days can be provided based on the time spent working as recorded in the timesheet module.

Let's now move on to understand certain functional features and tools of the Odoo payroll module which will help you to effectively manage the operation in your company.

Work entry types and working times

The employee of your company will have to depict the time spent by them during the working hours of the company which can be depicted using the work entry time of operation. Here you will be able to create customized work entry types of operation in the company. Here the aspects such as extra time, field services, official duties, and other time off details can be described.

The working times of the company can be deified in the working time's menu. Here you can define all the time shifts and the regular working hours of the establishment. This will be beneficial for the companies and the employees functioning remotely. Moreover, this feature was beneficial to the many companies which have been using Odoo in the CoronaVirus pandemic as most of the employees are working remotely and are scattered in all parts of the world for international firms.

Salary structure

The salary structure types, rules, rule parameters, and the salary structure for the various portions of the employees functioning in your company can be described. The salary structure described here will be available in the employee module or the tabs to be chosen based on the possession to which he/she has been hired.


The payslip for the employees can be generated based on the payroll being described in the module. The payslips will be beneficial for the employees to understand their remuneration and all the allocated factors involved in the total sum provided. Moreover, it will also help the employees in the tax filing operation of the employees.

These are some of the aspects of the Odoo payroll but are not limited to help you with the effective management and functioning of the salary providing operations for the employees in your company.

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