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Odoo Revolutionize Your Conventional Way of Taking Notes


Notes are an important way for you to remember the things which have to be done or list the things to be brought from a supermarket or any shop. In the earlier days, the conventional way of taking notes and creating them was found as the best way to remember and pass on information. However, the introduction of digitalization and the use of smarter technology have ruled out the use of pen and paper in our life. Today our smarter devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, and other gadgets have been used to make notes along with its other functionalities.
The importance of note is of similar importance in the aspects of a company operating as of that in personal life. Moreover, the notes in a company environment can be used to pass on information from one department to the other. In addition, these notes can be used to list out the agenda, procedure of operation, required documents, and many other aspects. In addition, the notes used in the operation of a company are to be required and used again so these must be stored and managed effectively to retrieve them at the needed times. For that, you will require dedicated tools of operation which should be platforms with dedicated modules and functional options of management.
The Odoo ERP one of the prominent business management solutions available today has a dedicated notes management module with advanced options and functional tools of management to describe and manage the company-based notes and its operations. Moreover, the dedicated module is in direct integration with all other modules functioning in Odoo therefore, ensuring that these notes and information are accessible from all the parts of the platform.
This blog will provide an insight into how the Odoo notes module will revolutionize your notes making process.
The notes modules of the Odoo platform are advanced and capable with features that help you to describe notes, as well as a to-do list based on the operational requirement for the company operations. Moreover, you can share these notes with that of the other uses of your platform. This means the notes can be shared between employees as well as it can be passed on to the external users of the platform. In addition, there is a chat functional tool available helping you to conduct discussions based on the notes and ist descriptive content.
Lets us now understand the certain salient features of the Odoo notes module and how will its operation in your establishment be beneficial and provide you with an effective information exchange as well as a storage system for the company operations:
Create a variety of notes
With the Odoo notes module, you will be able to create and manage different types of notes such as To-do lists, Minutes of meetings, and notes of your need. Moreover, all these note types can be created directly from the module and the types can be changed within the creation window.
Change notes types with ease
The different note types mentioned above can be changed and modified with ease in the Odoo notes module. This can be done with the help of a simple drag and drop functionality available in the notes modules dashboard where all the types of notes have been listed out.
Share the note with the employees of the organization
The notes created in the Odoo platform with the help of the Odoo notes module can be shared with the different employees of the organization. Moreover, the followers for the notes which have been created can be added directly from the creation window. The followers of a respective note can be added as per your need and to add the followers the respective employee name can be provided along with an e-mail address. Upon adding them an email can be sent to them to notify them about the note's creation.
Schedule an activity for discussion
The Odoo notes module allows you to schedule an activity with the followers of the notes to conduct discussions regarding the contents in it and further proceedings. Moreover, the notes module will act as one of the prominent discussion topics and its allocated aspect describing the tool of the Odoo platform. Activities such as send an email, make a call, conduct a meeting can be scheduled with the help of the calendar module, which has direct integration with the notes module.
Messages and log notes
The Odoo notes module allows you to directly message the followers from the notes menu, which will allow the employees to get notified of the various activities based on the respective notes. Moreover, you can create log notes based on the activities performed on the notes being described; it can be based on the addition of content, conduction of an activity, or on any editings done on the operation of the company based on the notes. 
These are some of the features of the Odoo notes module which will help you to run the note-making operations of your company to be effective as well reliable in the operations and the long run. Other than the ones mentioned above the notes module of the Odoo platform stores all the notes that have been created and can be accessed at any time for the home dashboard. Moreover, there are various filtering as well as sorting options available that will help you to retrieve the data in your Odoo platform. Furthermore, you can read the following blog to understand how to create notes on the Odoo 14: How to Create Notes in Odoo 14

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