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By: Evin Davis

Odoo 15 - A Prediction on Certain Features

Functional Odoo 14

Odoo and business management software falling under the category of Enterprise and resource planning software is one of the prominent business solutions which have been used all over the world. Moreover, the clientele of Odoo is now more than 5 million users from all parts of the globe, various sectors of company operation, and scales of business management. The Odoo ERP is widespread in operations and has a larger customer base mainly due to the business operational advantages Odoo brings to the companies.
Today we have the Odoo version 14 available as the top model in the market of the software. The Odoo 14 is considered as the most advanced as well as the fastest Odoo ever developed and is well-paced with features that are way advanced than its competitors in business management. Moreover, the Odoo 14 was released last year during the Odoo experience meet which was conducted virtually due to the ongoing CoronaVirus pandemic situation. As per the standard and schedule of the previous years of Odoo, there has been a new version released every year from 2014 and is more likely to continue this year too.
The Odoo 15 will be released at the end of this year in the Odoo experience meet which will be again conducted virtually due to the pandemic still being prevailing in all parts of the world. As expected the Odoo 15 will be way more advanced than the Odoo 14 which is available to you and will be packed with tools to run the company business more efficiently and reliably in all parts of the world.
This blog will provide an insight into the expected features of the Odoo 15 which will be released this year.
A brief history
Odoo was a company that evolved from something smaller like business operations to the complete business solution provider. Fabien picker the co-founder and the currency CEO of Odoo released their first software for business operations named TinyERP. As the name suggests it was a business management ERP for small and medium scale industries. However, its reachability was vast and later developed as OpenERP making its customer reach even more. 
In 2014 the company received a lot of funding and developed and renamed the software solution as Odoo to be district rather than using the term ERP in the software name. Although the software functioned and came under the ERP classification. From then on the software was releasing regularized updated versions for the customer to use. Odoo 8 was released in 2014 and currently, we have Odoo 14 available to us and in no time this year, we will be able to witness the Odoo 15.
What can we expect in Odoo 15?
Odoo 15 is a highly anticipated version of Odoo all thanks to the previous version Odoo 14 which brought in various advantages and functional operations into the business operation management. The users and the pole who have been observing Odoo expect the same to happen in the new Odoo 15 which will bring in further operational advancements into the business management. 
The Odoo 15 is to come up with several changes to the Odoo 14 and include all the features available in the Odoo 14. However, certain features and modules will be moved from the enterprise edition to the community edition or vice versa as per the requirement. Anyway, the full features can be only understood during the Odoo experience release and the talks that follow. To install Odoo 15 Refer to our blog How to install Odoo 15 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server
Here is a list of certain predictions and features which may be brought up to Odoo 15:
1.You will have a new import screen option available in all the required modules and functional tabs of the platform.
2. A new field for managing the invoices of the company operation can be expected in the accounting module.
3. You will be provided with more capable options to edit the pivot view and the graph view
These are some of the predictable features that we can now list out as per the understanding of the Odoo experts as well as the road map involved in the development of the Odoo 15. Moreover, it can be sure that the Odoo ERP will be one of the first choices for a majority number of business institutions in the future. This is because of the proven track record of Odoo which has attracted many businesses to adapt to this ERP and transform their business to a highly profitable and efficient functioning.
In conclusion, it can be said that the Odoo platform is advancing and the developers working behind the label are working hard to provide the users of the platform with more reliability and efficiency in business operations. Moreover, the Odoo partner, developers, and the supporting people of the community are here to support all your operations regarding the platform such as implementations, customization, migration, updating, adding further add ons to the existing platform. Furthermore, the efficiency of Odoo can only be efficiently experienced when the platform is developed by one of the official partners of the platform. Cybrosys Technologies is one of the leading Odoo gold partners of the community and will be able to provide you with the best Odoo services.

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