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How to Use Odoo 14 Subscription Module

Functional Odoo 14

Have you heard of subscriptions? Ever thought of using subscriptions as a marketing tool? Check-in. If you are already aware of subscription as a tool for marketing just don’t hesitate to dive into it. It is one of the best and most effective tools to maintain good customer relationship management. It supports you to retain a customer base for a longer period and helps to improve customer-seller relationships.
How can a subscription help a business? Subscription retains the customers for a longer period. Subscription can be paid for or free. A subscriber is more likely to purchase products from the shop or online platform where he or she has a subscription. With the help of a subscription, the vendor can also manage to generate an income.
Why do you need ERP for Subscription Management?
ERP applications can help us generate subscriptions and manage the renewal of subscriptions. It can help us to send subscription offers and alerts to the customer. We can also send subscription alerts and renewal requests using the ERP.
Subscription can be organized with the help of ERP software. An ERP can create subscriptions and manage services through subscriptions. When we think about a subscription business Odoo is the first ERP choice. Odoo open source software provides the business operator with a dedicated Subscription module. This module, which can be integrated easily with other modules, helps the business to progress.
Get a one-time solution for managing subscription-related worries is easy by implementing an ERP to manage subscription. There are different ERP solutions that offer support to manage subscriptions. Choosing the one to suit your operations is what is important. Odoo, a comprehensive ERP manager can help any business to manage different types of operations. Odoo also provides us with a module to manage subscriptions. With this Odoo helps us to manage all subscription-related activities. This is suitable for all types of operations and business communications.
What is Odoo Subscription?
Odoo subscription is an Odoo Module that can be used to manage all subscription generation and renewal activities. It will help the business to manage the subscribed members. It can help you to manage subscription products, subscription renewal, and all subscriptions. The status of subscriptions can also be viewed with ease from the dashboard itself.
Odoo, being a modular ERP platform offers support to integrate subscriptions with other modules. This helps different business ventures integrate subscriptions with marketing and customer management software solutions.
Odoo gives a clear view of all subscriptions created by the user in the dashboard of the application. The Subscription dashboard helps the operator to find the status of the subscription and then modify the subscription if required. The operator will be able to view the subscription in the draft, the subscription in the progressing stage, and the subscriptions closed with the help of the dashboard view.
The operator can get a Kanban view as well as a list view of the subscriptions. This will help the operator to get an idea of the subscription reference number, customer detail, next invoice date, salesperson details, and other details. The upcoming activity, company details, percentage of happiness, recurring progress, and the status of the subscription can also be viewed at a glance with a list view.
Let us see the benefits of subscription
1. To create and manage subscriptions easily
2. It helps  you get a view of the customer details in the application form
3. With this application we can manage different subscription variants
4. It also speeds up the renewal of subscription enabling payment and auto-renewal support
5. We can generate reports on subscription with Odoo support

This blog will help you to know the way to use Odoo for subscription management.
To make use of Odoo Subscription just install the app from Odoo Apps. 
Now enter the dashboard by clicking on the installed application. We can effortlessly activate subscriptions. For managing this user will have to create a subscription template. The creation of a subscription product is also important. 
Let us see how to create a subscription template.
Do it at Subscriptions> Configuration> Subscription Templates
This is the place where you can view already created templates. This will help us to add new templates and make changes to the existing templates.
Template creation can be done using the CREATE button.
Add all the details in the field to complete the process.






The above-given images will give you an idea about how to fill in the details.
Let us Create Subscription Product
Do it at Subscriptions> Subscriptions> Subscription Products> Create.
Make use of the create button
As we are creating a subscription product we can set the product type as Service here. This form also helps the user to give details about the product categories and internal references.
It is here where we have to enable a subscription product and choose a subscription template. 
How to Create Subscription Stages 
It can be done at Subscriptions> Configuration> Subscription Stages
Use create form.
Provide details and Save
Generate Subscription Alert
Alert subscriber about subscription period end and payment dues by enabling alerts at Subscriptions> Configuration> Alert

This feature helps to trigger alerts at required intervals.
Create Quotations for subscription products
Install Sales App and use it for this

Generate quotes to confirm it.

The Subscription tab can be found on the top.
Click it and the status changes to subscription in progress.
As you can see we have an Edit button which will assist us to make changes in the subscription.
It gives two options - UPSELL  and  CLOSE.
How to upsell:
Click upsell and create a fresh quote for another product and get customer approval. Once you get customer approval add the product to your subscription. The close button can be used to close the quotation.
The window gives you a chance to give the reason for the closing quotation.
then the subscription status changes to closed in the Subscription module.
Closing Reasons
Understand customer responses and reason for closing subscription with this feature in Odoo 14 Subscriptions. It will help you introduce corrective measures Do it at Subscriptions> Configuration> Closing Reasons
Create closing reasons here. 
New lines can be used to add reasons.
Get an idea about the subscription revenue, subscription pattern, and other details.
Subscription Analysis
View monthly, yearly subscription rates and the total amount generated from the subscription.

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