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Odoo Email Marketing Tool for Financial Firms

Functional Marketing

Believe it, a wonderful email campaign can give you a good harvest in business. For financial firms, the opportunities are unlimited. They can reach out to millions of people in their contact list to deliver service-related communications within seconds. Such an effective communication tool is remaining untapped in many firms because of their lack of knowledge. This simple application, customized by Odoo, is a magic wand for those who want to broaden their customer base or just sustain the interest of the existing clientele with new offers and services. What Odoo’s email marketing tool offers to the prospective business people in the banking sector is a trouble-free interface that can simultaneously perform many tasks together without many human resources.

Easy Mail Drafting

The drag and drop editor feature loaded in Odoo is offering a trouble-free option to draft your important email communications. The pre-made blocks and templates are enough to craft any electronic communication material for the purpose. One can easily add headlines and footers, calls-to-action, short write-ups, images, or similar written stuff with some mouse clicks. It can offer the ease of doing writing works the computer-way. Personalized view also is possible with the already provided building blocks. The texts or graphic stuff can be edited very easily for any addition or exclusion. A preview is also possible with this application.

Apt themes

The selection of apt themes or creating action buttons is easily possible with the Odoo email marketing tools for financial firms. The themes can be selected according to the mood of the season or the nature of the business. It can be even related to the nature of the customers. The layout can be changed accordingly to fit the theme. Such a ready-made platform will assure you the happiness of doing things without wasting much time by searching for materials from scraps. Apart from creation, one can save their favorite themes, which is also part of the individuals’ creativity factor. The interesting fact that no conventional email system can offer such a needy requirement.

Apt campaign tool

Email campaigns are trendsetting marketing tools these days. It is a perfectly working instrument in the case of financial firms like banks, micro-financing establishments, chit groups, or other small scale money investment businesses. The email campaign can be launched by exploring the contact list from one’s repository or the already sourced list of potential clients from third parties. The process begins with the importing of contacts. In the second phase, the segmentation of the available database is done. Here, we can categorize the different types of clients for sending specialized communications. The custom mailing list can be created very easily for this purpose. It assures the features such as easy tracking of leads from customer relations management.

Smart Features

There are options to emails to which the receivers can send their feedback by clicking the reply button. There are also options to schedule the email messages in such a way to suit the requirements of both the sender and receiver. Sample testing can be done by sending such campaign emails to some of the selected contacts in the list. A preview option can thus exclude the possibility of inadvertent errors and make your communications the perfect one to canvas the maximum number of the target audiences. Considering the receivers, the addition of the opt-out button is also a mandatory tool these days. Those who are least interested in such mail communication can click the opt-out option. Though opting out option is often a quirky idea for many, the fact is that you strategically avoid people who are least connected with your business. It will screen out people who are not going to be a potential client in the future.

Smart Communication Management

Optimal display of the email messages irrespective of the type of the device is one of the attractive features of the Odoo email marketing module. The receiver sitting in front of a laptop, desktop, or even a mobile phone will have no difference in enjoying the content of the message. The sender can easily track the status of the emails sent to their clients. The details of emails that were not delivered to the prospective clients can be tracked easily for further actions. The reasons for the failed delivery also can be traced without much pain. The email servers belonging to different operators can be brought to a single platform using this Odoo module. Archiving option for the already emailed contents also is possible here.

Real-time tracking of status

Real-time tracking of the status of business communication is an integral part of successful business management. In this Odoo module, one can accurately track the status of communications sent to multiple individuals. The email performance, the number of leads, number of orders created based on email communications, total income generated, total delivery rates, or other similar details can be tracked easily. Adding a tracking link is one of the main features which can help you to get a perfect view of the results of the email communication campaign.

Awesome campaign tool

For financial firms, an easy campaign tool available in the era of the internet is email marketing, where Odoo has unearthed several unique features. Any device is suitable for managing this type of virtual campaign where a single employee can handle multiple communications following a uniform or flexible code. The attractiveness of such an e-campaign is that everything can be planned, executed on time, and track results without any technical hurdles. Such a result-oriented campaign will help entrepreneurs to scale new heights in building a sound customer base.  Promotional events can be planned and implemented through such effective virtual campaigns using email service.

Surveys for improvement 

One of the most sought features of email communication is that it can even help you to conduct business surveys which can help you reinvent your business goals and prepare well for the future. Any topic meant to elicit the feedback of your customers can be chosen here. The biggest plus point is that you can get the results even in real-time from some of the most loyal customers. Changes can be incorporated into the operation of the company on the basis of the customers’ feedback. More offers can be introduced after reviewing the customers’ demands. The biggest advantage is that one can get updated with the changing perspective of the customers. What Odoo aims with the introduction of this module is also the same as it knows the actual requirements of the customers and entrepreneurs.

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