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Make Your Business Outcomes Stay Ahead of the Curve Using Odoo


Staying ahead of the curve and topping the competitor of your business is the major methodology in which most of the companies function to strive and excel in this world. The growth of a company is measured based on the leaves of its achievements indicating the capabilities of the organization and their resources both in financial as well as in terms of assets. In this modernized era of functioning, you would need advanced and functional tools to run the business and achieve the targets. Moreover, a complete solution generation for the right move will be beneficial and considerate for you considering the company's growth.
Enterprise and resource planning software has been helping business organizations to run on reliable platforms providing them with ease in operations and efficiency in functioning. Moreover, adding up to productivity as well as the profitability aspects of the company. Operational from the last century during the latter year ERPs have been driving for excellence since the inception of digitalization as well as improvement in telecommunication technology. Today, there are numerous enterprise and resource planning solutions available all across the globe. Furthermore, they have either been synchronized for operation in an application-specific task and its management or for the complete controls and management of the companies.
Odoo ERP is a new generation business management solution that is the most advanced and reliable tool for a company. Designed to manage the operations of the entire company the Odoo platform has a centralized approach to business operations with a modular design consisting of dedicated application-specific modules for business operation at various levels of company functioning. Furthermore, the centralized approach provides the user with a central inventory as well as a database management system.
Thi blog will describe the modules in Odoo which will help the user of the platform to stay ahead of the curve in the company operations among its competitors.
As mentioned earlier the Odoo platform has a modular approach towards options providing the user with designated modules of operations. These are application-specific modules configured to be operational in the platform to provide the user with efficient and reliable tools to run the business on their terms. Moreover, the Odoo platform is a fully customizable business management software that is capable of running and configuring operations of Odoo as per your terms.

Here are some of the modules of Odoo and its capabilities which makes the user of the platform strive towards excellence in their company operations:
The sale of the company is an inevitable part of operation whether ist a product bed company or a service-based firm. The management of ae in a real-time environment will be hard and could wound up to catastrophic issues without operating without proper management. The Odoo sale module will make the user capable of performing the retails, wholesale as well as e-commerce operations effectively.
Benefits of sale module
* Point of sale application to conduct the retail sale
* One screen management or all sales operation in retail wholesale and e-commerce operations
* Create and manage sale terms and salespersons.
The financial aspects of the business organization are certain inevitable aspects of business operations and the Odoo platform in-house and efficient accounting module along with various financial management tools. 
Benefits of Odoo accounting:
* Manage multiple companies, multiple taxes, and currencies in Odoo accounting
* Setup payable and receivable able accounts and configure follow-ups options.
* Fiscal year description and balance management aspects
* Advanced reporting and generational tools
* Integrate various payment methodologies, acquires, and terminologies.
As mentioned earlier Odoo has a centralized inventory management aspects providing the users to run the sale operation on e-commerce, wholesale and retail operation along with the purchase aspects of the company
Benefits of Odoo inventory:
* Multiple companies and warehouse management
* Effective product movement strategies based on route and rules of operation
* Robust and flexible inventory management
* Product tracking and traceability function.
* Advanced in-house logistic operations and product delivery methodologies.
Customer relationship management is a visit aspect in the company operation and the management team should be able to generate opportunities for business, follow them up and start a possible business with the customers.
Benefits of Odoo CRM:
* Automated emailing and opportunity detection
* Lead enrichments to attain customer contacts
* Integrated with sales operations of the company
* Salesperson manageability for an opportunity
Human Resource management
The Odoo platform inhouse an efficient human resources management which is capable of providing the user with full control of business operations from the stage of recruitment to the payroll generation of the company.
Benefits of Odoo human resource management:
* Task allocation and attendance management
* Leave management and payroll generation based on it
* Employee contact creation and management.

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