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By: Cirin C Baby

Improve your Company Productivity with Odoo

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The productivity of the company is vital and it is the respective scale the growth and capability of the company are measured. Therefore, the establishments across the world are thriving to provide and add up the company productivity with various business management tactics. Tools of operation and business methodologies and parameter analysis. It is a well-known fact that business productivity is attained by producing numerous quantities or a maximum quantity of products or services in a given period of time with minimal investments. Moreover, these establishments read to spend their investments on equipment and services to batting the required productivity level.
After the industrialization era and modernization of the world, the organization came to the knowledge that business management played a key role in the productivity aspects of the company. Therefore, the attention of these establishments was to improve the management of the company to attain high profitability. During the last year of the past century the terminology of Enterprise and resource planning(ERP) software was developed, thanks to the introduction of digitalization and the invention of internet facilities. It grew in vast demand and there was numerous solution software developed to support the institution on their business management.
With the advancements in technology and telecommunication aspects the non-vital need of automation became vital and the many aspects of operation in almost all software available not only on the ERP solutions. ERP software was more advanced and was capable of adapting to the new terminologies of operation, therefore making them capable of running it along with the existing systems. Today there are numerous ERP solutions available all across the world providing the user with business management solutions and therefore improvements in the company productivity. In addition, an ERP implementation is considered a huge investment for the companies functioning on a small scale however, they are paying back for the investments from the time of implementation and in the long run.
This blog will provide an overview of Odoo ERP and how it can add up to the productivity of your company?
Odoo ERP
Odoo is a new version of ERP developed in the wake of the century and has been providing ample business management solutions for its users since then. A fully customizable business management software, Odoo is capable of running any mode, sector, level, or methodology of business operations with ease and efficiency. Developed in a single platform and has a modular design providing the users with designated application-specific modules for business management operation, Odoo is considered the most reliable and cost-efficient business solution around the world. With more than 5 million users across the globe, Odoo is supported by the Odoo community as its an open source ERP and they act as the backbone of the software.
Tools in Odoo which provides the uses to improve the company productivity.
The Odoo CRM module is an advanced customer relationship management tool providing users with advanced operational options and functionalities. The Odoo CRM is directly linked with the sales module providing the user to create sales orders directly from the application based on the leads available. Moreover, there are advanced functionalities such as lead generation, lead scoring, and enrichments to attain more business opportunities for the company.
Business intelligence
The world is moving toward automation thus the need for it in a business environment is vital and the Odoo platform recognizes it and provides the user with the business intelligence tool. Here, the user can design your dashboard and set up KPIs. Therefore allowing the users to create reports and charts on business operations helping the user to forecast the product requirements.
The discus module of the Odoo platform allows the user to plan and discuss the company operations according to the needs and necessity. The discuss module is directly interfaced with the palling module operations.
The user can now creed notes for the in-house operation of the company in Odoo using the notes module available. Moreover, the user can set up a to-do list and send it to the employees or create one for themselves thus making them plan the day's operations accordingly. In addition, the minutes of the meeting can be described in the notes module making the participants have a look at it in the next meeting or for further company operations.

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